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Saturday, May 31, 2008

eagerly anticipating

Well, a few things have changed for me atm. It may have taken 15 months, but I've finally tidied my room! Well almost. It's like 90%+ finished. I'm also thinking about new ways to use existing resources that I have, including currently using my laptop to write this post whilst watching tv on my computer :0.

lol anyway, today is the 500 pound (i have an american laptop) Gutshot something or other series tournament blah blah but ti starts at 6pm. It's currently 12pm and I'd woken at 10am after 8+hrs of sleep. How rediculous. The first time that I am back on a normal sleep schedule and it's basically the wort time ever to do so. Play is going to 3/4am i think, so I am actually planning to nap it out soon so that I wont fall asleep. I guess busting out early is the other viable alternative :(. with a 45min clock, I probably shouldnt last too long given my track record in all live poker donkaments, especially the ones in the UK.

I have a load of errands to run after this weekend. I'm so retarded that I should have started last week, but I was generally jsut asleep when I needed to be awake so I've had to put it off. I hope I can get everything done in time for the WSOP. I'm still waiting on another op that may happen, but I'm starting to get bored with the idea. Event #1 the 10k PLHE just kicked off and I'm suddenly feeling pangs of longing to be out there again. fwiw my homie vivek has this shit in the bag, and he's gonna take this donkament down in sweat pants, flip flops, and so I'm lead to believe, newly straightened hair.

This week, I haven't really played much. I've done well online in cash games, but next to no volume. I really need to get back onto all of that.

I guess the most important thing that happened to me this week was Lost. A show that is just amazing imo. Skip this little section if you're not 100% upto date. THIS is the link to the 2p2 OOT discussion about it. Yes I did read the whole thread this morning in like 2 hrs. Some of it is bv noise, but there's some good analysis and relevant links to other places like relevant youtube clips of alternate endings and a chronological order of the fast forwards of season 4 etc.

Personally I just assume Jin is still alive, but He didn't make it back to the island and I guess it's not unreasonable to just kill him off since a lot of people are gonna have randomly died, but he was still a rather large character in the show so I guess he' stlll going, plus there is a random scene i remember in like season 2 maybe when hurleys in the pantry and Jin talks. At the time I wrote it off as a halucination, but I guess it could have been Jin time travelling as he spoke perfect english.

In terms of Locke being in the coffin. I agree with the speculation that what's likely is that Locke is big in season 5, then becomes less prominent in season 6. It's also not impossible for Locke to cme back to life in the same way Jack's father seems to have, maybe not back to life exactly but he's done something.

We're waiting for 'annie' to become importnat again. This was the girl that was friends with Ben when he was a kid, and according to lostpedia she's gonna be huge although details are unclear.

Im considering watching all of lost form season 1 again, I might knock out season 1 now and then do the rest when I come back from the WSOP.

Ok i'm actually just gonna go get some food now, cos I'm hungry. I guess there's gonna be pdates on the gutshot website or something but I doubt they'll pay me any attention unless I go deep, as they have no idea who I am.

Monday, May 26, 2008

lose, win, lose, b/e etc

Well last Sunday was bad. Then sometime midweek I decided to flip someone on 2p2 for his roll and lost. Must be pretty nice to have AA in a flip. Friday was teh usual fustration, and I think I played bad. Sometimes I find it tough to tell in tournaments, but I guess my total equity in the party 50k gtd and the ftp 40k gtd when I busted out of each was maybe 6-8k but I cash for just under 2k.

I was really kicking myself, but the next day I went to doctor_funs house to grind the saturdays. I've come to realise that Saturdays really aren't fantasitc without the big sats. The schedule is better than normal weekdays, but probably not by that much. Obv prizepools are bigger, but around now with summer comming and less people being indoors (or going to vegas) I don't think that I should commit as vehemently to Saturday donkament grinding as I have done.

