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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fuck Today

I finally have a losing day, and its fucking huge. yes -$2400, and this is not a joke

fuck today

Monday, October 16, 2006

In the aftermath

In the wake of the port security bill etc etc here's whats up:

Well, I'm sure its no surprise to anyone that I got nowhere close to 10k hands this week, because well, I suck. What heart can be taken is that I was putting in consistant 2-3hr sessions, so once I can log more of them I can easily log A LOT of hands. I will try next week, hopefully it goes well. My target will be 10k hands again, and extremely pissed if I don't get 5k.

Below is me at FTP and then party underneath. Seriously though, FTP is really weird I am surprised my vpip/pfr ratio is so out of whack. I think a lot can be attributed to a very liberal calling range in the sb, which I'm going to adjust. I've noticed that recently my postflop stats are way out of whack to what I want, but w.e. Probably just a small sample size and may be an effect of me adjusting to the FTP game, which is MUCH more weak-tight that party. I've been finding that my cbet success rate is a lot higher and that I can get away with playing looser. I'm not winning as many 3-bet preflop pots as I was at party, but this could just be due to variance plus my image is generally a lot worse since I'm playing a few more hands/being more aggro.

Funny thing these days is that I'm more than capable of standing big swings. This week I took a 6-buyin downswing and turned it around within 2hrs (i.e. -$1200!). I'm getting so immune to the swings its getting sick, but what happens when I hit NL400 and I shrug off $2000-$2500 daily swings... I'll probably look back on this in 12 months time thinknig 'wtf? pussy!' when hopefully I'll be taking $10k-$20k swings without really batting an eyelid.
I also lost my biggest ever pot yesterday with 54 on Q9544 board vs the biggest fish in christendom. He had 99. I don't think I necessarily go broke like I did that deep vs a decent player as I'd be concerned with what hands I could get action on,. but vs this guy I knew stacking off there was good. There was a 10mins spell where he donated to everyone else and dropped to like $250 and I was worried I wasnt getting my $$ back (yes he dropped $500), but 25 mins later he'd rebuilt to have me covered at $325 and I got most of it back with QTs on 9763K board where I had backdoored the 2nd nutflush affter leading both flop and turn. I decided to bet $95 into $95 with $190 remaining to 'represent a bluff' because I knew this guy could never not try and win everypot. He shoves over the top and I instacall to take down a $650 pot. Xpert has A-high after missing everything. He built a huge stack obviously getting very lucky and just running hot, but played some of the worst poker I've seen in a while.

Pokerwise I'm obviously +$ as shown, plus $160 that has been released via FTP bonus. BR is around $17k within $100, but I wont bother counting properly till the end of the month. I am still looking for $10k this month, and really its my own fault that I'm not on target, playing around 1/3rd of the amount of poker I had been hoping for. I'm running a lot better than average so thats great, but really I should have played a shedload more hands and its my own fault. Before I go on, shout out to Mcgobbler for hooking me up with an absolutely sick sick SICK! ass PAHUD layout. Man, that shit is crazy and really WOW!
Plans now are to play another couple thousand hands at FTP, but also to clear my party bonuses. The only problem is that party have reduceed the number of tables one can play to 6. Wow, thats SO bad for people like me, but screw it, FTP have better game selection at nights anyway. I'll play party during the day as they do actually have reasonable game selection but at night time definitely FTP. 6-tables is ridiculous and I really don't understand party's decision. Oh they've also changed the rake to be ridonkulicious, because the rake is calculated not only on how much is in the pot, but also from uncalled bets so I'm really considering never going back even with the rb.

I'm also coaching, currently have a few people wanting coaching but I'll probably only take two, and I have one already. Current setup is that I coach via watching videos and sweating people on skype. Students also get to ask about individual hands whenever they catch me online etc. No HH reviews tho, screw that I cant be assed, just make a video because then I can also see thought processes. I think I'm gonna come up with a separate page talking about what I offer etc etc but I'll give it a month first after I get more experience under my belt. Current rate is $25/hr which I think is extremely reasonable, and am considering increasing. It's obviously rather dear at NL25 and NL50, but for NL100 people its a total bargain if it can help them cancel out many of the basic mistakes that they are making. People also have to realise that $25/hr is ridiculous pay cut for me, but it's something fun to do when I am not feeling awake enough to play.

