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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, I went to turning stone for a small series, played two prelims and busted both early, whilst shaun did well and FTd both. I did end up Ft'ing the 2k main event, and got to the tv final table 2nd in chips, but didn't run great and busted 6th :(.

Then went to cancun with kingdan and had a great time. However I dropped like 3k on the trip not including expenses, and then -2k today at 2/4 HU. I feel a little tilted, since I ran super bad, but I also didnt really play very good either. I actually feel like I've run really bad recently a lot. Random stuff like AJ <<<<<< 89o for full stacks AI pre, the old AQ < AQ etc etc and I'm feeling a little tilted so had to stop.

May or may not grind ftops tonight ughhhhhhhhhhhh. well i guess not a long update, i guess my brain cant really function right now with tilt + hunger