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Monday, May 29, 2006

Biggest Losing Day Ever

To top off my worst week of poker ever, just had my biggest losing day. $750 in the hole today.

had some crazy shit. i reckon $350 was tilt, and $400 was bad beats.

trip report at end of the week. funnily enough im 'meh' about the whole thing.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

i tilt too

Wow im typing this after just tilting. kudos to me for stopping play. strange that i did though. i made $350 this afternoon, then lost $40 this evening and THAT sent me on tilt. wtf is wrong with me.
i think its cos i think i should just beat NL25 so bad that i cant believe it when i dont. i'm donking at 3.5PT/100. ffs. had some serious suckouts, but last session nothing went right. dissed by the deck. meh.
I want another 2000 hands at NL100 for the week, and to get it I'm gonna do it only 2 tabling. I'm really pussying out. just suck it up you fool. So no more NL25, which im not really killing anyway (cos im running really cold)

i crashed and burned in the WPT £5000 overlay. that sucked. man some serious shit, i dont want to talk about it.

i played the $15000 guaranteed on party. interesting tourney, only $6 buyin, but a huge 2700 field. it there was a slight overlay which basically meant the tourney fee was reduced to only 10%. anyway i sucked here too, played a SS all the way through, got no action on my best hands.

i got hit in the face by the deck this afternoon so its all good. i havent really made much money this week. im not totalling up properly untill the end of the week. i think im up around $260 right now. I've really been dissed by the deck hard, getting soome serious suckouts and just plain bad flops.

talked to lewi today, good to talk poker with someone. Poker is lonely, not in the fact that i dont see my friends, but in the fact that there's no one too share with. i cant discuss decisions, i cant talk about theory, i cant talk about winnings losses because the people i know dont understand the whole process. if you ask how im doing and i say im up $400 today, im not bragging, thats just how it went down. if i lose $200 and you tell me to stop its just stupid because you are letting short term results affect thinking, even though im +EV.

Thats what 'non-poker' people just dont get imo and that how i dont understand the process that investment banks recruit their traders. in the end they need to be able to stand short term fluctuations. i would say 85% of these kids dont have a clue and have no experience at it. personally im extremely experienced, much more capable and would almost definitely make a much better trader than most of my class mates, but alas i was a fool and neglected my studies. i guess im only thinking about this particular job because its what almost everyone is gearing for. The most prestigious job because everyone fancies themselves as a great arbitrage creator, yet none have any clue. Also its about as high paid as you can get without going into uppermanagement, and its very merit based (apparently). One of my friends has an internship with Equities trading at Deutsche Bank. He thinks its not realistic for me to expect to win at poker, and that long term its zero EV. I tried to give him a brief run down of how to play, he didnt get it.

Him: "Go on then. Explain to me an 'advanced concept' that means you are a winning play and others are losers"

Me: "Ok here's a basic concept that makes me a winner: this is pot equity. blah blah blah. math and diagrams included"

Him: "No that doesn't make sense how can it be right to call there when you know you are behind. Also how can you bet when you only have 2 cards. there's another 5 still to come... Blah blah blah."

Me: *sigh*. " tell you what, when all your banker (read intern) friends decide to have a poker game, get me in and you'll get to see some 'advanced concepts' for free"

If these guys cant get the concepts of poker, who in their right minds would let them take charge of million ££ portfolios. I have a new theory as to why an extremely high % of traders change to other professions. Its cos 80% of them tilt and fuck up. They don't know how to gamble in a +EV manner and so either get so stressed that they quit or just get fired. In the end only the ones that would make good poker players continue to trade, since they have the skill set to do it. (oh and i'm accounting for the 5% that just get lucky over a prolonged period. It happens)

Also if anyone reads this from my halls, stop fucking asking me to transfer over tv programmes. If I'm online I'm fucking busy. I'm at work.
Yes poker is now my job, so when I'm 'playing', I'm working. Its very rude to keep pestering me. If you want to talk, call me. I'm happy to talk. also if you come to my room and you see poker tables open, fuck off. This is really serious. I dont want to be rude but i'm not gonna pay any attention to you when i'm playing. so u can just sit on my bed and watch, or you can piss off.
I DO NOT want to start talking about how last night was, just assume it was fine. we'll talk at dinner. Oh, and yes, being able to move an MSN chat window from one screen to the other is 'very cool'.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Just Thinking

I played no poker today.

woke up around 2pm. went to meet up with some of the Econ/Stats kids. That was cool, nice to just hang for a while.
Came back and had a BBQ from the thing that was going on downstairs. There's a party just kinda starting now, I'm gonna go back in 30mins or so.

