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Monday, March 26, 2007



i'm running cold yo. thurs/friday i played 8.5k hands and -$1.1k, at one stage being way into -$3k.

I was playing everything from NL100 -NL1000 so i guess it's not too much of a prob. Overall I ran really cold, then really hot. I ran a couple of awesome bluffs, but got pozzed, like firing 3 shots at NL600 for full stacks, only for 66 to call on a 98397 board. LOL

he put me on AK yo! i had KQ :(

Anyway. So I stopped playing. I think in the future I have to learn to just power through the times when i'm running bad, because I did also spew chips in randomly bad spots. I think I might close the month out playing NL200 mostly, since the games are really soft on the whole. I'm kinda pissed at myself for taking 11 days off, since it's put me in a bad spot for the month. I'm gonna need to make another $4k at least for me to feel happy with the month AND I'm still taking today off since I had like 6hrs sleep. I did do a 3x3x3 rubik's cube tho

Right now its 5.30pm and the sun is shining (lol daylight saving!). My room is a complete mess, and I'm really really hungry. I need to go buy some food. I've been playing a shitload of AoE3 and am now pretty bored of it. I'm gonna stop. Plan for today is do some washing up, laundry, sweep my room, watch some CR vids and just generally refocus.
I've got a few things to sort out, for the rest of the week:

  • collect exam timetable
  • sort out delivery of my subwoofer
  • sort out my credit card (complicated spot, not to do with spending any monies tho)
  • go to uni to claim £600 back
  • call party/nationwide. I transferred $6k from party --> nationwide (i.e. bank transfer) about 2 weeks ago and it still hasnt hit. i'm getting pissed at that
  • lol donkaments
  • gym
  • download music
  • haircut (i dont think i'll recolour just yet, probably do it next time)


Thursday, March 22, 2007

back to the grind

Today was my first proper session back, -$600 in about 2.5k hands. That was ok tho, as i was stuck $2k at one point.

I played ok, only played 1 hand totally horrendously. still kicking myself about it.
I'm gonna miss the jman tourney tonight, cos i'm waiting on some speakers to be delivered, and have to be from 9am till whenever. Plan is to wake up around 8am. Go to tescos, stockup and hit big ass sessions, with maybe 1hr breaks in between. Probably play mostly NL200 during the day.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I am crazy lazy

Virtually no play since my last post. Practically speaking, taking 9 days off, since i have a test on tuesday. variance, I havent done any revision.

Taking time off from poker is good, but i still think about it and constantly rethink new lines and new scenarios. I think my math is a bit weak, not in terms of the normal crap, but learning percentages given pokerstoave ranges and weighting hands and calc FE. This is something I've generally just been taking educated guesses at (i'm mostly pretty accurate), but I could probably fine tune 0.5PTBB/100 out f myself if i could do this better.

I went on a binge, and bought ages of empires 3 and some books from amazon. I'll start playing that since I have a dope ass computer, which i dont take advantage of. I just watched 300, and also I've been watching Rome a lot, so battles are kinda intriguing me. I watched the 3rd LoTR film again yesterday just to watch all the battles.

I just bought a new subwoofer and speakers for the computer for £100, and also a new 500gb external HD, cos i dload so much BS. To top off my spending spree, I think I'm gonna buy some turntables and try DJing. LAWL. Well, it's kinda expensive but if I played poker right now, I'd probably blow the money. I might as well spend it on something that I have a chance at actually enjoying. I think it'd be something theraputic to do. Poker is fine, but its kinda stressful. I need something else to do that I do just for pleasure. Odds are I'm gonna be sick good, since its something I would actually be able to do without leaving my bedroom (holla?)
I think I'll spend up to £400-£500 on decks + mixer, and then probably a shedload on records.
Either way, it's probably cheaper than the amount i'd lose if i tried playing right now.

Anyway, back to cleaning my room. It's crazy how into it i can be when I have studying to do.

Monday, March 12, 2007

lol documents

stars mill -$215
mansion $100k -$100
party $15k -$55
party $8 - $24 ($6 rebuy)
crypto $1500 - $11

failed in all apart from 2nd in the crypto $1500 for $392 to breakeven for the day. great

i was -$13 total, so ended up flipping with people 4 times to get back to even, the last being $112 flip with kolotoure, which lead him on a downward spiral to flip for $500 and lose. He was stcuk $1k in flips, which i feel bad for since he plays NL100.

Anyway I have to log these cos i'll forget by the end of the month. I've started a donkmanet roll of $1k so that I have something to work with, otherwise I'll just spew chips endlessly. I can play up to $55 buyins i think, since I'm not really skileld for $100+ buyin donkaments. For example I felt really lsot a few times in the stars mill, even though my homeboy rupert said I just had really awkward hands. I dunno, mansion $100k was ok, but I didn't feel comfortable and $15k on party was bad. In the $6 rebuy I played good actually, but went out early after teh end of the rebuy period losing 62 on Q62. QT is obv too good a hand to fold about 130bbs deep. Nevermind.

If i play more, I think it'll be $6 rebuys like the party one, and some $3 rebuy WSOP sub sats since I don't seen to mind those. I'll probably play the 20/180's on stars and the crypto guaranteeds. Right now I think I need to up my skill level at donkaments before going back to the big buyins.

Today I've now had two starbucks coffee's including one where i mixed it with some baileys. It's made me feel a little sick. Exams are coming soon, so I'm gonna have to get my study on and probably wont play more than 20k hands during april. I've taken today off, and probably will take tomorrow off. Maybe even wednesday too. I need to refocus on stuff and sort some things out.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My lifestyle sucks

I need to go to the gym and generally do other healthy things. I'm putting on weight playing poker, and it's not really due to what i eat, more to do with my lack of excercise...
saying that, $2.5k day. holla

I'm playing a lot of hands for some reason, although not ALL at 2/4 like i'd hope. sometimes the games just look bad and i dont want to play, but do. I've played about 2k hands at NL100 this month, which is a waste of time. I thought it'd be a destresser but really i just stress out more.
up $8.5k for the month and i just bought into the sunday million on a whim even though i suck at donkaments but because I run HAWT.

I like the fact that a few people that I know in real life read this blog, even though some of it is just poker jargon or 2p2 ( slang and probably sounds like complete nonsense to a normal person.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

play more hands pls

I have had a great start to the month actually, yet for some reason i cant log any hands. i think last month burt me out.

historically I've struggled to log many hands at the start of the month, probably because of my nature of waiting to the last minute to do things. Thus I wait till halfway through the month to start logging hands.

One thing that worries me is that I am running insanely hot, but i guess that's out of my hands.

My current goals are to go to the bank and sort out my credit card, which is kinda complicated but basically i moved house and forgot about changing address. Now it expired and I have no idea whats going on. I don't think anyone would have used to new card since it gets delivered to my old halls of residence where the policy is to send back mail to the sender and i'm pretty trusting.
I also wanna get to the gym. here's hoping

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not really sure why

but I felt obliged to post. No much has happened. 2paul2 defaulted on his 30k hands through unfortuanate circumstances, so +$200 for me. holla

I've actually done quite a few hrs of coaching recently and they've gone pretty good, although one dude got sick coolered (and one failed 3 barrel) resulted in him dropping 3.5 stacks which was a little gay. I think he learned a bit tho so that's cool.

Yesterday I won a sub satellite for a $650 seat for a wsop qualifier from a $3 rebuy, but was bored senseless.
So my homeboy rupert said 'lets do some flips for $5', so i was like 'ya ok'

i got owned, and have a crazy high lose-rate

man, its 3.20pm, and i havent even had breakfast