Flatwise the builders are in and our kitchen is COMPLETELY bare. Eating out is costing me like £10-£15/day, and let me tell you now that if I didn't make £1k/week I'd be seriously pissed. It's looking quite likely that it will be done in the next few days, so that's cool.

This Tuesday I'm going to the Gutshot Card Club in London. I did think that next time I go I'd only play the PL1/2 game, but I think the £5 rebuy and then the pony game will be played as I'm going because a lot of SSNL 2p2 member are going. Amongst the list are dbitel, ama0330, matrix128, jamougha and true. This should be a lot of fun and I'm especially curious to meet jam. We'll see how it goes, although I will be itching to get myself into the 'big' game since I think I'm way overskilled for it. I'll be looking to sit with £300 in it, and looking to run super hot so that I can make like £500 cash. Sure I've made more than that in a day online (well, I did the mansion keno bonus + poker play) went down but to get it in cold cash is gonna be fun. If anyone else wants to go, hit me up with a comment/email me and we'll arrange to meet up before hand.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So obviously I'm posting this at 7am in the morning...

Life is semi-hectic. In some ways it is, in some ways it jsut So isn't. My lazyness is a huge factor in this. Yesterday I logged 1-2hrs play (seriously cant remember) today I clocked 3hrs, with 1 hr at FTP. Just cashedout from party in light of doomsday friday in case they cant cover all withdrawals (i give this a 1% chance max... but you know me. BR NIT!!) anyway I shifted like $2.7k over to FTP and proceeded to run at 26/20/3.5 for an hour. It's only 500 hands or so, but was a serious indication of how LAGTARD I suddenly became. Sure I wasnt quite fully LAG, but it was pretty close and I was really running tables over. cbetting was working with such rediculous frequency I almost fell off my chair. dbitel from 2p2 had been telling me its uberweaktight at FTP, but WOWZER, I thought he was kidding. +$950 for the day, but was considering going for that $50 to break $1k, however decided against it because I was a little nervous...

Goals for the rest of the week:
1) laundry. we have no washing machine as its being installed in 1-2 weeks, so I have to go to a laundry mat somewhere...
2) haircut. christ I've been meaning to do this for 2 weeks.
3) Join the gym, and subsequently hit the treadmill for 3 months. Lord knows I need to.
4) tidy my room. Yeah this is like a lifelong goal that will never be completed.
5) get a session card for uni. For some reason I don't have one.
6) Play another 8k hands. Not too hard (yeah right. 5k is fine too...)

Right now I love LOST. Great first episode, although I can see it going down season 2 route and just sucking for around a 14 episode stretch.
I'm also watching and loving Weeds, Smith (new US drama about high profile theives) and 'Friday Night Lights' . There are also new series' of Extras, Family Guy and American Dad out.
However the funniest shit I've seen all week is south park. Seriously go to rapetheweb and watch episode 8 of season 10 of south park. It's the warcraft one. Now, I've never played World of Warcraft but have seen it and know pretty much what its all about. Fricking hilarious, and tbh I did actually feel like getting WoW...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Octoberfest biatch

Check this out. Wow, check out the one where Corbin gets hit by lightning,I swear this EXACT thing pretty much happened to me.

I cant be assed to play anymore poker this week, I'm going out to dinner tonight for a buddy's birthday. again, obviously i suck at playing any hands, but w.e. I think i'll only get 10,000 hands next week, since I'm moving to fulltilt, but hopefully my new rb account is gonna be in, I'll go back to party and BOOM 20,000 hand week.

for the week, in addition to the above +$200 in party bonuses, and +£100 in home cash games.
I'm also like +$4 at PLO25 and -$10 at 0.5/1/0.25 party stud
<-----------------------------lifetime loser at stud :O

I'm actually REALLY upset with my turn aggression. Apart from like one 40min period, I think I've played great poker all week but for some reason my turn aggro is all messed up. I can't believe it's so low... can anyone say EXPLOITABLE?? For real tho, I'm not sure why its so low, its a small sample size, so that might just be it.

Ugh, if I only get in 10k hands next week, I might do all the hours early in the week, freeing myself up for some donkaments later on in the week. Biggest gripe? look at those stats! $100 paid in BBJ. WTF. The monster thing is OVER, but I'm still paying it...