No play today, but just spent the day 'reflecting'. I have really been pushing things at the table too much. This is why im starting every session in the hole, before making it all back and breaking even. If i could just control myself and pass in real tight spots i'll be ok.
My game is at this stage where i can easily make $$ just playing abc. the prob is me trying to float way too much. I've also got to use the call button more. there are many times where i have a hand that can trap but my overaggression makes them laydown.

ok gonna watch some tv now, and be back later

times are hard

including the whole of this months rb, and interpoker bonus, im even right now. pokerwise im down a couple of stacks. just played a session where i made a total of $15 after donking a $66 bluff?
that one was not thought through.
that bluff did something wierd. yeh i've been thinking a lot about how the hell to turn my 'slump' around, and i realised it was... SCARED MONEY.

yeh i moved to NL100, but that wasnt the issue. its the fact that i technically depend on this $$. my usual game is WAY off. NOW im going back to how i was before. maybe not 35/17 etc but around 29/15 will do just nicely. i did that and made back the $100 i'd donked, playing pretty damn well. I will obviously adjust, some games will require loose play, some ubertightness.

i also qualified for an MTT via a satellite. its a $22 buyin MTT, $5k guaranteed. was considering NOT comming 2nd and taking 3rd since it paid $12, but f it. i'll play this MTT, or maybe let Rupom have it.

Man. Multiple times i just pushed things too hard. Now im gonna watch a few CR vids etc, but i KNOW what to do now.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First Day Pro

played 5hrs today.

pretty crazy.

Total, including spending $24 on a neteller transfer (to myself- gnoming)

dropped $249.
gained $100 bonus, got enough fpps for my ed miller dvd set and make a censored load in rakeback.

anyway for today. -$150

this is really tough for me. if the past this kind of drop was nothing, but now i'm 'pro' it does weigh a little on my mind. not good to go on a downswing immediately once gone pro.

anyway hope tomorrows better. im gonna go read and stuff.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Finished University

A twing of sadness.
a decent amount of regret that i will score poorly (when i could pretty easily have got a 2:1)

but fuck it, i'm turning pro.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


BR at $3871.

right now im up like on the pokerstars balance, which means i blew most of the $25 bonus.
the money doesnt matter, but its how it happened. i was chasing the 5 billionth hand promo.

ok i wont bother to calculate numbers, by which i mean the % chance of hitting a milestone hand, but i've been thinking. the amount of time i gave up to chase it is too much. i would probably have more +EV playing the cash tables rather than chase some stupid bonus.
granted i am currently too tired to play properly, but it does show that this is no longer worthwhile. therefore i will not be chasing any more milestones, apart from perhaps the 5 billionth one itself, since it pays enough.

i think im gonna post more about what happens in my life too. thus one can get to know wtf a micro limit 'pro' does with his time. this morning i woke up at 11am, and by 12pm i'd purchased a PSP. I still dont know wtf i'm gonna do with it but at £100 it was too much too +EV to pass.
LoL i thought of it in terms of +EV. this is something which i've noticed more and more, my thinking is getting screwed into +EV or -EV for every decision i make.
Today i must have spent 3hrs reading forums and i'm tired as censored. I love to read strategy all the time, as it keeps me really focussed whilst i cant play just now. but then again i probably read too much. if i was gonna spend 3hrs reading, why not just 1hr reading and 2hrs of play? i think this is why i feel my BR is growing slowly. im just not putting the hours in when i can.
anyway my dell 2001fp comes on the 23rd of may (eta), so i will then be able to 4 table crypto with no overlap. this will be totally sick. i cant wait.

I watched LOST episode 22 today, and thought... I wanna see the next one! its building up to be a great season finale, and i'm gonna be so pissed cos i will have to wait for the next season.

anyway this has been a serious ramble. back to the tables kids.

update -$18 playing for the milestones and losing $10 to rupom HU when he fished for a 5 outer.
BR $3853 :P

labour economics= DONE!

