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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Done for the week

This week was some fun huh? Not many hours online, but some serious GSOP action.

Rupom did really well after going down to T4000 on the first day. He came 4th for £5000 and after tip (yeh i know, what?!) i got £480. That's cool. The guy who won sold 50% of himself. LOL. His gold bracelet is pretty 'playa-a-pimp' tho.

At party this week I'm up $693. It been emotional YO! I didn't feel comfortable at NL200 at all.

Played and lost $30 in donkaments this week. HMM
Today I played and lost in a £22 donkament at the gutshot, but won £57 in the cash games. Last two cash game sessions I'm +£12 and -£8.5. woot dog.

I'll do an end of the month round up in a couple of days. I'm gonna add this months rakeback to this month, and not post date it. I'm really happy with how things are going, and given good enough sleep I can log 4hrs a day easy, which is just gravy.

I'm +$100 in party reload, but erm, well, -$100 in party backgammon takeback.

BR is at $10250 and I'm expecting $600 minimum for rb.
I'm gonna do the willhill monthly and party bonuses over the next two days or so, so hope to finish the month over comfortably over $11k.

I've broken $10 BR

title says it all. only up $700 from cash this week, but i've only clocked 11.8hrs

spent a shitload of time looking after Rupom and sweating him. He finished 4th after entering the final table shortest stacked. he made £5000 and I took 10%.

More to come but I'm uber tired and tomorrow I'm gonna mess around at the £20+2 2pm freezeout but apart from that not do too much. Prob take tomorrow off since I cant make anymore from the summer sizzler, although I might clock 5 table hrs of LHE at willhill for the £25 monthly reload.

From bonuses and rakeback my BR is going to be close to $11k before I take out $1.5k for bills etc.
I think $1.5k is gonna come out every month. I can afford it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Go Rupom GO GO GO!!

My buddy Rupom is playing the Gutshot of Poker Main Event, which is a £330 buyin event.
First is £18k.

I bought 10% of him and he's there pwning it up. According to the chip count for the start of the 3rd day, 30 left and 18 get paid.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gutshot + GSN HSNL

I'm up $300 or so today, but the 2nd to last hand sucked ass. Lets just say I stackoff with TP2K in a reraised pot and villain shows a turned set of 4s. seriously WOW. Would have had a $500 day.

Anyway enough of that. Went to the Gutshot Teusday night for some cash game fun fun fun in the sun.
Went there to meet dbitel from 2p2 and did this time. Thank God for mobile phones. So I give him a 'supbro' and we get the pleasantries over and done with. I also meet up with ama0330 who I'd played with before, but didn't know.
Takes 15mins or so of me waiting before a seat opens. Great I get £25 in chips and sit at the £25 max 0.25/0.5 blind game. Straddle is on... LOL. So I look down at J2o. 2 callers, I go ALL IN. oh it's pot limit. K i bet pot. dbitel reraises me AI for like another £8. I ask him if he has a pair. he says no. So of course i CALL. He has QJo and apprently two of my deuces are dead. OOPS! I miss a GOLDEN opportunity to say how much I love to jack off (2Jo GET IT?). If I'd hit my case 2 I'm sure I'd have remembered to do it. lol at a 1 outer.

Go to the counter and reload for another £25 and sneakily top up my stack to £35. Why does everyone wanna play so stupidly short? Table is now going fucking nuts. I'd been talking some smack with dbitel running some obvious 2p2 banter which no one got. NOW this kid is going AI with J2o????!!!!!11111ELEVEN. MAN.
Fold 1 hand then raise preflop, folds round to the new player at the table. board is AAK, so I cbet obviously my 99. Show one 9. SAY WHAT!? I call AI and still get respect at a table? jeez.
I limp the next 5 hands and hit zero flops.

