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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So I lost my rb at party. This totally sucks. Right now I'm scrambling to restart university, get my room sorted, get the builders BUSY and now also looking to get a new neteller account.

Once I get a new neteller account I can create a new party account. My affiliate got screwed because he was a 'US affiliate' and now he's changed up so I need a new party account to get rb again.

I think I'm gonna move over to fulltilt after Bush signs the bill. They seem to want to keep fighting. I can get 27% indsutry standard rb there, and I think they'll have the biggest player base once party closes US accounts. I'm gonna play wherever the most games are, but I am seriously considering playing across several different sites simultaneously so that I can 8-table and have goot game selection. Hopefully at most this means party and FTP, since they both have rb and have decent player bases.

I've been running VERY hot over 1k hands. lol. I'll hoopefully clock 2000+ hands tomorrow since I've been so lax. $250 is coming from september rb so I'm upto $13030, and another $1500 from this weeks play, although I'll do all the accounting for that at the end of the week/month, although I'm leaning towards month. In case I forget I made £100 (accounting for £10 costs) in a home game the other day, thanks in no small part to being able to make someone laydown the stone cold nut straight plus redraw to flush. fun times.

I'm still praying dikshit comes up with something, either way its gonna be super interesting the next month or so to see what happens.

Minimum goals this month:

make $10,000
play 40,000 hands at NL200
as long as I am close to the above, play some NL400
go to class and read outside the classes.
sell on ebay all this shit that I have built up and am too lazy to sell.

funnily enough I put the above down randomly, or so I thought, but they are listed in order of importance. Obviously something funny happened subconciously :D


Blogger Perpetual_Traveller said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the online poker world over the next few months. I have a feeling FT and Absolute might become the new big players. No news on Stars yet.
Shout if you need a UK affiliate btw.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Mattastic said...

Does the $10k include bonuses and rakeback or is it going to be just purely playing profit? What PTBB/100 does this work out at, I get it at 6.25PTBB/100 (10000/40000 = 0.25 per hand)?

Best of luck Andy, make sure you post some HH's for us to have a look at too if you get chance!

ps Just read a post on 2+2 and Party are still paying affiliates as long as the person they attract to the site is non-US, might be worth dropping your affiliate an email

11:35 AM  
Blogger andy said...

yeh my affiliate has already 'switched' i just need a new party account now. If anyone can get me a new neteller i'll pay £100 straight up

1:22 PM  
Blogger Mattastic said...

All you need mate is someone who doesn't already have a neteller account to sign up for one at a different address from yours and then when you sign up to poker sites use this persons name. Obviously it would be stupid to play in any sats to the WSOP etc using this account!! I was lucky and moved house and ISP at the same time so I signed up to Neteller using Matt instead of Matthew for my first name and used my passport number instead of my driving licence and I had a new one.

The only otherway would be to email customer support of Neteller and tell them you need a Neteller set up in GBP instead of USD. They'll then tell you to create a new one which will lock both of them until security call you. They then close the un-needed account and transfer the funds over. The only problem with this method is you would get stung with the currency charge each time you moved cash but I suppose you could try doing the same thing again a couple of weeks / months later. They allowed me when I created my 1st one in GBP by mistake.

3:10 PM  

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