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Friday, March 10, 2006

Variance Sucks

Ok my first variance sucks title ever. Normally i don't complain, but today was just ridiculous. On top of that its compounded by my $116 loss and $50 loss the weeks before.
today i dropped $100 in about 6hrs.

In one hour i hit a set 3 times only for it to either lose to straights or flushes. So fustrating. Evertime i had a big or reasonable hand, someone else hit better.

My BR is now down to $2350. This is still pretty healthy, but I kinda need some cash. Just for my peace of mind.
It doesn't help that I'm having my bi-annual "i'm bored of my old clothes, lets by a new wardrobe" state.

I must have generated a sickening amount of rakeback, and I'm now 61% through the WR for the interpoker bonus. I REALLY need to be playing STTs and MTTs. Its just hard because I don't generally make money from them.

I will now be simply reviewing HH tomorrow morning, and then tourneys in the afternoon. My eyes are so tired, I'm just gonna go watch my new series of the month called supernatural, which is kinda buffy the vampire slayer without buffy.


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