nothing happens for a while ama0330 hits a flop with Ak and makes some deniero. Like 1/2 the table leave and I waste my image :( . One dude with like 6 reds (£5 chips) throws me a white and a green (white = £1, green = £0.25). He said he liked my style. LOL. rakeback. He wore a suit so I'd take his dough, though maybe he should have jsut chucked it at a homeless guy. I'm a NL100 black hole, I eat 'ok' (black hole = I just drain the $$ from the game like theres no tomorrow, and it dissapears forever)
So i call the straddle with 2 callers in front and 2 caller behind. Board is T72. checked round. turn is an 8 and sb bets £1, with 1 caller I call. river is a 3. sb bets out £1 again, with 1 caller. I fired £6, sb folds. The other dude in the hand looks very unhappy. He looks like a degenerate who I can rape at the table, but in a dark alleyway he looks like he'd be carrying a blade. BUT this is the table and not an alleyway so I point at the 3 and say 'yo. that's my nut card. i swear. that's my nut card'. Dbitel smirks. A couple of other people laugh cos I'm making a joke of it. He calls. I show 73o. mhig WOOT!. (i'm semi-worried he might stab me, so I dont' give it a "ship it! holla")

Next orbit I have KK and raise from the sb. Flop is K high with the bb the only caller. I check, he checks, I bet the turn he folds. Damn. I wouldn't mind taking his money cos he was wearing a suit, his mate was wearing a suit and he looked semi-rich. I can take ££ off rich people. Maybe I shoulda asked him for a job? There's this really annoying guy that I remember from the tourney last teusday. I obviously limp 64o from MP after a couple play. Flop is 964. I flop gin and reraise him. We stick it in and he has 92. Thanks mate.
Pick up KK in the bb. Co raises, sb calls and i reraise. Only sb calls. Flop is AJ5 all clubs. He checks, I have 2 black kings so I cbet. He pushes I call and am not surprised to see A7. Turn a club and I take ANOTHER nice pot. WOOT! I'm in profit.
UTG+1 after 1 limper, I raise. 4 way to the flop. Q66. checked round. turn and river 5 and 8 respectively. sb fires £3. I call. He instamucks without showing. I table AJo and show a call with A high. WOW I'm good. Could have looked kinda stupid there but nvm. I went with my gut.
dbitel goes bust somewhere with QT on Qxx board.Opponent has two pair. LOL

One hand I have AQ and lets just say I lose some money folding £6 into a £40 pot...
I end up catching the same bus home as ama0330 who's pretty cool. Just talking about sixth sense and how to build a roll. From what I can see I think he plays pretty solid but probably too timidly. Stepping up the aggression is pretty important when moving from NL25 to NL50. When I play NL25 I must seem like a bit of a maniac, but really I'm not.

ZOMG at GSN high stakes poker. I just watched EVERY EPISODE in like 2 days (I only work 2 hrs a day) It appears like a total joke. sammy farha must be running at 55/10 fron the hands that he actually plays. DN is some uber calling station, although I do think he played decently. He obviously has good feel. Doyle Brunson was not impressive. The best players in the game were Daniel Alaei and Antonio Esfandiari EASILY looked like the best two players. Phil Laak looked good playing ABC poker. Barry Greinstein looked pretty solid too. Eli Elezra looked like he was running at 44/13 or something, but was pretty tough postflop. Jen Harman was ABC TAG as was Todd Brunson. The 'amateurs' looked totally shit and really I don't think they could play vs a NL25 table and win apart from maybe Jerry Buss who was just set mining (which is a totally winning strategy at NL25). Phil Hullmuth sat down and steamed from the get go. Yeh Phil bluff $1k into an $18k pot. thats gonna do it. Mike Matasow actually looked pretty solid in comparision to the line up. Ted Forrest looked good. Mimi Tran looked good but she hit like so many sets it wasn't hard.

There was a lot of discussion here as to whether a NL2000 online player could beat the game. I'm obviously in the YES camp, but we are unlikely to see it since no one at NL2000 has the roll. You're gonna need $10mill in the bank to take a shot at it.
The main point is that NL2000 players will have clocked many more hands than the pros at NL, and also the pro's featured mostly don't play NL. Jen Harman actually says she is just 'learning' which I don't doubt since the 'big' game at the Bellagio is 4k/8k mixed fixed limit games. NL games have a $100k cap. Against the NL2000 players they'd get beat imo, and obviously crushed by thte NL10k players. LOL at letting GP, Mahatma, durr, aba20 or the likes in. I'm sure they're rolled or could easily BE rolled to play, and ZOMG they're kill the game.

edit: this post was originally called 'again today sucked.' but erm well that would be 4 out of 5 posts where things sucked, but i'm up $600 in 4 hrs play so things aren't too bad, plus I hit a 2 outer when I took my shot at NL200 so erm... ok.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

