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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Stayed Up All Night

Watched Rupom take down the $5000 guaranteed on Willhill. congrats man. thats like 5 times now or something pretty crazy like that.

I was going to bed at 4am, but after the win i decided i'd go with Ben and Rupom to the Gutshot and play some PLHE£25. Now i suck at PLHE but decided why not? just for kicks.
pokerwise i was pretty trash, donking £20 for sure. down £33 there, but managed to make up for it by going ona complete heater on the prop bets between me and Rupom.
I'd first heard of prop bets reading Daniel Negreanu's blog and thought that it would actually keep B&M poker interesting. So there i am buying in at around 5.30am.
the prop bet with Rupom was £1 per time 'our' card came up. Also its £10 if quads of your card is showndown or comes on the board. I took Jacks and he took Kings.
In the end jacks came up 7 times to 3, with Rupom missing one king (you have to call the card on the street before betting closes).
Somewhere in the midst of this a dude sits down and proceeds to play trash. ok Rupom plays a raised pot with him. flop comes J high. I call it (obviously), semi-loudly which gets the dealer's assistant (although its deal yourself) shhing me. action is raise call. turn was a brick card. i cant remember what the action was but i do know that a J came on the river. again i claim loudly (fuck it im tired). both players have it all in and Rupom flicks up JJ!! quads baby!
now as he rakes in the pot, of around £30, there's me now cracking up like a motherfucker. The two bigger tables with the 'pros' are giving me seriously disapproving looks. I just couldn't help myself. Rupom had won a net of just over £15 from the pot, but had to pay me £10!
lmfao. when he realised it, his face dropped. the money didnt matter, but having realised just wtf had happened, he must have realised just how funny it was. including because it was his decision to pay extra for quads. that hand was totally worth playing this morning, just for that.
down £17. fine.

we go to Rupom's to play some poker online. he qualifies for the 50K guaranteed tonight and then procees to mess around in the £5 and £10 STTs. me on the other hand i play four £5.50 STTs, winning 1 and comming 3rd in 1. so £13 profit was fine for me. Rupom's disregard for money is bit degenerate gambler. when he does play properly, i really do think he makes very good decisions. theres is a lot i could learn off him. Whilst i dont agree with throwing the cash around like he did I understand where he's commin from, but even when i play NL2 drunk, i want to win. That's just the way i am, I'm gonna try and win that money no matter how much or little it is. However i do have the 'spend happy' mentality where i spend money on random shit without caring. its really bad

get back, shower, sleep and then surf the net
$64 in 40 mins on NL50 clearing ANOTHER party reload. i hope i have time to finish it
obviously absolute reloads are making them scared. this is only good news.

separetely im gonna keep a 'live' account. played at gutshot and lost £19 total. (this accounts for the 22 vs AK straight up i did with rupom. £1 each time. his AK won 11/20 times).
live account is £-19. i guess i'm gonna have £100 set aside for this, simply because i dont play much live, and also because the play is just so bad. I probably didnt play optimally in the PL25 game at the gutshot but still it was too fishy. one english dude that was there called KT on AA2 board when someone moved in on him. the dude flips QQ and a K spikes.
preflop it was i think £10 and post flop was for everything. when asked what he thought villain had (he IS my hero), he reply was 'i thought he had an ace but i was pot committed'

BR now $3490. up $1000 on about 27hrs this month, even with a massive $280 'high' tilt.

3rd post in 24hrs

played one $5+$1 and two $2+$0.25s

some LHE0.5/1, LHE£0.25/0.5 and NL£25

in total up $48, so in total for the last 8 hrs of play im down $20. puts things in perspective, since i lose $230 whilst high. lesson learned

BR now $3403, back to $3.4k! time for another shot? maybe this time drunk...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

ugly spell

played some NL50 and some NL25 with Dove.

dove was a little card dead which i think tilted him at the end of the session.

im up $101 from it, plus the $100 from the party bonus.

decided to try $1000 guaranteed, for $10+$1. was REALLY card dead but picked up big hands in key moments. then crashed and burned like i always seem to do. oh well

BR back to $3355. interesting number. Its been a really good month pokerwise, even with the unfortuanate end. I'm really annoyed, not that i lost at NL100 but that i played high. I should definitely have not played.

anyway sorry for the really poor, short posts. time is rather limited right now.

morning session

i dont play well unless i've had a shower, so im about to go have one.

played 1hr this morning, 2 tabling 6-max NL100. dropped $50 total, and in the end i could have saved myslef $75 on TPTK but didnt. thats it, i've lost $280 total now on NL100 so im gonna move back down to NL50, bonus whore the hell out of it, and come back to NL100 when i hit either $4.5k or $5k.

gonna play a short session 1-2hrs maybe and then do some revision.

update comming...

its a 2.5 today

in light of my previous post, i got stones and lost$230 on party Nl100.
now ok its -EV me playing under these conditions, but maybe i SHOULD be playing it?

ok tomorrow i will play strictly NL50 for 3 hours.

