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Saturday, March 18, 2006

So I didn't win...

I actually felt I could. For one thing i was the only chink in town, also everyone was on beer. So much so that the dude behind the bar was actually shocked that I ordered water, despite the bar being free (maybe i should have insisted on tap water too).
Even funnier was that everone looked at me like I was lost. It's cos I look 15, which I reckon is gonna be an advantage when I start playing live in casinos.
Well that didn't last long since it turns out that I was the ONLY punk to do a chip trick of any sort. I couldn't believe it. So these guys play mostly online, but seriously no one can do even just a simple twirl? I did get a little respect for that, which was funny cos I picked up a few nice starting hands. 4 of the first 5 hands were pockets.

Also I thought my reads were spot on. The_Math pushed in on the flop on the first hand with a board of AJx. I knew he had nothing and that s all he had J10. He pushed a guy off AJ which I thought was a terrible laydown, because of what I knew of The_Math. He had come 2nd in the Betfair Xmas 500k guaranteed, and had come last in at least 3 of the qulifiers, so fancied making 'clever' plays. No chance he had a set.

I went out when I pushed from sb with about 2800 chips at 250/500 blinds with J8o. Dude calls with A9o and neitehr of us improves.

The played an STT which I really cant believe i didnt win. I crashed out third with only top 2 getting paid.
£10 buyin and 60/20 payout 1st/2nd.Eh no biggie.

Today I dropped $20 before dinner, after a dude who hit 15% chance on river for a $93 pot. I'd turned my straight, put it all in and got called by trips that filled up. But still i did well to only be $20 down (stupid called about 50 away. all due to what i call 'in a hurry' tilt)
Came back and won $77 after dinner, but omg it would have been a $150 day had I not got unlucky. Sucks, would have really done my hourly rate good.


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