This week sucked



NL100: 3334 hands. ($140) wow that sucks.
PLO25: 39 hands ($155) donking around AI preflop. Maybe not the best idea.
NL50 : 999 hands $98.51 I beat NL50? variance
NL25 : 871 hands $44.36 Not too many hands. phew

Party backgammon: $100. THANKS

Gutshot rebuy donkament: £81

online donkaments:

$5k guaranteed- ($27)
$1k guaranteed- ($11)
stars 180 $4.40 - ($13.20) 0 for 3
$3.30 $5k guaranteed qualifier ($6.60) cos i suck 0 for 2

using 1.9 ex rate... $44 profit for the week. SHIP IT! Holla

I gotta bonuswhore or something

here's a pic of the week at NL100:

Work kinda sucks

Yeah, and by work I mean poker. I've spent around £400 this week and managed to choose NOW to be right in the middle of a 5 buyin downswing. I hope I can get out of it asap but there's not much that can be done. I may take tomorrow off as well and just play some donkaments.

My execise bike came and I spent like an hour setting it up. I really wish I'd gotten a cheaper simpler one since I'm struggling to figure out how to sort the 'tension' out.
Still waiting on the ipod and some books, hoping it comes this monday.

My engaged housemates moved out today. I'm currently living in a 4 bedroom house by myself! LoL one of my housemates comeback next week and the others maybe a week or two after that. I've already turned the house completely upside down. It rocks when you don't have to put ANYTHING away.

Poker today was a 2.8 buyin freefall, with me tilting off maybe 1.5 buyins in 1k hands. I'm a douche. Shouldn't have played. I'm gonna spend the rest of my time tidying up my room, sorting my laundry and and then planning what I need to buy.
My housemates that moved out took a few of their things that I kinda needed, like a kitchen bin and kettle so I gotta buy some new stuff. Oh and dloadngI'm rewatching season 1 of '24'. OMG at episode 8 when nina is making her first phone call 13.20 mins in to Jamie and doesn't connect. You can clearly see a camera man off to the right of the screen. HAH! Usually I always miss this crap but omg I got one (I'm sure internet geeks already spotted this but w.e.)
If anyone has a fast connection check out and You can dload a LOAD of free tv shows/series' and movies (and porn ... of course). IMO get a rapidshare premium account and then google 'rapget'. All this together = pure tv/movie pwnage.

One final thing - I pwn at cooking chicken, however I'm having some problems.

Perhaps someone whith a lot more 'life experience' can help...

1) with the hob. One of them wont fire, even though the others work. I can hear gas but and the sparker thing goes but nothing happens. The 3 other hobs work fine and I tried cleaning it and stuff but it just doesnt fire. help?!
2) The grill wont stay on. I've NEVER grilled anything before and was interested in trying. I light it up, its burning away nicely for like 60 secs, then... goes out? Do I just give it more gas, am I being retarded somewhere or is the thing broken?
3) I'm interested in expanding my cooking repetoire. Cookbooks a good idea or just try shit out?
4) as a bonus question anyone ever setup an exercise bike? It have a clue how to setup the 'tension' changing thing (dunno what its called but it just makes it harder to pedal)

ok so i may be semi-tasty and be able to make grown men quiver at the table but LOL @ me not knowing wtf to do with simple life stuff. I can't think of any more questions right now, but I got a load more. I'll trade 'life questions' for HH help :P

p.s. WOW at prices of bins. how many litres do i need for a kitchen bin, you guys like pink a 25ltr or a non-pedal?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Bad Beats are 'teh suck'

That and bad play. I was rocking hard today, up $230 in 560 hands, alls goot.

Watched some big brother and BOOM! 400 hands later I'm stuck $90
$90 of which was bad play/tiltish play where i was just trying too hard. Nvm.
I don't usually post hands but here's the two that got to me:

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ BB (6 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: Plain Text)

SB ($210.03)
BB ($226.34)
UTG ($90)
Hero ($97)
CO ($104.90)
Button ($40.17)

Preflop: Hero is MP with 2d, 2s. SB posts a blind of $0.50.
UTG calls $1, Hero calls $1, 1 fold, Button calls $1, SB (poster) raises to $2.5, 1 fold, UTG calls $2, Hero calls $2, Button calls $2.