BR down to £3165. erm. wtf?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Scale of 1-10? today was a 3

and barely.

0 is for dying,
1 is for 'gonna die'/lost limbs/on death row
2 is arrested/in a serious situation/sacked
3 like today is for fucking shite test, where i dropped 25% of the marks by being a complete douchebag. then i come home and play too loose-passive that i end up dropping $25.

i actually think, however its a testimony to my play that i didnt lose like$150, which definitely could have happened. I do have really good fundamental game, but really didnt play too well.

i taped the session, and will be replaying to see whats up with dove. earlier today he got a stack at NL25 up to $100, and then he did it again whilst i was on his table. big props. in all honesty i didnt actually see much of what you did, as i was watching elsewhere, and actually missed most of your big pots.

so my BR is down to $3395, but i am 450 hands through the $100 party bonus. so that's good. 550 hands left. i think my VPIP was too high today, and my pfr was too. just trying a little too hard to make things happen i think.

ok i was gonna play a session, but i think i'm gonna do some 'green' with chris. calm my punk ass down. i think i might play an MTT high. see how that does for me

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One down, Eight to Go

just did my german oral. went ok. was REALLY nervous at the start.
managed to spit some game, but in the heat of the moment i'd really have liked to know what 'world war 2' is in german.
I had a question, where do you think the rivalry between german and english comes from, so i had to run with 'since the time of hitler'. lol i wish i knew what the word for 'war' is. never mind

ok i got to revise now, as i have another this friday, and a revision class in 1hr30

Monday, April 24, 2006

Panic Button

Its exam time and my panic button has gone off. Was wondering when it would happen.

I have two exams next week, both of which i have done a less work than i should have for.
I have 2 revision classes tomorrow (3 actually but two clash) and will be on top game (i hope).

Poker is far from my mind right now.
Now my panic button has gone off, i have to get out of 'flap mode'. I'm panicked and not working. This can be seen from the fact I'm actually writing in my blog rather than going to bed/studying. It's good I've hit this stage, but now i have to get out of it. The only way is hardcore revision until i feel comfortable. Then I'll be in serious revision mode and cruising.

I have enough time to pull one out of the bag, and God know's I'm arrogant/confident enough to think I can. Now the panic button has gone off, i need to calm down and set about sorting myself out.

I was flapping about losing my notes for a whole 0.5 unit today, before realising I'd just placed them in a wierd place. I can't afford this anymore. Last year i panicked and never got out of it. This year I hope I can calm my ass down and do something. Last year before my final exam I flapped like crazy, I thought I'd lost my creef form. That was really scary. Without it you cant sit the exam.

I'm really only hoping for a 2:2. A 2:1 would mean me really getting lucky, as in all the topics i put most work into come up, and then also have some questions come up that are almost tailored for me specifically. My main worry is messing up and getting a 3rd.

Even though I would have an Economics degree from UCL, I don't know what a 3rd would do for me. Will anyone actually employ me with that shit?
That would be a bit of a disaster. I think I'd be really be in trouble.

Man most of my posts are about poker, and are like 'hello, what's up ya'll? i made X amount of cash today. pimp. goodbye'

This one is OMG I'm F***ING LOST!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

So I played

I was gonna stay away, but played cos i met up with Ben, the guy who first got me into poker came round, and we chatted poker.

watched a guy called rupom playing a 5k and 1k guaranteed, which was interesting.
managed to crash and burn in the $2 MTT i entered, but had a good time on the NL50 tables.

total was up $81 after a $10 bonus from party.

just playing a wsop freeroll qualifier, and me and another guy have actually agreed a split for the free blinds five each. this is funny

BR up to $3420 now...

Thursday, April 20, 2006


first exam in 5 days. its german

i managed to deposit $50 in party rather than $500, so wont bother with the $10 bonus.

