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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Octoberfest biatch

Check this out. Wow, check out the one where Corbin gets hit by lightning,I swear this EXACT thing pretty much happened to me.

I cant be assed to play anymore poker this week, I'm going out to dinner tonight for a buddy's birthday. again, obviously i suck at playing any hands, but w.e. I think i'll only get 10,000 hands next week, since I'm moving to fulltilt, but hopefully my new rb account is gonna be in, I'll go back to party and BOOM 20,000 hand week.

for the week, in addition to the above +$200 in party bonuses, and +£100 in home cash games.
I'm also like +$4 at PLO25 and -$10 at 0.5/1/0.25 party stud
<-----------------------------lifetime loser at stud :O

I'm actually REALLY upset with my turn aggression. Apart from like one 40min period, I think I've played great poker all week but for some reason my turn aggro is all messed up. I can't believe it's so low... can anyone say EXPLOITABLE?? For real tho, I'm not sure why its so low, its a small sample size, so that might just be it.

Ugh, if I only get in 10k hands next week, I might do all the hours early in the week, freeing myself up for some donkaments later on in the week. Biggest gripe? look at those stats! $100 paid in BBJ. WTF. The monster thing is OVER, but I'm still paying it...

LoL at this year's WSOP, I'm dloading/watching... haha at demitri noble, chip leader at day 2/3 or something. Kid's out there thinking he's 'playing poker' when all he's doing is playing rag aces, catching pieces and then getting pwned. Molina looked like a typical 'internet punk' and prob is pretty decent, although the hand that he went out on was pretty dumb. Man I so have to play this donkament next year. I've never won an MTT, EVER, so obviously I'm just storing up all my donkament variance for the WSOP... right?

Funniest stuff is all this 'pros vs amateur' crap. For some reason you have to have played 10yrs in vegas and be on first name terms with doyle brunson or phill hellmuth to be a 'pro', and then everyone else is an amateur. As an example (and this is all from memory, cant be assed to check the facts properly) I saw something to do with the interpoker extreme poker series. In the 'leap of faith' one, it was described as Phil Laak vs 5 amatuers. One of these amatuers was stoxtrader. yah. amatuer. In fact I'm sure all the other players were full time internet pros too.



Blogger derbywhite said...


Another nice earner.

I can't comment on your problems with turn aggression.

I watched Molina, the young prick. he was obviously a internet player, one of those that usually gives out all the abuse. He had some game though but had he trash talked me at the table, I would have been waiting for him outside for sure.

Nobles - chip leader for some time could have sat happily with his big stack just picking up a few pots and made it to the final table easily but his LAG play cost him. LAG play can be very dangerous with good players around you just waiting to trap. I was sad he went out but we all knew it was coming.

I was pretty pissed off when my favourite player Negreanu got knocked out. His ability to read hands is unreal.

I could beat him at golf though. His game is very bad.

Good luck at the tables :-)

9:05 AM  

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