Flop: ($13) Kh, 2h, 3s (4 players)
SB bets $4, UTG calls $4, Hero raises to $13, Button folds, SB calls $9, UTG calls $9.

Turn: ($52) Qs (3 players)
SB bets $30, UTG calls $30, Hero calls $81 (All-In), SB calls $51, UTG calls $44 (All-In).

River: ($288) Qd (3 players, 2 all-in)

Final Pot: $288

Results below:
SB has Qc Kc (full house, queens full of kings).
UTG has Jh Jd (two pair, queens and jacks).
Hero has 2d 2s (full house, twos full of queens).
Outcome: SB wins $288.

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ BB (6 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: Plain Text)

UTG ($82.15)
MP ($99)
CO ($137.37)
Hero ($142.10)
SB ($39.36)
BB ($36.80)

Preflop: Hero is Button with Ad, Qd. SB posts a blind of $0.50.
UTG raises to $4, MP calls $4, 1 fold, Hero calls $4, 1 fold, BB calls $3.

Flop: ($16.50) 5s, Kd, Jd (4 players)
BB checks, UTG bets $15, MP folds, Hero calls $138.10 (All-In), BB folds, UTG calls $63.15 (All-In).

Turn: ($232.75) 3s (2 players, 2 all-in)

River: ($232.75) Jc (2 players, 2 all-in)

Final Pot: $232.75

Results below:
UTG has Qc Qh (two pair, queens and jacks).
Hero has Ad Qd (one pair, jacks).
Outcome: UTG wins $172.80. Hero wins $59.95.

hand 1 i pwned them both and great got suucked out on in a $300 pot.
hand 2 villain is jsut retarded and cant release QQ. oh and then he berated me for going AI with JUST a flushdraw. lmao at AI with QQ when there's 1 overcard (plus i was ahead anyway)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My week so far...

Had a great 'break'. First day was 'no play day'. Got to buy some food etc. That's +EV LoL

Second day I was meant to not play at all. Ended up going to the gutshot and logging 7hrs of donkament pwnage. I wrote a really bad trip report on 2p2. I'll sum up

cliff notes: Went to meet dbitel. Didnt see him at all. I was pissed as hell that I didn't win. 7th was 'ok' but 7hrs play and £81 profit. £11 an hour?? jeez...

Today I got woken up at 10am cos my housemates mum called the house phone and it woke me up, so I've been uber tired all day. Up like $100 at NL50, $145 at NL100 and then I played NL25 for a while since I was SO tired I had no idea wtf i was doing, up $40ish there too. Wasn't really feeling it so didn't log many hands at NL100. just too tired. also up like $5 stealing money from 2p2ers chasing the backgammon bonus. Fun times. If anyone does the backgammon bonus pls note you must cashout from using the poker client and not the BG client, otherwise you're in for a world of pain.
Met up with Charis today and saw her new place. It's like 3mins away from me so thats cool. There's gonna be 6 of them total and I'm invited for meal times so 'SHIP IT! Holla'.

I got a package that I slept through and obviously was WAY too lazy to go collect. It might be my ipod but I wasn't expecting it so quickly(bought a 30gb video one cos... well I wanted one - WHAT!?) Oh and since I'm a lazy mofo I can't be bothered to go to a gym so I'm gonna buy an exercise bike so I can watch tv and exercise. LOL @ lazyness.

blog post cliff notes: i'm lazy and still pissed that I didnt win

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm titling

Played a donkament and came 7th of 155ish for £91.
however i was pissed since 1st was £700+

came home on tilt and blew my winnings dropping SIX stacks at PLO25. wtf is wrong with me. to be fair we were pushing AI preflop but still... i dont gamble.

Fuck it. Putting this down as a lesson learnt in self control. If I'm not on tilt tomorrow I'm playing NL100 again for the first time in 4 days.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

$100 in 10mins - no fucking joke

someone at partygaming needs to get fired.

All you need is $515, a party account, (or the ability to get one) and erm 10mins.

seriously for anymore with a BR less than this, just suck it up and get some $$ from somewhere. this takes like no time at all.

anyone over $515 BR shout 'Ship It! Holla'. If you have a BR ess just put the money in and withdraw it immediately after.