I'm gonna start helping a person called donna out in getting her from completely noob status to bonuswhore. how this pans out i have no idea. i met her on the crypto play money tables whilst i was trying to sort out my image files. i still dont know whats going on, the willhill ones are different to interpoker and betfair.
She doesn't pay me anything, but does sign up through me to give me the referals. thats the price she pays (as opposed to say $10p/h which is what i would charge)

my fees cheque cleared. £1k. student loan is in natwest bank account. i will have to go into the branch though i think, as i'm having a few problems. Its a cool £3k though.

This month has been pretty sweet pokerwise, and whilst it would be nice to round up to $1000 profit on the month, i wont be pushing it. I have too much to do now.

Tomorrow is straight to natwest, then nationwide to put in a cheque. hopefully i'll make breaky tomorrow morning so i can do stuff all day.

I'm also entered for all my resits (great).

just won a 6-max STT on UB for $1.10. return was $4.20. quite fun to just mess around. gonna give my bro the $50 thats there so he can learn that game i think. turn him into an STT machine or a LHE autopliot robot. Either way $50 is enough to get used to things.


im guessing this is my gc from PSO

thus bankroll just is now $3339. this is the highest its ever been, and its pure profit (even after spending).

this is great, and after my exams i expect it to grow by at least $1k per month (looking for more like $2k-3k)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

end of day

empire bonus done. $200 is good.

ended up $39 (plus change) for the day, which is decent. i managed to get hit in the face by cards towards the end and got a bit of fortune to have my hands hold up.

very pleased i've finished

BR just hit $3239!
fantastic and im very pleased. i will definitely be getting coaching lessons, but not jsut yet.



down $7 total after 300 raked hands, where i got bad beats all over the shop.
one pot for $50 the dude hit a 4 outer gshot, the other someone fills up a higher boat.
there's much more, like a guy calling $1 pf, and pot sized bets all the way down with a gshot.
man if i ran well i could be up around $150 on the day, as it is im down $7.

very fustrating.
however now i need about 500 more raked hands, so i'm gonna 6-table i reckon, whilst TAGing it all the way. the beats suck.

back for the first time

ok back from the easter weekend break.

made $137 on the NL25 tables, even after tilting and losing a whole stack at PLO8. thats after 6hrs of play.

i'm 1200 raked hands into the empire bonus, with a day and 800 raked hands to go. i guess i'll have to work fast and move it quickly tomorrow.
i'm hopefully gonna do a lot of revision tomorrow. and the day after, and the day after...

i've also made an online poker vid. its basically a 1hr15 session i played, and starts right from me opening the client up, to me closing every table. i have no voice commentary (will do next time) but i have written notes to accompany it. read the notes at the end of the table in the notes first cos i'm too lazy to edit the notes properly.
click here for my poker 'training' video. I'm putting these out for free, but think that at the end of the year by the latest i'll be at the stage where i would be able to charge for them.
in my opinion i play the NL25 better than some pro's that say play the NL2000 would. not saying i'm an expert, hell i cant play the NL200 comfortably, let alone NL2000, but i am saying i would beat the game more than some pro's.
I think it's also more interesting to see my video's as i actually play the level, and can show what a top player at that level does. I've noticed in several of the pro's videos they just play textbook TAG, which is fine but doesn't add anything to the better players like myself, who are trying to break the NL100.
I've watched the NL2000 games on crypto and some of the stuff that happens just baffles me. my opinion is that some of it is donk play, but also a lot is stuff that is just too advanced for me, considering table image and the particular situation.

anyway back to my situation.

BR is $3000 (+1000 pso points)

i have $200 empire bonus that will be cleared, and $100 that will also be done in a week.
A good couple of sessions, and no major tilts will see a $3.5k roll soon, and be likely to be up over $1000 this month (with the cryto bonus to clear too. will have to stack and save it for later)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


... not really. Its very improtant I study, and i will be cracking on.

pokerwise i have put in more hours that i wanted to, mainly due to the ubersoft live game i have going.

the players just plain suck. my KK vs AK vs AQ didnt hold for a £25 pot. shucks.
its a NL£10 so was a BIG pot for the stakes.
I ended up winning £32 getting called down for all my stack of around £13 when the AK dude flips TPMK. i was bluffing? AA- everytime.
Then took another £10 off the same dude guy after flopping a flush (2d6d) in a raised pot ( i was SERIOUSLY messing). anyway he couldn't release a set and lucked out seriously when the turn came a diamond, or i'd have stacked him for £20 (and ended on a ridiculous £50 win)