One more exam left, should i bother revising?

played some LHE yesterday and dropped like $20 (i think)

played like a retard for 1hr, then played like genius at NL£50, and NL100, and even NL£100.

was down $90 at one stage, but unneccessarily. ended up $13.

BR: $3855

ok i hope this will be the last of my BR only update posts. Im gonna start posting more about things that make me think, as well as some strategy.
interestingly today i lost money playing LAG, but playing TAG did some serious business.
still not 4-tabling properly on crypto, cos of overlap. my 2001fp is coming soon!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Folded Aces Preflop

again going for the 5 billionth hand bonus. i regretted it though cos some of the others who were chasing didnt fold their good hands.
oh and KK from BB got busted by 64. we're folding round and this dude LIMPS with 64? great.

dropped $14 total since yesterday chasing this bonus. im too tired to play properly to make my money back.

Oh and i think i failed my exam today, 'stochastic methods in finance'. damn.

-$14 (screw this crap im going to do it at 0.1/0.2)
BR $3862

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Took a shot...

... and missed at the pokerstars 5 billionth hand promo again.

LHE0.5/1 is just annoying. people play so F'd up, but then again i suck at the game so who knows. dropped $7.

was up playing LHE1/2.

plus the $25 bonus from pokerstars

+$24 on the day

BR $3876

Monday, May 15, 2006

Done the Math

OK did the math and i can make a sustained living at NL50. thats pretty cool.

however im not gonna. With 38 buyins or so im just gonna go for NL100. If I drop to $3k i'll grind at NL50 for a while, but i dont see how i cant beat NL100. its just a mental thing.
On CR theres a guy playing NL400, and it just shows how bad play is that he seems (at least) to be making a profit. so much of his play is fundamentally wrong, and he actually counts to check if he has a straight. lol (but i think hes in the mafia so i'd better not laugh to hard)

got an exam thurs/fri and done virutally no work. this is trouble. im about to get down to it.

heres the math.

8PT/100. on 4 tables (240ish hands per hour)= $38.4. plus at least $8 rakeback bonuses.

multiply by 0.54 (ex rate)

=£25p/h multiplied by 30=£750 per week, times 40 weeks = £30,000 p.a.

so 30hrs a week for 40 weeks= £30,000. SHIP IT. obviously this is IF i can sustain 8/100. worst case scenario is at 6PT/100 its £24,000. that is so obtainable i'm not even gonna sweat.

say i stuck at NL50. my win rate is 11PT/100. again 240hands per hour. its about £22,000

this is considering my rakeback/bonus estimations are conservative ($8 p/h). also its only 30hrs perweek. most likely i'll end up playing over 40, since its a hobby AND a job.
note: 40hrs a week on the most optimistic estimations is £1000 per week, tax free. SHIP IT. i could have much more optimistic estimations, and i'm not accounting for my ability level increasing, and i wont be surprised if i play NL200 after around 4months and NL400 by the end of the year.
i'll probably mess around in some MTTs, but i will only do it outside of 'work hours'

here's a link with info on some of what i'll be doing for a year

worst comes to worst i can always 9-table NL25, which i think is good for at least $30p/h.

Friday, May 12, 2006


ok its happened ANOTHER 2 times now. i guess i should be happy its at NL25 and not higher, but 4 times in 2000 hands or so is pretty crazy since i have only had it once in my whole career.

ok so i probably have seen it more, but not in my last 20k PT hands.
oh well, cost me maybe $170 in total pot sizes. ugly. oh well

still up $63. decided to TAG it up. VPIP of 20%, GET ME!! (pfr 10%)

i reckon i can handle 23% VPIP easily, and would go for 25% and 12% PFR (LAG, who me??) but its a lot easier just playing tight and throwing AJ UTG. at higher limits its a no brainer, but NL25 i think im so much better that its possible.

my last 6.5hrs 8-10tabling i have an hourly poker rate of $30p/h over 2770 hands.
425 hands per hour, MT ratio of 6.94.