The lowdown:

party backgammon has a sign up offer. 25% upto $100. what u wanna do is deposit using the bonus code "PGAMMON25". You need to wager $2500 to clear this, but someone at party is getting fired because of a huge cockup so take advantage NOW.
NOTE: you need to deposit like $515 cos if u deposit $500 and lose the first u can play the $500 limit. you need just over $500, $5 should cover it but make it $15 for backgammon noobs in case u F up.

to wager $3500 instantly, join/ or create a $0.5 game with $500 limit. You need to use a doubling cube
you want to create/join a game with:
Stake: 0.5
Limit: $500
Gammon Type: Backgammon
Game speed: normal
Preferences: Play with Cube and Use Jacoby Rule
If your opponent doubles click reject.

basically read here

when someone joins say 'sup bro' and if they reply with the same they're a 2p2er (twoplustwo forum member). Alternatively just go '2p2er?'
if so ask for a split, so you both take it in turns to offer a double and then refuse the double. Do this by talking to him in chat. To refuse is to forfeit the match for $0.50. Well, do this 7 times total with the same guy, (alternating if he's a 2p2er cos we're all cool like that) and BOOM!. $3500 wagered as the limit is $500.


this post was not thought out at all and terribly structured but screw it. Its a free $100.

Anyone who reads this post and does it owes me $0.25 (j/k)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Poker Burnout

That's it I got burnout. Played a few donkaments today and was just donating. I've also been running off fumes having not gone shopping for about 2weeks. Usually I run out of food after one... so you KNOW just how hungry I am all the time. This is a problem if I'm passing on eating (ok I am still eating, just all the same stuff)

I've now pretty much just played 21 days straight and really cant take it. Last couple of days I was playing PLO and today some 7-card stud (cos I'm built like that!)


Today I play some NLHE but really couldn't concentrate properly. I was just raising preflop then cbetting and folding given resistance. NO thought process at all...

Here's the week:



NL400 17 hands $1.20 (chased a fish, then changerd my mind. eek!)
NL100 2787 hands $830 (like zero hands for me. Ran GOOT tho)
NL50 1880 hands $68.4 (screw it i cant beat NL50 anymore)
NL25 8726 hands $342.06 (summer sizzler)
PLO25 1159 hands $129.88 (game expansion)
PLO/8 $ 127 hands ($15.1) ( i suck but then again most of the time I forgot it was hi/lo)
Stud0.5/1 80hands? $15 (no PT stud so really who knows. the $15 is correct tho)


NL100 146 hands $29.71 (got stacked QQ vs AK vs AK in $250 pot. pff)

Donkament results:

08/13 crypto $4k guaranteed. $22 buyin - did not cash
08/13 crypto $3k guaranteed. $22 buyin - did not cash
08/13 crypto $1k guaranteed. $11 buyin - did not cash
08/13 titan $3.30 rebuy spent $15.30 - did not cash
08/13 party speed $6 buyin - did not cash
08/13 party regular $11 buyin - cashed for $20.45
08/13 UB DONKAMENT $1.1 buyin- did not cash
08/12 two monster freeroll qualifiers $6 - i sucked

08/09 gutshot £20 freezeout - 2nd for £203

Week total: $1321.2 + £181

using 1.8 ex rate...

BR is now $8517

I don't know how I got so few NL100 hands in. I'm shocked. I'll work hard next week, AFTER I take 2 days off. I seriously am burned out right now from poker and can not play anymore. Screw the summer sizzler, I'll take $150 rather than $300

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I was gonna log a load of hands today

but decided not to bother. One hand was set over set. I pwn. Add $100 ffor the rest of the day's play

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Came 2nd for £203

trip report

oh and if someone else wants to request a vid, go NOW!. no SnGs tho. too boring.
Badugi might me a good shout since I have no idea how to play it properly.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm SO gonna be tired

Was meant to be in bed about 3 hrs ago.

Gotta go play a donkament at 2pm at the Gutshot Card Club. £20 freezeout. Then maybe the PLHE£50 just for kicks.

Anyway the vids are up if anyone's interested:

NL100 part 1
NL100 part 2


sound might be out of wack for the NL25, but the NL100 is fine and a lotta fun cos i get stacked like almost immediately. Party does it's best to save my stack but I just cant d/c before pushing. pfff

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm bored

So i decided to 2-table and make a NL100 vid. got stacked in the first 2 orbits. sweet.

not gonna scrap tho cos i pwned and ended up around $30 in the end. gonna get it up on pokerfox.
pff. you dont see GP getting stacked early in his vids.

