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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Change of Direction

Quick post since I have a test tomorrow which i'm waiting to copy (no not by cheating, its a pre release one).

NL rocks and I'll keep playing it, but I will definitely be moving to LHE. My next few sessions at the table I'm gonna 4 table the LHE0.5/1 and 1/2 ONLY.
I'll play it fast, so every 10k I think I'll be moving up limits. If I get to 3/6 in 30k hands then I'll go back to 20k hands as an assessor. Its a bit of a move down in terms of profit levels, but I shouldn't jump in too high, and I'll be playing 6-max NL a too, just to keep the BR moving fast.

I might spend £330 on another monitor, I'm still deciding. If i go travelling I'm getting a new laptop to play poker. So whilst this would be useful for now, I could wait and buy a new monitor when I need it in september, and hopefully it will be cheaper.

Exams are comming soon, and I also need to check out jobs. Screw it I'll just apply to a few jobs and see what I get. Since I have a lot of 'free time' I'm gonna set myself a time table.
Poker only in the evenings and weekends.

A day is split up into 3 periods via meals, i.e 10am-12, 2-6 and 8-11(!? - more like 2am).

I'm gonna try and extend the morning session and stick to 11pm as the end of the evening session. Then if i play poker only in the evening session i might pass my exams.
If I miss a session in the day, then no poker is allowed and I work in the evening session.

odds on i cant stick to this
Anyway time to study. I got this test and all


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