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Thursday, March 23, 2006

How much do u weigh tufat?

I always crack up when I get this question. Depending on my mood I'll give a range of weights, from 8 stone to 20. Last time I weighed myself (about 4 months ago) I was 10 stone.
At 5ft7" thats about right I guess.

Anyway. I booked another small win of $40. I also really did take a beat, with a guy whom I can only assume was trash.

He had a stack of £10. I had him covered. NL£25
He UTG minraises. I raise to £1.50. He moves in. I call. I have AA, he has 9c8c and flops oesd and flush draw, which actually made him a favourite from then on (15 outs).

I also misplayed AA on a TT4 board, when i should have gone for a checkraise rather than betting the pot against a really crap LAG.

Here's some strategy:

people are calling too much with the wrong hands.

If a strong player raises 4x the bb from EP or MP, it is not a good move to call with AJo, unless you have seen continuation bets a lot from this guy, and know he can give up.
This is because hitting either the A or J really leaves you in a dilemma. If you hit your A, are you outkicked? If you hit your J does he have an overpair? In both cases its gonna be expensive to find out.
Why not save your money for 'better' opportunities? I love calling from the CO or button with 22-JJ. 99-JJ you may want to play post flop, but definitely 22-88 are gold. Set value is huge, and if you hit it, you can pretty much assume you are good and play it hard.

Calling when you are the only one is marginal, but with 1-3 callers you have absolute gold.
I much prefer seeing 87s on the button than AJo. This is because I again have huge value. I really want to flop a hand hard , or have a big straighflush draw. Two pair is dodgey, but if I feel the guy has an overpair (say 10,10-AA), again I'll play it strong. However I will slow down if the person taking the heat is not the original raiser. This is because he could have hit even harder than me, in which case I'll look for ways to shut the pot down there.

Shutting down the pot in my book is not the same as taking the down the pot. Taking down the pot is betting when you either don't have a hand, or betting to make sure no draws can play.
Shutting down the pot is trying to stop your opponent cold. For example if I led the flop in position and got called with a two pair. I'm interested to see if he has a set, but I want to do it cheaply. This means I'll be firing on the turn about 60%-80% of the pot.
This is a stopper bet. If he has a very strong hand he will tell me now by raising. A trash hand will fold. A hand of similar strength to mind might do either, or he may just call. Many times drawing hands will call too (this is usually the one you are most scared of).
The aim of the bet is basically to get checked to on the river, so that you can check behind.
(note. the whole point of this play is when you have a medium strength hand, like A10 on a A,6,4, flop which could turn dangerous)


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