i signed up to stars for a $25 (woopee!) deposit bonus, but also because i found a site offering the ed Miller boxset DVDs which i want, and are worth £50. thus its a good deal, all i have to do is play like 50 $10 STTs. easy peasy (maybe 5 perhour??) will be nice to play some STT too.
did drop $1 playing NL0.01/0.02 with me betting 0.5 rather than 0.05 by accident. yikes! (lol)

cleared the party bonus too for $100

BR now 3845.

interesting that todays play was pretty much the cost lacie HD. hmm maybe i should cancel the HD just so i can say i got $4k BR?? w.e tv, pistachio and some milk (!?) before bed. i'll be up for breaky for sure. back to revision PUNK.

p.s. oh absolute gave me $5 for free, and i turned that into... $7!

BR: $3852 :D

buying the Lacie

I need a new HD pronto!

only have 9gb left... total

bought the 250gb lacie.

cost was £88 or $163

BR 3683 now...

Thursday, May 11, 2006


jsut ran KK into AA again preflop.
again i COULD have got away. i cant believe how stupid i was.

$25 down

BR 3846.

andy *shrugs*

maths over

may or may not have been ok.
came home took the rest of the day off and watched some tv. prison break rocks, and we already know about 24. J dot Bauer got game?

just 9/10 tabled, but 10 is too many and i folded trips by accident! mofo
i played badly and dropped $28, not to mention i got cold decked, and ran KK into AA for just the 2nd time.

then took a break, and then made $98 playing NL50. didnt really play very well, wasted maybe $15-$20. oh well. tripled through though when 99 vs QQ vs AA hit top set on flop and we put it all in.

hmm... both times played badly, i think i'd better stop tonight.
thats +$70 whislt going for the current party bonus. just clawing back the $$ i lost playing stud, lol.

BR: $3871 (again)

gonna watch the apprentice now, cant believe michelle WON!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

german done

next is the math resit on thursday

this post however, is on football
this concerns the England World Cup squad

Provisional squad:
Robinson (Tottenham), James (Manchester City), Green (Norwich); G Neville (Manchester United), Ferdinand (Manchester United), Terry (Chelsea), Cole (Arsenal), Campbell (Arsenal), Carragher (Liverpool), Bridge (Chelsea), Beckham (Real Madrid), Carrick (Tottenham), Lampard (Chelsea), Gerrard (Liverpool), Hargreaves (Bayern Munich), Jenas (Tottenham), Downing (Middlesbrough), J Cole (Chelsea), Lennon (Tottenham), Rooney (Manchester United), Owen (Newcastle), Crouch (Liverpool), Walcott (Arsenal).

Carson (Liverpool), Young (Charlton), Reo-Coker (West Ham), Defoe (Tottenham), Johnson (Crystal Palace).

OK GK and defender wise, there really isnt any debate. sven has 4 top class central defenders there (plus sol cambell).
midfield it was pretty much as expected, bar Lennon (rather than Wright-Phillips)
up front there are ONLY 4 strikers, with 2 injured!?

lets break down the dubious decisions

1) sol cambell. my thoughts here are that we actually dont need 5 central defenders. its a mute point, but i dont think we need 5. get rid of cambell and bring in luke young so that we have cover at rightback, and carragher is 'floating'

2)owen hargreaves. wtf. why does he EVER get to play. i have never seen anything from him period. he's the 'fittest' english player... but only ever appears as a sub! who need fitness if they only play 20 mins. what a waste. should have had wright-phillips. not im not gonna say SWP necessarily is good enough to hold down a spot just yet, but he CAN bring something completely different to the squad, so should have been there as a wildcard option.
also i heard hargreaves can use both feet. yeh? well i do too. its called walking....

3) Lennon. i cant really comment much here. i havent followed the premiership too closely here but from what i understand he does get regular game time and is a good prospect thats already performing.

4)rooney. i would have him in too. any chance that he can play gives england a chance to actually beat someone.

5)owen. well i hear he's gonna be fit, so i guess he's in

6) peter crouch. well *shrugs*. i guess we want the midfielders to score.

7)bent. well again the top scoring english striker in the premiership DOESNT get a look in *shrugs*

8)defoe. lol. he's basically michael owen just not as good.

