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Monday, March 13, 2006

No schoolwork done

Being a complete douchebag i did nothing all afternoon (but it wasnt my fault), then killed the tables. made $70 at NL$25 on party, but would have been a lot more if i had managed to stack one of the two terrible players at my table. One was playing very passive preflop and on flop, then chucking in big bets on river with shit all. The other took around $25 off me by going for runner runners 3 times. It was crazy.

Still made profit there, and for a bit was 'tilting', well kinda, i figured since i was the ONLY one raising preflop, i call with any two suited cards, and then rep TPGK, because they would not have creditted me for it, so i could have stacked them by playing possum on river. Unfortuanately two suited cards were not to be mine.
Oh and an AA sucked out on my trip JJ, i got away from it (flush) but i again would have stacked someone on $50, which really hurt. Gotta stop complaining about the bad beats. Party poker is always really fishy, and i gotta sort out some kinda rakeback deal so i can play there, since multitabling is eaiest on there.

All in all my luck held today and i got only 350 raked hands left. Thats pretty fast going, but its cos i'm 4 tabling.

I really need to do schoolwork, and figure out how to apply to york and a couple other unis.
I'm gonna be a bum next year otherwise, although preferably i'd really like to work in central london doing something or other.

Finally, my student loan looks like it is finally gonna be resolved, and im looking at £1k fees rebate and £3.5k loan, so my bank balance will swell.


Blogger Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Andy

Nothing wrong with being a bum m8 ;-)

Must be exams soon, best ease off the poker? (Just trying to remove a TAG from the circuit for a while!).

Is Blighty getting any warmer? I'm back in a few weeks.


4:17 AM  

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