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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Its 3.30am and I am doing nothing. Was meant to tidy my room but thats been a massive failure.

Tomorrow I desire to get my references sorted, AND TIDY MY MOFO ROOM. paper everywhere.

Found out hotspots are free in USA- great! all i have to do is sign up to t-moible hotspots and then I can play free internet in starbucks all around america (or at least the states that allow it).

My ucl addy for some reason cant receive mail, i forgot to get something off my mum and my room is a tip.

factoring in my £10 STT loss at betfair and travel, i have $2563. However I'm spending a total of £127 ($222) on new a 1gb ram stick and a 1gb mp4 player (which i hope is sweet)
got both off
I'm deducting this from the BR cos the ram is specifically poker related and all 'technology' expenditure will now go on the gambling account. This means that my playing will actually mean something, and also I'm more than funded for my LHE exploits. Hopefully I'll get started tomorrow, I want to play around 40-50 raked hands on interpoker tomorrow (so like 300 raked hands on any other site).

Although I've not said much about it, I sold a pair of medicoms the other day. SO thats good. The lunars and EIRE dunks are in, so i'll be moving those soon. I'm gonna sell my bape hoodies and hopefully pick one up in either red or green. Prices are sick right now, and I'm looking at £60-£70 for a good fape, or £300 for a real one. The shitty fapes are around £50 which is crazy.

I've found myself in a spend happy mood, so I'm curbing it. I am NOT buying a new monitor, because that money will go to the new laptop.
I customised one on alienware which was sick to the tune of $1300. Might be worthwhile, but I'll wait cos a couple of months really affects prices, and i really dont have any use for a laptop right now.

This blog really needs strategy posts and I'm gonna come up with one soon. If anyone actually reads this blog, pls post a comment on what topics you want and i'll try my best with my limited poker knowledge. Otherwise I'll just pick.

p.s. laffytaffys rock (and are only 25cents. i'll be living off that sugar rush this summer)


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