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Monday, September 18, 2006

Crap. I need £1100. help?

I went busto and need to rebuild...


So we're gonna be looking for a new place tomorrow, and since we've decided to be pretty decisive (since time is an issue) we're gonna be pretty certain of exactly where we are. So in light of that, I wanna buy a new TV. Yep, thats why I need £1100. I want a new tv. I've found a Samsung 50" HDTV. There are only 2 left on amazon, so I think I'll get one. However, I don't wanna take any money out of my roll since I've just bought a laptop and camera this month, as well as an ipod and exercise bike (still never used!) last month. I also found my PSP, which i bought in May and still ahven't opened. I guess I waste money on stuff quite a bit? Oh yeah, I bought another HD but that was kinda necessary because of my excessive TV watching. I guess we'll be getting sky and teebo (its called skyplus right?).

So I've never really set myself tasks. I have goals like play 30,000 hands in a month and run at 4-7PTBB/100 (not happening this month) but no set goals. We'll the 'tv challenge' is gonna be done via 'non grind' methods. I'm still gonna log as many hands a day at NL200 as long as I feel 100%, but if not I can bonuswhore and play NL100 and/or play LHE/STTs. I aim to make $2000 within 3weeks via this method. I'm gonna cheat a bit and take my chances at some donkaments, but I will mostly be bonuswhoring and casinowhoring. If I score a donkament this will seriously cut down my time spent getting my tv.

Right now I'm gonna do:

interpoker at LHE1/2 (gnoming so have $200 this month, plus previous month's bonsues)
starluck casino +EV around $92
planetluck casino + EV around $92
cherry casino +EV around $100
pokerstars reload ( i have two stacked) I think I'll clear this at Horse 1/2, or razz 1/2
sunpoker monthly I got this backlogged too so I guess I'll play NL100 there or LHE1/2 or 2/4

That should keep me busy this week, but I would also like any others that anyone knows of that are good. I think it sucks that I still play 1/2 FL games, I shuld just play 2/4. If I run well over my next 5000 hands at LHE1/2 I'll move up (jeez I'm such a BR nit, I can easily play 5/10 or 10/20 but I just don't feel my game is good enough and want to make sure I'm properly skilled)
I might hit up absolute and wpex.

I have already done CON,, willhill, and most poker bonuses. I haven't yet done many pokersites that dont use PT. I'll checkout the bonuswhores website to figure stuff out. I feel like a kid again, going back to bonus whoring.

If this goes well I think I'll continue to bonuswhore 'for fun' and play other games as a diversion from NL200 after I'm too tired to play. I also wanna play FL 5/10 games as a diversion and work on my STT and MTT games, because right now I think I've been really neglecting everything BUT NL 6-max cash.

My list of things I want and the budget. I havent looked into exacty pricing apart from TV, but heres what I'm estimating:

TV: £1100
Surround sound to go with tv: £200-£300
New desktop tower: £1400
Two new monitors: £600
Ps3 : £800 (incuding games?)
random crap that I'm sure I'll want: £1000

So i wanna make around $8000 by march in 'toy money' because thats when the PS3 comes out and I wanna have bought all the other crap by then. Sounds reasonable, its about $1.5k per month. Apparently casino bonuses dry up at around $10,000. It doesn't matter I'm going to poker bonuse it too, and poker winnings will count too.

This will be in addition to making $4k-$10k per month and never will I neglect my main game for the side stuff (I hope). Also 'usual' bonuses like party reloads don't count, only stuff that I explicitly do like the crypto reloads. I haven't done fulltilt yet, so when I start there, the $600 sign up bonus will count to usual earnings, not 'toy money'. Rakeback also counts as usual earnings, as will say stuff similar to the mansion bet. At the moment there's no separate roll or anything for it, just a +/- figure. Maybe I'll keep a 'separate' roll for it even tually, but for now it's unnecessary.

stuff i have in mind post march:

$2000 in wsop qualifer money
$2000 watch
$2000 in suits.
$30,000 in a car
$400,000 in a house...

(these last two are unlikely from casinowhoring alone :P)

... and yes. I just made a whole blog post basically about my desire for a 50" TV within 2 weeks :D BALLA!


Blogger Cadmunkey said...

I'd save my money and get a better TV bud. Im sure with your pok3ry skillz you can get the extra cash together pretty soon.
Ive never been a fan of DLP screens, you should be going for a 1080i LCD. Check them out before you opt for the poorer Sammy.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Riverrun said...

I concurr. Get a Plasma or LCD. Much better and easier to move. Your gonna hate that TV when you move.

2:44 PM  
Blogger derbywhite said...


Plasma mate. Just how will you get chance to watch it playing all those hands.

PS3???? no way dude. Get an Xbox 360.

8000 hands in 1 month?? lol you animal.

Good luck at the tables.

8:37 AM  
Blogger andy said...

thx guys. I'm gonna get a smaller one now, like a 37" -42" one thats LCD.

I'll definitely be getting a pimp one tho.

5:55 PM  

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