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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Febuary Review

Was pretty tight, and I proved to myself again that i can make some serious money from poker.

Reading week was very good, month was:

+$402 according to PT, at all holdem
+$10 from PLO
+$380 from bonuses
+$200 gambling on BJ (sick i know)
-$30 STTs and MTTs.
+$60 rakeback.
-$20 costs. Not sure about this really but must have cost me some money in the transfers due to the fluctuating exchange rate.

so $1000. nice.

Holdem graph below. End part was a $190 downswing where i was on serious tilt.


played 2 hours or so, i realise i cant 4 table STTs yet. Either that or variance is sick. Lost 4 STTs in a row on party, again losing the coin flips when on the bubble.
Havent managed to get SnG tracker running yet. Will figure it out soon.
Won a ministep on party, dunno what thats worth, but it cost me $6 to play.
Then bubbled a £1.20 at crypto, AK vs 77? dunno wtf he was doing. Lost one, where a limper with K7 called my reraise allin with K5 from sb. How the fuck was he playing that, i'll never understand.
Then entered a £5.50 and won it for £25 im up $1.84 plus a ministep level2 entry.

Honestly not interested in profit margin, I expect my ROI to be around 10%, or at least i hope. Its not great for my profit levels, but its just the experience


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