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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm breaking even and its breaking my balls

Well, sort of. I played 2hrs yesterday before dinner, and ended up losing $5 (my A/B game was running). I didn't really mind, but I dropped about $19 at 6-max LHE, but made it up on the 10-max tables.

Then I played an hour and a half after dinner. Played about 20 mins on Absolute, lost a $50 pot (my own fault, i read the guy for a made straight yet still bet). Ended $7 down there (i cant win on absolute) then went to the NL tables at crypto and made $18.

All in all i was +$6 for 3.5hrs (plus another $7 i guess cos i played the penny tables stoned on friday, but the UB account doesn't really count. It smy 'fun' account to blow off steam)


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