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Friday, September 28, 2007

I'll start off with the WSOPE. I didn't play this because I don't have enough money... whatever.

Was cool to meet a load of internet players whom I've heard a lot about. Name drops: timex, shaundeeb, gobboboy, actionjeff, skier, degen, adamfuckingjunglen, conner, brandon schaefer, rainkhan, leo, boostedj and probably a few more i forgot ( i reserve the right to edit later). Got to hang out with all of them at some point or other, some more than others.

Shaundeeb busted by losing two flips basically. Was annoying cos he was really looking good to go far. Said whats up to brian townsend. Not sure what he makes of me since he seems like a really serious kid, and he can tell im not (most of the time).

Went to amsterdam with shaundeeb which was pretty cool. Did virtually nothing tho. We were stoned out of our heads from about 2hrs into the trip until the very last day. I think we threw away maybe 1/4 of an ounce in the end. Good thing was, i learned how to roll joints. Met up with a 2p2er called heine who showd us around a bit, including what i assume was a big well known club but it freaked me out a little. imo it's probably like the dutch version of fabric, but in a weird country whilst being very stoned and it all being in a weird language.
On the 2nd night out there, we missclicked down the red light district, whihc was seriously unlike anything i could have really imagined. I'd heard about the window shopping before, and had my own idea of what it looked liked. I had no idea. The windows were all like small hotel rooms with bathrooms and sofas and stuff, and extremely hot girls. check out this link for some good pics.
Most messed up thing was us ending up booking 3 sets of ticekts to fly back, since we we're basically too lazy :(

Then I played ept london, I sold 49% of myself and felt good about it, even after buying out of a $5k propbet that I would have won :(.
Problem was that i hadnt eaten that morning, and you know me, i like food yo. I'd also had less sleep than I'd hoped. I had gone to bed early, but I struggled to sleep the night before. I now feel like i'd have done better in my exams had i actually gone to sleep before them. I could tell at the table how unfocussed i was and I think it cost me. That and missing huge draws twice. I'm not sure what to think since I'm pretty aggro generally but I think maybe playing big pots 200bbs deep isnt necessarily the best way in these scenarios. I'm pretty used to the 6-max NLHE games where I'm happy to push really really hard, but in these fields i think i can tone down a little. My seat really really sucked too. I was sandwiched between the two other good/decent players at the table, both scandis. Had I sat across the table, I'd have been able to tear it up. Between the 3 of us we raised like 80%+ of hands and one of us was in 99%. I love that in a cash game but it's not the best in a donkament where I shouldnt necessarily be getting too wild.

sigh. Played a shitload of the wcoops and cashed in zero. Sigh, some have been bad, some have just been unlucky. I feel bad for my backers. I dont feel bad losing my own money, but i do feel bad losing other people's money? Sigh they have 100% makeup so they'll get it back someday anyway.

This month I've pretty much broke even. Cash was bad at the start of the month, and then I've played a load of donkaments that I've not done well in. I might be even in them though, since I run hot at the small turbos $60/45 and the $12/180 turbos. I've been playing a load of those in order to learn pushbotting and endgame for tournaments. I'm gonna get back to cash games again though, and will start playing a lot more NL1k since I think I'm overskilled for 2/4. I've actually done well in cash recently, only bad day was playing 5/10 HU on stars in amsterdam airport. We'd broken a guy down to $200 and then in 30 mins without reloaded he had 4k. gg yo

I think the biggest thing this month is that I've learned so much, especially about tournaments from shaundeeb. I've also learned a shitload about cashgames, although thats been rather indirect mostly. To use an analogy, I feel like I've just completely dissected my golfswing, and once I get some practice in and start to 'feel it' I'm gonna just rape every table I play.

I think I'll play some of the events on the GUKPT or whatever its called. I've been thinking a lot about poker sponsorship deals, and I'm gonna go ahead and get one. The only way though is to get known for winning live donkaments. Sites cant really market some random kid who tears up online games, but they can market new young kids who seem to dominate every table
they sit at. I watched some kenny tran and talked to people that played him. Apparently he's just sick, and I kinda want that rep. As someones whos played 95% of his poker in shorthanded nl cash games online, I have one gear: lagtard. I need to learn new gears and be constantly changing. This is something I've learned from shaundeeb. I've been thinking about the image I want to project at a table and how to take advantage. So far all i have is: 'this kid is fucking insane' which works well for me, but I do need other gears for different scenarios, especially in donkaments where blind structure and stack sizes can very seriously limit my freedom to take certain lines or even play certain hands.
I listened intently about greg raymer and his table presence/image. People are just scared of him. He's a world champ and probably one of the best there's ever been. His knowledge and understanding of live players is jsut sick. It's like negreanu or hellmuth, I think that if they played with me they'd get destroyed but their understanding of live plauyers, tendencies and espcially the psycology of the donks is something that will take me years to learn. I think eventually I want a greg raymer style image at a table where bascially everyone shits themselves. Right now I dont think I can get that untill i win something/or a few things because I look so young, have multicoloured hair and wear bright hoodies. If I dyed my hair black again and then wore suits or polo necks my image instantly changes. Lol now I'm even looking into detail about appearance... but I think its allrelevant (wow this is a long ramble). You can dominate tables just by talking. I've seen this before and its not a weapon I have, but I've definitely seen people just own tables by talking. It's sick. There's so much I have to change for live donkaments that are unnecessary online.

Online I learn how to play good and dominate, and play i know that he knows that i know that he knows i know games with people. For live scenarios I guess I'm just gonna have to learn the other things by trial and error (which may mean lots more live donkmanets).

untill next time.

p.s. I will add people onto my blogroll, but im lazy so it takes a while. Also to the dude that asked if i've made a mill, no thats not me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

lots of stuff

im gonna get back to blogging properly again. stuff that i'm gonna cover:

  • wsope
  • mtts
  • amsterdam
  • my finances

tomorrow however, i'll be playing EPT london 1b so gogoogogogo