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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh noes, I get to play a sunday!

Actually the first proper sunday grind in a while.

This is what I played, in no particular order since this is what I wrote them down in as I registered for them a little randomly.

boss media 320 euros (about $450)
sun warmup 215
15 gtd on stars 109
SH on mansion 108
150k gtd mansion 108
uboc 1050
10k gtd ftp 75
109 sat to ftp mill 109
75 sat to mill 75
betfair special 550 (1800)
ipoker major 215
14k gtd ftp75 75
25k gtd ftp 75 (398.99)
11r on stars 78 (318.59)
absolute 75k gtd 162
2nd chance 215 (467.78)
mulligan 215
cake 100k gtd 162
stars pca sat 650
rndm $11 11 (13.92)
sun lotto 11
party major 215
ftp mill 535
stars 25k gtd 55 (224.70)

So I spent $5523 in donkament entries yesterday, no FTs. ran kinda bad, in one 3 min stretch i busted 20bb stacks in 3 donkaments with pure flips with decent hands, and lost 50bb pot in the party when i had 40bbs at the start (which is huge for party donkaments).

Did a few sats to teh ftp 1 mill, didnt realise it was a 535 but doesnt really matter. again tho i spent a lot trying to sat into it because I started early with the warmup and party major but I didnt have anything else running so decided playing those sats would be worthwhile.

betfair was terrible, i kept d/cing every hand and in the first 2 levels i think i played like 10 hands, of which i folded like 9, or got to fold 9. anyway in the end i got skier_5 to play for 30% when we had like 40k at 100/200 no ante. lol i was huge but couldnt actually log in, starting stacks were 5k. i cashed for 1800 in that :( but i guess its not the worst since at one point i almost had to give highn 40% which is just stupid.

biggest disappointment of the day really was the 2nd chance, with about i think 100 left i lost AK vs QQ AI pre when i 4-bet shoved cold for 2nd in chips, but pretty much 1st and it was for like 140bbs or soemthing redic. I was sighing all over teh place obv.

return of $3224, but 540 is going to skier. i get 525 back from shaun for the uboc that he had action in and the 650 pca sat. so only down 1664.

Ok this isnt usually what ure gonna get on this blog, im just terribly bored so giving a breakdown of last night. Jack (doctor_fun) was grinding with me last night and almost went deep in the million but obv flipping isnt his strong point either.

still need to book flights to america, going in like 2 days. i wanted to go aussie, but I'll piss off too many people whom I've already made arrangements for things with. Biggest thing right now is I need some w$ to buy into the PCA

edit: cashed in the party for 418, but then i lost a 1k flip with ahnuld cos J4 runs hot vs me

Saturday, December 15, 2007

what it do

Finally back in the Uk for at least 4 days...

I gotta book tickets to NY, not sure exactly waht im doing just yet. I'm gonna go vegas for the msnl house and then pca.

So since the last blog entry I've been to thailand, macau paris and prague. Thailand was a blast, but i think I was there like 3days too many as i managed to pick up a cold (its like 30 degrees celcius out there, wtf) . Macau was fun, I managed to miss the first level, do well in the 2nd level then go redic card dead and busto kinda fast. However I enjoyed hanging with timex, bond, bondgirl, ski and frank out there, especially when we went to the spa which was the craziest thing ever.
No, not a sex spa or anything dodgy like that, it was a proper spa for relaxation and it had everything you could imagine. I think I fell asleep there 3-4 times.

After that I was back in the Uk for a few days, maybe 2-3, then I went to paris. That was such a different experience to all the rest of my travelling so far, mainly cos it wasnt hanging out with poker players and I enjoyed it a lot. Paris has a lot of stairs and everything feels kinda cramped, but I got a nice coat out there, so lots of fun. Plus I got to win a small donkament which is kinda nice since I havent played much recently. I was tehre cos it was my friends 21st and she was doing some year abroad for uni in france. Was also different cos I knew I was gonna hang with basically all guys in prague, so it was cool to be in paris and be hanging out with jsut girls.

Straight after I flew out to prague on the 9th for ept prague yo. I played day 1b. Since its still fresh in my mind, I guess I can give a blow by blow.

First hand at the table I turn up and everyone folds to my sb with the bb sitting out, so I just randomly chuck out some chips and steal ldo.

Next hand on the button, annette_15 opens 3x UTG and I call A2cc OTB. AK5 board, she cbets obv, I call and I decide to check down even though the board was like AK535. Villain shows a 3 and I'm like whatever here I play any ace obv.
I really hate taking that exact line in a cash game, but early in a donkament I dunno how much value there is in chucking out a huge river bet.

I decide that its live poker, so I'm gonna limp and call and stuff. I run two good bluffs against old people, cos they're old and they nut peddle.