As for the session itself, I started late and never got going. Ended up 1 tabling the stars 109fo, 25k gtd for, well, forever (maybe 3hrs). Thankfully I won tho. I've started to get better with 2 tables in, although actually something I don't quite do right is the 8 down to 6 people spot. From 5 down I always feel very comfortable. I won it for 9.8k which was nice.
I def think my HU has improved dramatically but I've also definitely run hot to be 6-2 over my lifetime donkament HU battles. well maybe. Last nights actually took a long time cos I'm retarded and I took about 30mins to adapt to him.

Sunday? well i cashed the 1mill turbo takedown!!! Then zero cashes till the good old 109fo 25k gtd which I bombed out of in 10th for a 500k+ pot to go 1.5x CL. f sundays as per usual.

I'm not sure exactly when I'm getting to Vegas just yet. I wanted to do the start of the festival, but atm I am waiting on an alternate opportunity. If that doesn't pan out, I'm on the first plane over and straight to work on a bracelet.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sundays are soulcrushing

Wow I'm on redic lifetilt. Things start pretty blah. Lose some chips, get them mostly back then mess up a ahnd real bad in the FTOPS HU first round and bust when I knew the game dynamic was not right. Thankfully win a load of bounties in the KO to untilt me.
Went Deep in the Warmup, only to have a retard big stack who was just terrible open shove AQs from UTG+2 (with like 80bbs and 30 something left) for like 40bbs effective. I cry a little inside and call TT and obv lose.
Went like close to deep in the Bodog major which I played for the first time. I'd put in like 500 hands of cash on the site to get used to it, but still completely for get about it from like 120-70 left when it started to slowdown a load. ADD ftl.

Luckboxed 2 tables in the early 100r but played a hand real slow only to cry on the river and get shown turned set to bust 8th for like 6k or something, but 1st was 65k so I'm currently lifetilting.

I dropped 1 stack at NL5k last night in a spot where my feel was right but I probaby should have gone for a safer line. I feel like I'm playing pretty well actually now, just running bad in real high variance spots. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

f sundays

Ran so bad everywhere. casehd for liek 1.3k or soemthing but sigh.

oh but then today i FT'd a mansion and got 4th for 1.5k, loads of otehr random cashes and 12k for winning the early 50/50 on stars.

woot imo

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Lots of that. So I ran bad/played bad/lost a little HU for like 2k directly after the last post. Then went over to the Manchester GUKPT.
Not much happened, I got some light 3-bets in making use of a pretty tight image, soul read someone then got KK into AA pre vs one of the few people I would really ever consider I might be bad. Oh well I just cant fold.

Didn't play much due to bananas and tidying my room. I'm like maybe 50% there so far, but it looks a lot better. Clearing my closet and random clothes I never wear I managed 4 full binliner bags. Gotta go drop them off at the charity shop asap.

Today started off kidna bad, busting everywhere in ok/good/marginal spots but mostly stuff i was ok with. Thought it was gonna be another blah day. Rupert came down from warwick to grind with me and we'd planned to go to the Gutshot for the £330. We missed the 1pms and 2pms (pokerstars time - EST), and were in subway just getting (for me) some breakfast.
Rupert calls the club and finds out that they usualyl expect around 50 runners. wtf. That wasn't ever good be worthwhile so we came back for the 3pms.
Ran stupidly bad in the ftp 100r early in the rebuy period getting f'd with by everyone, but somehow got to 10k real soon after the first break. Cruised, cruised, cruised for hrs. Hell I almost started forgetting about it. Got to 30k somehow just gangsta short-mid stacking, and then got AA vs KK vs AK and won a 100k pot. That meant that I just gansta cruised over to the FT with a reasonable sized stack. 9th busted fairly fast then there was a long waitout till 8th bust. maybe someone else busted then I busted 2 real quick to get a decent shot at it. Ran real good and got then lsot a big flip either 3 or 4 handed for a huge psoition, but still had chips. I think I bsuted 4th place so had good chips for the 3 handed where I ended up just running things up to the break. Straight back I got AQ vs A9 and I was in a great pos to TID. Little bit of this and that and I end up getting HU with a good chip lead vs one of the worst players at the FT. Wasn't long before I TID for 19.6k. ship it son.

kinda on a heater right now, hopefully tomorrow is even better.