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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


i ended up 6 tabling today! i couldn't get into any of the LHE games on crypto that i wanted, so i played some NL whilst i waited. In the end i didnt close the NL tables and just played all of them.

3hrs and up $16. uh. lost £10 on river when i misread the board- then i knew i was tired.
Also lost a £4 pot when i got d/c with QQ. the dude hit runner runner spades with K2s to make a flush. That was just confusing. He called £1 with K2.

LHE went well, whilst NL when bad. Didn't stack anyone, and hit a set like once, although i did get AA like 6 times.

Not really my day, although i wona big pot with AA that stood up!


Blogger actyper said...

Just dropping by and saying "Hi". Didn't know you had a blog, will add it to my blogroll soon!

4:10 PM  

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