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Monday, October 02, 2006

I feel pretty depressed right now

Moving house was a lot of hard work, but is finally done. Now we're waiting for all the building work to be done.

WHATEVER thats not interesting. I'm not gonna go into the whole internet gaming bill from the US right now, simply because I just spent 5hrs reading about it all. However I am gonna give a rough estimate and say that I've just lost £10,000 in future earnings this year. So that's obviouisly great. This is making me depressed

I've played next to no poker in a week, so yesterdays home game was fun, especially when I win 5.5 buyins at NL20 which was pretty crazy. Then this afternoon I log 0.53 hrs and make 4.5 stacks at NL200. Fun times.

So I can win $1k in 24hrs and still be ddepressed because I lost my HU tourney match. I really wasnt feeling it, especially very hungry but w.e. no excuse I sucked hard. Now I'm not tilt and really really hungry. I might get drunk tonight since today has been a real tough day (yeh £500/day is a bad day)


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