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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

time for work?

I've been slacking a lot recently. I was in super grind mode before I went to asia, and haven't really felt it since then. Thus I shall be in work mode this whole month.
I'm gonna start with tournaments, since I've really started to like them, and WSOP is coming too. The SCOOPS on pokerstars are this week, and I fully intend to do well. I haven't done well in any online festivals, and I'm putting it down to a lack of focus. I'm being too 'whatever' about them, and not taking the care I should. I'm probably gonna play some live poker too. PKR Live 2 is next month, so is GUKPT Manchester. Plus with the WSOP coming, it might be worth playing some live cash at the Vic. I've never really bothered to play much live cash, but I'm feeling it more. At worst its something to do if I don't wanna play online, but still wanna be productive.

Last weekend was the GUKPT London. Think I might just start sitting out the first 40mins. I probably made 2 pretty clear mistakes, and if I'm being critical probably 3. Sounds kinda worse that it is, a lot of run bad early losing almost all my chips KK vs JJ all in preflop. Somehow I ran like fire to go 12k -> 2k ->22k; but I play a hand bad, lose a coin flip and then I lose a 3-way pot to get back to 20k... in probably as good shape as I could hope for - flush draw vs a set vs 1 pair on the flop. Semi slowrolled because turn and river go check/check and flush is no good.

Anyway, I aim to be posting every other day for the near future because I just keep winning :D


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Have you fully ditched the blog now Andy?

Are you writing anything for PKR?

Congrats on the sponsorship BTW. I so wish I had taken you up on your training offer a couple of years ago! Just the wrong time I guess.

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