25/50 10kish effective.
I open 125 with JTo from early-mid and get 3-bet to 300 by some old dude. He was also quite overweight. That was my read so i call. Flop 9xx I check and he checks. Obv i called pre to stack his AA so now he obv has AK so im gonna valuetown him then bluff him.
turn blanks, I bet 300, he stacks his chips like hes gonna raise, counts out a bet then calls. The minute I see this I know I'm snap betting the river so I count 1.5 seconds and chuck out 1200. Ship the fold but he doesnt look pleased. I consider showing but tbh its live and I never get enough hands so I need all the bluff equity I can get since I always run so cold.

25/50 10kish effective.
I'm in bb with QTs, folds to button who opens to 250. I consider just straight up folding which I think might be the most logical decision, but yo its live so I call and we're super deep. One way of thinking about donkaments that I'd never thought of before was that early in donkaments ure effectively playing a 200bb cash game with the dumbest people ever. If just one of them was at a 5/10 or higher table everyone would be scrambling to play but in live donkaments the biggest droolers in the world play, so u play too.
Anyway, this guy was old too so I call and flop AQJcc with backdoor spades. He cbets, I actually think like 500, whatever I call hoping I can catch and he will do something retarded. turn is a club. I think for like 9-14 seconds, doing some kinda thinking head turning thing which I should really just cut out but I never can. I check he checks behind kinda fast. I actually think I'm beat here way too often to do anything but hit a QTK or club, and even if I hit the T i'm not the most happy. River is a club and I fire 1500 in reasonable time and he folds.

The table is awesome, me and annette are the only young kids at the table, and everyone else just looks retarded bad. Annette opens way too much abnd I'm getting kinda bored, then at 50/100 both blinds are sitting out for the hand. I'm sighing all over the place inside cos if I pick up a hand here I put myself getting 3-bet at like 90% cos i think annette saw me look at the stacks sitting out plus I know she wants to own me.
KQo UTG+2 and yah I'm sighing really hard. I open to 300 she 3-bets to 1125. bleh, timex thinks I can just open limp pre, which i really dont mind either. i talked to skier after about it and he liked my idea of 4-betting to 2.5k and calling a shove given that I put her on total air here at least 70%, although if she shoves I think shes bluffing maybe 30%, but i still call anyway cos KQo is unbeatable pre, and i can quote randallin by declaring 'I got the nizzles son!' and I also get to fistpump slam my cards and then get shown AA.

whatever I call, shaun liked it. flop JJ9, I check, she bets 2k with just over 5.5k behind. I'm pretty sure here that she never has QQ+ she would bet less to induce, shed want a c/r AI from me, which I was doing on like a bazillion boards tbh. betting 2k is like the nuts or air here and shes trying to rep pot commitment , and since I already put her on air I shove, she kinda apologetically calls in a strange way and I'm sighing all over the place. J4o holds.

Apparently cos I'm skilled I still have about 3.5kish, maybe just more or less. So i'm just grinding like im dead inside. nothing really happens, i missclick open to 375 at 50/100 like 2 hands later but everyone folds so I'm dope. Table is lol, others now get to play and annette owns them all cos they're pussies and I cant do shit cos im short. at 75/150 i open to 375, button cold calls, she 3-bets I snap shove both snap fold.

Some new dude arrived, and I think he seemed competant. He plays and wins a few, the he opens and I'm really ancy now, CO calls and i'm like lol T4o, 3-bet. Both fold I flash a 4. 2 hands later at 75/150 the pfr opens to 525 I call JTs with just under 8k effective. I think to myself sigh this really could be it and i'm gonna flop JT9 and bust to 99. lol fish thought process. It's really hard to keep yourself from not stabbing yourself in live poker and this is the stupid shit that goes through my head. Flop QTJcc and i lol pretty hard cos of the retardness I'd been thinking like 2secs before (inside again). villain bets, I raise like 2.7x cos I think he could have any combo of all kindsa stuff here, he shoves and i have to call. he has 89cc and I dont hit 4 outs. rigged.

bleh, so the next night is the 500 euro postlim, 1 rebuy/addon something like that. Miss it cos we're too lazy to go to the bank but we managed to score some shit so its all good. 2k euro is the day after.
Timex and skier both cash in teh main event, but skiers to tilted to play after risking his tournament life with 0% equity (in joke, he had 97 on 9879ccc vs Q9 and 56 for flopped straight flush). We hang around jsut shooting the shit then go to the tables. Shaundeeb was on annettes table and she owns me again cos we're talking about how bad people are, then she goes 'yeah some people go AI with KQ and think its the nuts'. Takes a second to realise what she said then everyone laughs at me :(. Anyway I'm on timex's table and we have the most hilarious table ever.

The guy to my left is retarded, about 65yrs old and the biggest nit ive ever seen. At 300/600/75 later, hed call 2k preflop with 2k behind, then snap fold the flop. xpert. He also had the hugest thickest glasses ever. i'm in the 7 seat and timex is in the 3 seat, and he has some danish/scandi/nordic whatever oldish dude but someone who actually looks like a 'live pro'.

