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Monday, March 12, 2007

lol documents

stars mill -$215
mansion $100k -$100
party $15k -$55
party $8 - $24 ($6 rebuy)
crypto $1500 - $11

failed in all apart from 2nd in the crypto $1500 for $392 to breakeven for the day. great

i was -$13 total, so ended up flipping with people 4 times to get back to even, the last being $112 flip with kolotoure, which lead him on a downward spiral to flip for $500 and lose. He was stcuk $1k in flips, which i feel bad for since he plays NL100.

Anyway I have to log these cos i'll forget by the end of the month. I've started a donkmanet roll of $1k so that I have something to work with, otherwise I'll just spew chips endlessly. I can play up to $55 buyins i think, since I'm not really skileld for $100+ buyin donkaments. For example I felt really lsot a few times in the stars mill, even though my homeboy rupert said I just had really awkward hands. I dunno, mansion $100k was ok, but I didn't feel comfortable and $15k on party was bad. In the $6 rebuy I played good actually, but went out early after teh end of the rebuy period losing 62 on Q62. QT is obv too good a hand to fold about 130bbs deep. Nevermind.

If i play more, I think it'll be $6 rebuys like the party one, and some $3 rebuy WSOP sub sats since I don't seen to mind those. I'll probably play the 20/180's on stars and the crypto guaranteeds. Right now I think I need to up my skill level at donkaments before going back to the big buyins.

Today I've now had two starbucks coffee's including one where i mixed it with some baileys. It's made me feel a little sick. Exams are coming soon, so I'm gonna have to get my study on and probably wont play more than 20k hands during april. I've taken today off, and probably will take tomorrow off. Maybe even wednesday too. I need to refocus on stuff and sort some things out.


Blogger actyper said...

You've got the roll, continue playing the Mansion $100k. Its crazy +EV!!!

1:03 PM  

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