Empire reload came through, so I'm bonus whoring there for $200. thats too much to pass.
anyway so today i played badly at NL50 loosing A LOT on one table, then turning the nuts vs 2nd nuts on another and really escaping with only a $6 loss.
Back to NL$25 i guess and managed to run up... 3.5 stacks! shit i remember posting i was too good for this level.
I was seriously LAG. i didnt check my session notes.
how does 35/12/3/550 strike ya!! keep in mind this is 4 tabling, two 6-max and two 10-max. one 10-max i was running 30% VPIP, yikes! however i do think anywhere between 32% and 38% is sutainable for NL$25 6-max. 10-max i want around 22% i think. I'll play LAG eveywhere.

with empire and party on the same network its a fucking aquarium at NL$25. some dude raised $2, then called $13 more when i moved in on him. so my KK got busted by 66 (river 6) he decides to keep apologising, i keep saying never mind, i end up happy someone else busted him (after i took half of it back) just so he could shut up.
anyway $87 is fine by me after a worrisome start, including 20mins when PT and PAHUD wouldnt work properly with the new empire stuff. I may go to 6 (or even 8!)tabling, just to clear this damn bonus.
maybe a bit of omaha. i think i'll actually read a book for it. not that i haven't in the past, but when i play i am in gamble mode a little since i dont have as much understanding as texas hold'em and really only get by cos everyone else are donks and my superior general poekr ability gets me by.

so i might be going home tomorrow if the coach to the conference place has no more seats. no worries i can teach my bro a little strategy and see where he's at. i'm sure he'll catch on. start him now, and he'll be a shark by the time he turns 18, and then he'll be able to absolutely rape the game (and of course turn a good wage).

BR now $2950 (with PSO points waiting for confirmation, i have enough for a $100 GC). so my BR is finally gonna be over the $3k mark. happy days.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Absolute bonus - Complete

up $23 on night.

This includes holding the 2nd nuts in a 30BB pot, only to lose to quad 9s. - acesfull :(

oh well $35 down total on absolute ain't bad i guess. all things considered. I'm gonna get the party certificate with the PSO points i think, so i can cashout $100.

BR= $2863 (+$100 comming)

A Strange One

So i was playing on absolute to bonus whore a little the PSO bonus, which I am now 75% through.
I was a little on tilt, then of course doubled someone up with my biggest loser ever, AKo.

Decided I'd try and finish up with a little 1/2 and ended up having a $100 swing around, ending up $55 after 3/4 stacking someone on another table when i hit my flush draw and got paid. (this includes 1 bonus of $10).

I am now only $55 down overall at absolute, which is nothing really. Just 1 stack.
I think what helped was a good PAHUD layout, and a new absolute skin. The original is almost imposible to play, as it has way too many colours and things going on.

Had a bit of fun on paradise's 'Ship It!' tourney for VIPs. I must be VIP cos i gambled a shitload on BJ back in the day (No MORE). Anyway went all in UTG first hand with 34o. The monster! AT called (terrible) and i boated up. Got a 'Wow' from someone, but i got moved so no one could pick on me. I did it tactically.
Then had a shower, went to have some dinner with a friend, and came back in time for the first break. blinds at 75/150 (15 min clock) i still had 2500 (started at 1500). That was funny.
I didn't even have to play in the first hour yet still had pretty much as much chance of winning as if i'd sat there concentrating for an hour. Maybe I'd have had more chips (actually probably cos i'd have likely busted another player). Its irrelevant anyway. I calculated it as being worth around a $20 buyin value, but in all honesty i'd much rather just hand out with friends (and eat) than worry about my chances of winning the WSOP seat. If it was meant to be it was meant to be.
I'll play the rest of my PSO bonus out tonight on absolute, but for now I'm gonna read a little and then start revising. I didnt complete any subjects and will be in big trouble if i cant get in gear ASAP.

+$55 yesterday
this month I'm +$405 if i include last months rakeback. I almost definitely won't earn $70 in rakeback this month, but i'll stack it and will take it in May. I'm sure I'd clear it easily, or else I'll just casinowhore it.
My BR would be larger had i not cashed out and bought my monitor, ram and mp3/4 player (around $550 total), however its all totally worth it. My monitor rocks and the RAM was necessary.

BR= $2840

p.s. After running $1.20 up to $4 on VC student poker, I've now just lost 4 HU matches in a row for a total of $1 :(. It's just a mess around when I'm bored, but even that loss hurts. I don't even know why. Its nothing money, yet hurts just as much as a $50 loss.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Tournament Day

Played 8 SnGs at $11 a piece.