LoL at this year's WSOP, I'm dloading/watching... haha at demitri noble, chip leader at day 2/3 or something. Kid's out there thinking he's 'playing poker' when all he's doing is playing rag aces, catching pieces and then getting pwned. Molina looked like a typical 'internet punk' and prob is pretty decent, although the hand that he went out on was pretty dumb. Man I so have to play this donkament next year. I've never won an MTT, EVER, so obviously I'm just storing up all my donkament variance for the WSOP... right?

Funniest stuff is all this 'pros vs amateur' crap. For some reason you have to have played 10yrs in vegas and be on first name terms with doyle brunson or phill hellmuth to be a 'pro', and then everyone else is an amateur. As an example (and this is all from memory, cant be assed to check the facts properly) I saw something to do with the interpoker extreme poker series. In the 'leap of faith' one, it was described as Phil Laak vs 5 amatuers. One of these amatuers was stoxtrader. yah. amatuer. In fact I'm sure all the other players were full time internet pros too.


Friday, October 06, 2006

First day of class...

It sucked. I was SO bored. I also found out that I had class on Teusday, but missed it. hmm...

I wanna play a lot this weekend, and think I will. I haven't had the right amount of sleep the last couple of days, so haven't played much poker. Today I think I'll give FTP a spin at NL100 so that I can get used to the software, if I manage to tidy my room. Above is a pic of my desk, and let me tell you that's the most tidy party of my room. Currently running hot and am up $1700 and £100 this month, but w.e. only 3k hands online which pisses me off. I'm hoping to get in around 5k hands this weekend, maybe 1k today...

p.s. just got a new neteller sorted.. waiting for the old <£1 deposit into bank account

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So I lost my rb at party. This totally sucks. Right now I'm scrambling to restart university, get my room sorted, get the builders BUSY and now also looking to get a new neteller account.

Once I get a new neteller account I can create a new party account. My affiliate got screwed because he was a 'US affiliate' and now he's changed up so I need a new party account to get rb again.

I think I'm gonna move over to fulltilt after Bush signs the bill. They seem to want to keep fighting. I can get 27% indsutry standard rb there, and I think they'll have the biggest player base once party closes US accounts. I'm gonna play wherever the most games are, but I am seriously considering playing across several different sites simultaneously so that I can 8-table and have goot game selection. Hopefully at most this means party and FTP, since they both have rb and have decent player bases.

I've been running VERY hot over 1k hands. lol. I'll hoopefully clock 2000+ hands tomorrow since I've been so lax. $250 is coming from september rb so I'm upto $13030, and another $1500 from this weeks play, although I'll do all the accounting for that at the end of the week/month, although I'm leaning towards month. In case I forget I made £100 (accounting for £10 costs) in a home game the other day, thanks in no small part to being able to make someone laydown the stone cold nut straight plus redraw to flush. fun times.

I'm still praying dikshit comes up with something, either way its gonna be super interesting the next month or so to see what happens.

Minimum goals this month:

make $10,000
play 40,000 hands at NL200
as long as I am close to the above, play some NL400
go to class and read outside the classes.
sell on ebay all this shit that I have built up and am too lazy to sell.

funnily enough I put the above down randomly, or so I thought, but they are listed in order of importance. Obviously something funny happened subconciously :D

Monday, October 02, 2006

I feel pretty depressed right now

Moving house was a lot of hard work, but is finally done. Now we're waiting for all the building work to be done.

WHATEVER thats not interesting. I'm not gonna go into the whole internet gaming bill from the US right now, simply because I just spent 5hrs reading about it all. However I am gonna give a rough estimate and say that I've just lost £10,000 in future earnings this year. So that's obviouisly great. This is making me depressed

I've played next to no poker in a week, so yesterdays home game was fun, especially when I win 5.5 buyins at NL20 which was pretty crazy. Then this afternoon I log 0.53 hrs and make 4.5 stacks at NL200. Fun times.

So I can win $1k in 24hrs and still be ddepressed because I lost my HU tourney match. I really wasnt feeling it, especially very hungry but w.e. no excuse I sucked hard. Now I'm not tilt and really really hungry. I might get drunk tonight since today has been a real tough day (yeh £500/day is a bad day)