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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not a great end to the year.

lost total of $19 playing interpoker.
Took some severe beats playing NL£25.

Had KK and in vs 10,10 for £32 pot preflop. First card out is a ten. LOL
then J5s in BB call min bet to me. KJ5 he moves in i call. turn K and he triuphantly flips over AK for a £14 pot.

Then J,8 in SB. flop Q,10,9. £50 pot. Turn A, river K and the dude splits with AJ.

Tilted maybe £15ish away.So without tilt would be slightly up. Never mind I am strong enough to book a loss. Rakeback will bring me up to at least just under even.

Played maybe 4-5hrs for 769 hands. -$19.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


for all the chinks that is. went to singapore society and played £0.05/£0.1 blinds, £5max buyins. Guess what happens? i drop £15. LMao won 2 hands all night.
Theres no need to report play cos generally its shite.

But i have to vent so:

A10 runs into AQ which called pot sized bets to the river when the ace came (bigger kicker
66 twice, both sucked
KQo ran into trip tens
10,8 on board of 10,9,7 lost to 10,7
9,10. flop Q,J,x ran into aces of course (i actually put the guy on Ax here so thought i had 14outs
There was some calling of big bets with... bottom pair and then turning trips. Three times in the first 20 hands people drew and made gutshot draws. There was me with J3o. ffs

never mind. Won like $5 playing party in 30mins in which i busted a stack with QQ and folded AA on 233 board. made the $100 bonus though on party so good times!
Then came back pissed off, made £25 and lost $2 on party which sucked cos i d/c
(would have been £38 but my AK ran into 99K flop and lost to K9??). Won one huge hand where I had 10,10 raised got called pre. 88x flop, turn 10 and it goes crazy. dude busted on QQ for a £45ish pot.

So thats around +$186 this week total, not including the £15 which i will keep as a separate account. It's gonna happen every Sunday, and i expect to rape it. I think i will advertise as much as i can my losses, whilst not talking about my wins. Will play tomorrow but may cool off a little as i need to read for uni. I'm so far behind.

Watched some guys here play marjong for like an hour. OMG i think its a beatable game. I dunno why i thought that having never played it, and having no idea what the rankings are or anything. Yet i saw things that from poker i knew must have been mathematically wrong.

Crazy shit. Now craving 24 and LOST. How crazy is 'ure only conscious because i dont want to carry you'. JAck Bauer has pissed off 1.4 billion chinese- fair fight. LMAO.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Quite a swingy day.

PLayed 866 hands at party poker in about 6hrs. Ended up 3 tabling towards the end of my session. Started the day losing as seems to be always happening recently. Was down $35 in about 30 mins. PLayed till dinner and was down $15.

Played pool, chilled a bit, came back had to reload for $13,$11 and then $16. I had no idea wtf was going on. Multitabling 2 tables at the time, i just couldnt win a big pot.

About 10.30pm I was 3 tabling, down $35, but having played 500 raked hands at party i knew i was technically in the black. Accidentally paid a blind on the 10 handed table (2 otheres were 6 max) so decided to play one more round.
Over the next 45mins i went on a serious rush, twice hitting top set (having been missing them all damm day) and getting paid on them. I even got action on aces- ME!

Ended up $8.81 in the black, which is good considering i made around $50 in bonus. Just need 250 more raked hands tomorrow to get $100 off party. So all good.

I played some very good poker today actually, taking down many pots when i had abosolutely nothing> without those small pots i would have probably been down $5-$15 so i'm very happy to be adding a new weapon to my arsenal.

Only worry was preflop aggression, which was very low. Need to address taht.
was actually even playing PL25 for a while before realiing wtf was happening. (lost $13 there before remembering i suck at PL)

Pokertracker is PIMP. Especially with quicktime. I now always know how shit/good my opponents are, cos i can see vips etc.

Anyway its 1am and i have Econometrics at 9am.
Didnt see how much my latest pair of trainers went for as its on Grif's account and i forgot to watch the item. With 18 mins left the 'de la soul' sb dunks were at £59, so i hope they broke £65, which would be dope.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

since thursday.

Paradise + $92.37 dropped 35BB at 0.5/1 but made up gambling in BJ, NL50 and $50 referal bonus
Party + $53 con referal of 50
CON + $263 sick. won $63 at BJ, plus $200 match bonus
willhill + £0.60 freeroll on friday night
pokerplex + $21.54 played £0.15/0.25NL for kicks. played about 30 mins and hit a mini rush

bet with simon -£0.50
bet with bina- now have to do her laundry 6 times! I layed her 3-1 on correct score and lost :( 2 unit bets.

lol thats my work since thursday night.

so +$430 (approx £253), but have to do someone elses laundry 6 times

not much to post poker wise since there was so much. I'll play the vcstudent poker tomorrow, and try to take it seriously. Gonna take it a little easy, but i do have to complete another 800 hands on party by staurday morning, which i'll do maybe on thursday night, and friday night.

