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Sunday, July 23, 2006

PokerRoom review

i was gonna title this 'PokerRoom = suxors' but thought that sounded like me just taking a few beats and getting pissed off.
Nothing of the sort. The site just sucks overall

About 3 years ago I actually tried PR since it was web based, I was a punk and just wanted to try out play money. The poker bug didn't catch me and I played like 4 times. Also not having a computer meant I wasn't gonna play anyway.
Just less than 2 months ago I decided to shoot for the 12000 points offer from pokersourceonline, a link to which can be found on the right. 12000 is really equivalent to $120 and I will be able to cash that out via party GCs or GCs.
I finished at 6.20am this morning the 400 points required. ship it. However I'd deposited $500 and have until 2/8/06 to compete 2000 PokerRoom (PR) points for a $200 bonus. I thought that this was plausible when I started, and it was had I not taken a 3 week break...
I could easily still do it if I get my ass in gear, but it wont happen. I'll pass simply because its not profitable to play there.

Why? No its not cos i got pwned. Its cos the software SUCKS. Up till 3 days ago I couldn't get PT and PAHUD to work with it. Fine thats not the sites fault, there's no obligation for it to work and PAT at PT has been working his ass off.
BUT what about the memory leaks!?? The software is really poor. Whilst its on, my memory usage spikes because of it - and then remains high. I also found it impossible to run more than 3 tables at once without uberslowdown. at4 tables I constantly find my screen freezing and then getting instbooted from tables. This kinda crap really got to me.
I don't run a top of the line system but its pretty nifty at 2gb processor, 1.5gb ram, and a radeon 9800 pro graphics card, so I didn't think it was me, especially since I run every other poker site perfectly fine.

My advice is really not to bother with the whole ongame network until this crap is sorted out. For now I'm joining the standard 2+2 boycott of PR.

I probably ended down about $15 at LHE0.5/1 up about $5 at LHE1/2 and just made the rest up at NL25. no accurate numbers since PT wasn't working. all i have is the below figure:
Deposited $500. cashed out $598.50.
I took the PSO bonus for 12000 points and am not going back, apart from maybe to spend my PR points on some freerolls or something.

p.s. usually I never edit posts but I have done this one simply trying to figure out the font. I'm gonna go 'bold' from now on because it helps make the text stand out more


Blogger kitaristi0 said...

IMO bold = suxors, but whatever. Not my blog.

3:40 PM  
Blogger derbywhite said...


Can't help agreesing with you. PR sucks big time.

Pokerstars owns :)

Good luck.

10:26 AM  

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