ROI was 70% for $62 profit. that was nice. took a LOAD of beats, but oh well.

dropped £2.25 ($4) in the interpoker 6-max tourney. played like a prick in it. didnt help i lost half my stack first hand with AA when J6 rivered a 6 on me.

A little beat right now. So far this month has started well. Even though i dropped $50 on empire the bonus was tidy. Need to clear my absolute bonus and the interpoker monthly bonus.

I got neck ache right now. I wanna go back to reading, will take some pictures for our ebay shit.

Im up over $300 so far this month, plsu last months rakeback of $70. Thats real good. also my affiliate thing on rakebreak is gonna bring in some cash. theres a link on the right hand side for good rakeback deals.

BR= $2785

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No poker

Yep no poker. rakeback kicked in for $70.

no poker, much (kinda) revising.
Nothing much to write about, scott mills is actually worth listening to right now.
The laura's diary was good, but the one night with laura feature is great.
not much to report. lost was out today. see if i can get it...

Monday, April 03, 2006

LAG it up

2 tabled NL50 on party.
vpip of 35% and 40% after only an hour (it was just before dinner).
I ended up $47, so pretty much a buyin. was interesting thata i got a lot of action from really poor hands. my vpip was slightly higher than it should have been, but i liked my PFR of 11% and 13% .

lost is sick. i watched a bad bootleg copy of episode 17 the other day, and at this moment am dloading a HDTV bootleg copy.
I cant wait. tidying the old room till then. wow theres some shit i found buried under a load of other crap.
I really need to do laundry, so thats my mini task for tomorrow. tonight's task is to be completely ready for study tomorrow.

Went to the student office. man by loan is FINALLY comming through. I don't need the cash but its gonna feel good to get it. tuition fees are being paid by the govt too... so i'm looking at £5.5k total! thats enough for the wsop main event... or not.

played at halls

live poker is the biggest waste of time ever. the expected winrate must be so low.

played 6hrs today, lost £10. this after donking £20 on a Q high flop with AK.
I also put down AKs, trying to dodge bullets like hellmuth, but in retrospect they were playing so bad it maybe wasnt right.

Lost an AJ vs K9s for £10, which would have put me even, and if i'd been playing properly or even hit any cards i'd have won loads. Had 1 big PP, QQ which i got no action on.
I honestly got bored. There's no question i would beat the game LR, with only one player giving me trouble. He played very LAG, and was able to run over the table, which meant i kept pots small and made sure i was aggressive in position.
People were calling 10xbb raises with suited cards. thats it.

it just takes so long though, and when you go through droughts of cards, it just plain sucks.
The money didn't even matter, so wtf. last time i played this game i was even more card dead and dropped £15.

One dude played NL100. thats a joke. there's no way he is anything near a good player.
I guess im fustrated, march was so rough and i just wasted 6 hours (dont care about the money)

I REALLY need to revise. its 4 am. i'll eat something, and then wake up at 9. hit breaky and go into uni to sort out my student loan. come back. sleep till lunch. then tidy up. revising ALL WEEK. no questions asked. I'll start B203 and complete B25. also complete one stats module.
One week baby. I wanna be answering qs for sure.

fuck im tired. some trash tv i guess (cos im STARVING)

Saturday, April 01, 2006


woke up. had lunch. decided to get back tot the tables.

made $37 in 1hr, and decided to stop.
what happened to the week break??

Biggest Rut of My poker career

March has been terrible

cleared the empire bonus in 1 day. its now 6am in teh morning, and I've just logged 12hrs of poker.

I've been on tilt for around 6hrs, and extremely tired for 5.

I swear I got stacked 10 times in 3000 hands, which is a shitload. Whats worse is i cant remember any of them being beats, just me being a complete donkey.

total was down $45. bonus $200, cashed out $155 to the good, but for 12hrs I would expect a tonne more.
I really don't know whats wrong with me. I think its the exams + job pressures that are getting to me. It's making me a lot more impatient at the table, where I'm consistantly running my C game.

I'm gonna take a weeks break from poker i think. I've finally got poker 'burnout'. also this severe downswing is getting to me. I'm up $250 for march, but it was all bonus money. In fact i made $400 bonus money, so I've donated $150 to the poker community this month. Technically a winning month (plus rakeback of $70 on top), but in reality I'm looking at it as a losing month for sure.

+155 on day (i guess)

BR total is now $2590, after buying my new ipod thing and 1gb ram stick. will get rakeback of around $70 too.
I'm still playing WAY within my BR, which might actually be getting to me, because impatience might be due to me not making 'enough'