In other news I got a pen tablet for my pc. I can use it instead of my mouse cos my finger hurts. Seriously. I've played SO much poker my finger hurts from clicking the mouse. So i got my ass a pen tablet so I have options. Its kinda fun but I still prefer a mouse.
damage was £39.99. but since I'm a NL100 pwner... money aint a thang

maybe up around $120 total today, give or take $10 or so. Not really sure just donked around at NL25 to make my sizzler numbers. Will see how the old finger is tomorrow, and prob get some serious NL100 in since I took a day off. If I clock around 3.5hrs avg at it, that would be the nutzors with 2hrs at NL50. I'm wondering whether or not I'm actually giving up value going for the sizzler promo, and I'm considering not doing it on one of my accounts. playing 2hrs of either NL50 or NL25 really cuts into my NL100 time. It's possibly not woth the trouble. $300 maybe isnt really worth it.

Monday, August 07, 2006

But today was FUN

Saw miami vice. pff. waste of money. Film is SO uninteresting and the action was poo.


+$301 at NL100 off 570 hands - me run goot.
-$42 at NL50 off 369 hands - i'm running amazingly bad at NL50 right now
+$93 at NL25 off 1126hands - just muicking around for the summer sizzler at eleven 6-max tables.

However like $50 came from one table at NL25 because of the 2+2 donkoff. AI push with erm... nvm
I called an AI from dbitel with... 93o. had him beat too but he sucked out :(

w.e. $352 so not bad i guess, about 3.6hrs play including the 2+2 game.

anyway BR at $6870, and I got to go buy a graphical tablet thingymajig that dove told me about cos my right index finger has RSI...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fuck Today

I broke $1k for the week, then dropped $200 in 3hrs, including set vs set, KK vs 22 on a preflop reraised pot and set of 7s vs river flush.

At least im floating pretty well.

since I'm at it. here's this weeks figures:

$192 from rb of the previous 2 months at party.
$7.86 from affiliate rb


heres the pics.

I was gnoming and stuff so theres multiple pics, all at party. this is my month so far.
Also its a little bit better as PT is not quite totally accurate.

total cash games:


BR: 6517.80


stop playing NL25. I SO cant get round playing so low anymore. Even NL50 is a bit of a struggle. Not that i need to get my bets respected or any of that crap, I just cant take the amounts of money seriously, even though it can add up and hurt me. also its really just a waste of time. I'm totally comfortable right now with NL100 and the way it plays.



Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fun Fun Fun

Wow I've been getting hit by some serious variance. not gonna go into it until the end of the week round up, but these pics tell a story.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Since I'm not playing poekr right now...

I decided to edit my blog. I'd added a few blogs down the side, basically all the ones I read. If anyone wants their blog added,
1) reply.
2) it has to be worth reading,
3) wait. I'd probably bookmark it, read it, and then add it like a month later.

I'm not sure how it works but I hooked up to troutblogs as run by twoplustwo member Degen whose blog 'the grind' is in the list on the right.

Oh and this is the blog that made me post '6am. I had an epiphany'. Its by a friend of mine who I lived with last year. Right now she's backpacking through india and God knows where having a great time and actually experiencing things.
Me... I'm all about the green (or actually the Sklansky dollars)

Oh and since I'm feeling in 'that kind of mood' here's my facebook profile for anyone who's got it. Add me if you want

End of the month

First off today sucked hard. I ended up on tilt just basically getting bad situations, then deciding AK was gonna be good AI preflop at NL£25. hmm

in cash today I dropped $66 plus $16 yesterday.

entered a stars $4.40 but i hate playing them since I hate the Stars backgrounds. Managed to bubble a PLO $5.50 STT too.

Played and lost 4 straight £5.50 STTs on crypto. Great. Lost in the $3000 donkament due to a donk calling AI with A high and gshot on flop.. Currently in another donkament but seriously not liking my chances. I'm in general pretty on tilt and might take tomorrow off, apart from to make 100 points on party.

Monthly look:

well i cant be assed to check at the mo and really my PT results are missing anyway so its not gonna help.

Up $1968.50 for the month including being down about $100 today. meh

i would guess about $1000 or so of that is bonuses, since I haven't played much poker.

BR stands at $5744.50