9 walcott. erm... this guy hasnt even PLAYED for arsenal yet. 17yrs old, is touted as an amazing prospect, but can he do anything this summer? probably not
this imo is actually a joke from sven that no one has got. the point is HE'S LOSING HIS JOB this summer. its been in the news for crying out loud. they took bets on who's getting his job.
what do most people do when they're losing their job? they mess around. there aint no two ways about it. sven looked at his core squad, realised that if he lost any of them he's up shitscreak anyway, and none of the 'b' players had any game anyway. so why not take a chance ona random long shoot. better than going for a retard who was 100% not gonna perform anyway.

with no rooney, england aren't gonna win anyway, unless walcott turns out to be some uberbeast on the field. thus i would also pick walcott over the rest of the trash.

Monday, May 08, 2006

im back

... and may have failed.

30 mins before dinner, made $20, although had a little bit of a downswing at LHE£0.25/0.5. man the only hand i wanted to play got capped preflop (QQ), but it was 4-way and an A dropped and i was like 'goodbye'. oh well.

BR: $3801

i've learnt my lesson though.
read a book before i play stud again (or at least play 0.05/0.1 if i can finid that)

tomorrow i have a german exam, which i'll be preparing for tonight. im actually pretty good at german so this shouldnt be too bad.
2 days after is B611 which i'm resitting. unconfirmed rumours have it that the syllabus has changed. mofo great.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

im in teh shit

35% to pass. i give myself 45% to fail.

oh and i blew $90 on stud. whats worse is not the money but the time. i wasted so much time.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

still procrastinating

some omaha hi/lo and 7-card stud
a bit of a change up. played 1hr

up $14

BR 3871

Friday, May 05, 2006


OK im about to bust my balls for this one. its the 'biggie'.

also prison break does rock. i was sceptical at first, but now i love it.
(any opportunity to procrastinate)

played 90 mins of NL100 (or at least NL£50, NL100euros NL$100)

up $69 total, but dropped like 50euros, which is like $73 at the end of the session which hurt a little. oh well still good $$ i guess.

rakeback was a MIGHTY $11. lol. mainly cos i havent had time on there. next months rakeback will be pretty big though as i clear the backlog of crypto bonuses, maybe at NL100 which last night was clearing amazingly fast.

BR: $3857

im gonna keep week and monthly totals i think too. especially when i 'go pro'

week: $367
month $367

Thursday, May 04, 2006


ok i've been doing a little 9-tabling today.

numbers of 24/11/4/42 over 1.3k hands total for $187, of which todays take was $97
plus $100 party reload. it took 3.4hrs to get 1.3k hands which means i was playing around 380 hands per hour. consider the fact that in a live game at a casino you maybe see 30-35 hands per hour, you see how crazy 380 is!!

BR: $3777. poker is going pretty well...

oh and this is the 4-tabling NL25 i made before, but at another address. i'm putting this here in case i forget it. check it out if u have a chance

lolip0ps 4-tabling

another one in the bag

just did a B201 resit- Microeconomics

there were some probs at earl's court, so the trains were delayed. EVERYONE arrives at the same time, 9.45. ok.
At the start of the test, i check the board for where i am. Er not on the list??
so anyway i go ask the examiners, they make me wait a FULL 10 mins AFTER the exam has started before seating me. like wtf, u cant just let me pull up a chair? on top of that, it takes another min of me sitting there like a lemon before they give me the question paper.


back to the tables
i had a 40min rush 8-tabling NL25 on party, and made $110. 4 buy ins is pretty sick. then dove gave me the lurgies and i dropped $20 in 30mins getting completely cold decked. it was seriously sick.

Then decided to take a break. i was way too tired for 8-tabling (its pretty hectic) so decided on some MTT action.
$5.50 UB $1000 guaranteed, crash. as per usual
$1 on party? came top 40. mofo i was good unitll i tilted. AT lost vs AQ sb vs bb battle when i thought he was making a play. I KEEP crashing and burning in tourneys. its so dumb. anyway 40 out of 1400 is pretty good, but it pays like $7. what a waste of 3.5hrs. i was playing pretty well though, so that was good.

total profit for day was $90 plus change.

BR $3580. breaks the 3.5k mark (actually 3.6k at one stage but whos counting?)

p.s. where am i gonna live next year?? if someone has anywhere, pls email