I do some overlimping and just blah blah it a bit, then:

blinds: 25/25 7k effect

timex opens UTG+2 to 75, UTG+3 3-bets to 150 and I srsly consider cold calling, but say whatever 525 bitches cos cold 4-betting is the new thang. timex folds, villian calls.
flop 772, check i bet 800 he calls, turn Q. I hate the card and check behind. river blanks he bets 1k i fold.
The 'live pro' does some standard live pro style stuff, limping A7o UTG and valuetowning hard and stuff vs live retards.

next stuff, stuff in bold is my thoughts:

quoted from timex cos im lazy:

First hand v him, I raise T6o on the button to 150, he calls in the SB, BB calls

Flop: KQJr, checked around
turn: A, checked to me, I bet 350, SB calls
river: blank, checked to me, I bet 2k, he calls with Ax

Next orbit, tufat opens to 150 UTG, I raise to 525 OTB with J7s, he calls in the SB (note I know timex is light but fold cos of cold caller. i folded KJo)

Flop: Q96dd, I am basically done with the hand since hes calling so wide etc
He fires 1025, I lol and raise to 2525, he folds, and I say "making all the right moves, eh"

The next hand, in a 5-6 way limped pot, he calls a flop bet with 98o on a T92 flop, then open shoves( for 5-6k at like 1k) on the A turn, lol donkaments. (note: acually raise pot, I opened QTo from EP and everyone calls. I cbet cos its live and i'm always ahead. turn i'm like wtf and always soul read him)

I then got dealt QQ and opened to 5x at 50/100 in the CO because I think he will call me super light regardless of my bet size, he folds, Andy calls in the BB after looking at me all confused (std, I look confused all the time but timex doesnt missclick open 5x here. should be a fold but I have a hadn that can own him)

Flop: 985dd, checked to me, I bet like 825, Andy raises to 3k with like 3 behind, I suck so I stick it in, I then monkey off all my chips to a guy who floated me with the intention of hitting, but never bluffing. (flop was hilarious cos I check he thinks and bets 825 and I snap raise a random number of chips that have me committed. Timex says he should fold here and i always start laughing again. he calls and I get tehre ldo with A2dd)

then the live pro guy plays like a complete tiltbox and I can see timex holding his mouth with his face all red which makes me laugh really hard. I'm suddenly considering if the others would think we're colluding or something stupid but it was honestly just too funny, plus I had just doubled through him in a spot that was clearly retarded if we were. Whatever Timex busts and I just sit around doing nothing. The live pro guy busts and new people come to the table.

So dude sits to my right and I like the way he stacks his chips. He's quiote talkative and I think hes likely to play pretty high online. Nothing really happens then he opens EP at whatever blinds, I think 200/400/25. Get a chip count, think for ages trying to get an accurate count and call with AQcc. bb decides to think for ages and calls. I reckon with total air trying to flop 2 pair and stack us. whatever.

Flop Qxx, both check to me, I'm sighing cos I think I should check here always but I'm bad at poker so I bet and pfr c/r AI and i'm terrible at poekr and call. He has KK but I turn an A and I have a lot of chips going into the break.
I really dont do anything and cant hit. I didnt see QQ+ once in prague. I'm nitting it like crazy and then the button opens at 300/600/75. I have 42o in the sb and decide
I can resteal with about 19k effective. I make it 3850 total. he calls. sigh. Flop T32r and I'm like, wow I hit yo. So I check, and he thinks for a while and shoves for 15k. I roll my eyes obv but I'm looking at him and he has his hand over his mouth and is crazy still. I ask for a count and I use a live tell that I wont post cos I swear its the absolute nuts and I'm gonna use it always, so i call and he has KQo. I fade and I'm the best poker player ever, and the rest of the table is all wtf??!!!

Basically nothing happens and I get to 800/1600 with still fucking 40k and I end up playing like a retard, manage to get QT in vs KQ without even putting the last aggression in and I'm out. I'm life tilted and everyone is out at different strip clubs so I get to hang out by myself till randallin comes back hammered out of his head at 5am and we go get spicy chicken sandwiches at the bistro place.

I'm back in london now for a few days. Went to a dinner party last night even though I was so tired. Apparently I have to help a friend go dress shopping on tuesday. fun times.

I really want to go to upstate NY to meet up with EMC on the 20th, but its a struggle to get flights from JFK to ROC at the right time. I may end up getting into JFK then staying 1 night in a hotel near the airport, then flying the next day to ROC. I'll book later, plus I need some sushi in a moment (im hooked). Then I'm meeting up with fslexduck on and flying to vegas for the msnl balla mansion NYE edition. Then I've planned to go pca. I'm staying with orange but hes decided to book 6th-11th or something, so I'm probably gonna crash with rupert and HIV for 2 days.

Sorry about the lack of updates, I might have pics if I can be botehred later but dont count on it.