Been selling a load of shit, which is all going well. I think i have to start doing proper accounting on it all. Cigs and shoes doing well, and I'm getting so many orders for books which i dont think i can fulfil, which sucks. Got like £100 worth of poekr books comming. Gonna ebay most of them.
Gotta take things easy a bit, I have a lot of work to do now. Got german coursework to hand in soon.

must start job search. Get that in full motion. Sticky bonuses at casinos offer huge value. however i'm gonna have to bet $200 or $400 in one hand at the start, which is massive (max loss of $100 so not that bad).

Paradise poker.... completed 1000 raked hands. Gangsta rolling. Poker Tracker [hopefully] on the way

Now doing partypoker 1000 for $100 bonus.

Poker today was up like $3 but finished 200 hands of the party poker so really thats $20 on top.

ALSO doing casino on the net [CON] bonus. I need to wager $4000 to complete this. Sounds a lot but tis not really. Just takes a few hours
I'm 50% through and up $125 on my original $200. Sick. Maybe took 2hrs30 of gambling time.
Bonus whoring is great. Very interested in the sticky bonuses, where i have to gamble like $100 in one hand. Very interesting...

Just got onto facebook. gotta sort out my pic on there.

holla, swallow back, HELLO... BE easy

(cudos to the first person who recognises this reference)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

4.35am GMT

tough day. played maybe 6hrs of limit holdem at 0.5/1. Maybe dropped 35BB??
blackjack compensated (its for tilt control, honest!), as well as the old paradise $50 referal bonus.

Ended the day $91 ahead (this includes thursday night cos i cant be assed to check). happy days. i cant play paradise 5 handed, it stinks. I do like the LHE, but need to fine tune my game and not tilt. Some of the suckouts are sick. Wasted a Paradise Million Entry cos i tilted and didnt know what i was doing, but did see a dude hit a royal flush, first i've ever seen in my 'career'.

OK so poker tracker should be comming soon, and i gotta regroup for the partypoker bonus. I'll do maybe one at NL25 and one at 0.5/1.

My eyes are completely gone, so I'm gonna sleep and wake up and hope to kill the Party site tomorrow. Question is do i go for the full bonus?? better do some math. Gonna rape the online casinos. The math is there so i should be getting +EV on BJ.

In ebay news, we sold a pair for a ridiculous £107. Lmao we would have taken £90 bin. Crazy shit, no questions I wanna rebuy those De La Souls. Got 6 pairs of Medicoms to shift now.

Also got a bet with Bina going. She said Man Utd will beat Liverpool 1-0 this weekend. LMAO i gave her 3-1 and she took it. Checked Betfair and its 8-1ish. Lolipops.

Poker did not go that smooth today. I dropped a lot of bets, and in the last 2hrs i drew to flushes (with odds) several times, and missed them all. One in particular was me in SB comleted with 42d.
flop had 3d5dQc. I went crazy on flop, slowed on turn and of course missed on river. :(

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poker is going slow. i want the $50 referal bonus on paradise, becuase i will then play 500 more raked hands this weekend at the NL50 game to get my pokersourceonline bonus of POKERTRACKER! If i dont do it, I'll be a little disappointed, cos its gonna cost $55!
(I might do the 0.5/1 LHE instead cos it looks SOFT)

Apart from that the most important thing right now is ebay. Got a few things rocking there. Mainly the collectors nike dunks. I'm also gonna be selling two hoodies that I bought and some poker books which i bought off amazon.
I need to get a few textbooks in too, cos its the start of the new term and everyone is asking ME for them. Too much demand, with no stock, its a nightmare.

Got a game going tonight, £5 freezout S&G. I think there's gonna be 6-8 of us and I'm the only one who has read a poker book before. IMO happy days!
I would feel bad but they're happy to play, I said name ure stakes and have given them the opportunity to change it numerous times.
So screw it. I would prefer a cash game incase someone lucks out on me, but oh well. I'd better win cos I might not hear the end of it otherwise.

This is going to be it for my poker unitl friday afternoon, when I'll start on my 500 raked hands at paradise.

Got 2 economics homeworks in for thursday and I've been skipping class already!

Inspired by other poker blogs, I've decided to create my own.

I don't play high stakes, hell i barely play 'low stakes'. Some would call it micro. Either way I currently make enough money by it to not need a part time job, whilst I complete my third year at university.

Although I have been playing a lot of poker, this blog will also be about my many other ways of trying to make money, as well as the quest to get a 'career' something which I have to do if I don't want to live on the streets next year.