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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Poker Player magazine tomorrow.

Gonna be good and i feel confident. I think my aggression factor needs to increase to like it is in cash games, but apart from that i'm fine.
Played a few S&Gs and really just plain got unlucky quite a few times to bubble. I felt really good and think i can do well tomorrow.
I'm nowhere near as advanced as i'd like to be, but I got a good feel for the game.
Also its gonna be STT strategy i reckon, cos we start with 5K chips but its only gonna last 3 hours, so I'm sure an hour in 10% of the field will be out and we'll start the move stage.

I got a lot of running around to do, like trying to get references whilst going to class, and also figuring out exactly where the hell i'm meant to go for the tourney.
£5000 pirzepool amongst 40 people. Great overlay and whilst I'm not gonna be the best there I'm sure my game is good enough to hold, if the cards don't follow the month so far.
I'll donate 10% to the church of any winnings.

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