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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SO i'm done for the month

over yo.

+$200 on another database
+$570 from poker bonii
+$900ish from rb
-£30 live donk and go (lol)

so thats just under $12k. i'll play some donkaments tomorrow i think, so we'll see how that goes.

BR at $32k. i guess i shoudl play more 2/4

Monday, February 26, 2007

that was bad

very bad

actually, terrible

Monday, February 19, 2007

Real WorLD m0nEY FeELs Different

to poker money.

Real world money means something. £10 buys a lot of stuff. I don't really WANT to pay £50 for a duvet. Online I tilt shove $400 pre with zero fold equity (done that twice at 400, and maybe twice times at 200 this month)

In the real world, paying £500/month in rent for a room in a flat where theres no space for a living room sucks. Online I'll take $1.3k to the highest limit i can, and shove AQ pre and lose to JJ (not the worst spot, but still not the smartest thing to do)

In the real world, spending £8 for a taxi when i can just walk sucks. Online i call $50 river bets because, well i just think i have to.

Right now I'm just donking around on a table with EMCwilliams at NL50. If i blow it, oh well. In the real world, thats just £25 down teh drain. in fact as i type this, i'm down $60. I kinda dont care eitehr way, but maybe i should since £30 is grocery shopping for a week, or two (who knows).

Wow the above is bad, kinda just ramblings. So over the weekend i'm up some moneies, over like 8k hands, in which time i took two 5 stack 'downswings'. Not the worst, not the best but whatever I'll live with it. I'm doing well this month, even though i dont think i'm playing fantastically well. I'm at 32k hands, so only 8k more. Tomorrow I'll do at elast 2k hands, hopefully more but damien has a play or soemthing so i might end up checking that out since there's meant to be lots of hot girls.

here are a couple of pics:

my new floors. they look pretty dope

and my new mouse setup. the mousepad is awesome

Friday, February 16, 2007

Just A Quickie

Not much to say. I've been playing really badly of late, and have easily cost myself $2k this month in pure tiltyness.

I'm at $5k for the month after bonuses (but before rb), so things are ok. I've played 22k hands, and am kinda still on target for 40k. I'm not gonna say i'm playing X amount of hands this weekend or this week, or next week because I keep missing my deadlines, but rest assumred 40k hnads this month is gnna be a minimum. I'm actually considering how to break 50k hands, as that would feel really awesome.

Yesterday I spent the whole day with francesca at ikea buying furniture and stuff. I was surprised and impressed with the thought and layout of the whole ooperation. From the free bus shuttle, to the kids area, to the cafe to the method of purchase, i.e. look via the showroom and then buy from the wharehouse section.

The stuff got delivered today Damien and I have just set up my sofa (it's sort of a futon style thing, but instead of a matteress it has cushions. I have a book case to setup too, but i guess i can do that myself sometime soon.
I'm off to put the covers on the cushions now, ready for our flat's current obsession: the amazing race (we've done seasons 1 and 10, currently watching 2)

Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm actually, weirdly on tilt right now. Just dropped 2 stacks at stars NL100, whilst trying out the software. I really hate losing monies.

I've done 11k hands this month so far, and am +$1.8k from play, and around $450 from poker bonuses that I actually didnt know were coming, ty party.

This isn't bad since, i was -$2.5k after my first 2k hands. I have to hit 40k this month, or else i'm out $6k in prop bets. That would suck. My money target is $10k-$15k, but as long as i can play my A or B game most of the time, this will come easy. If fact, I feel like I've been on my A game for teh past few days actually.

I've been playing a lot at 1/2 just because I'm really tearing the games up and am feeling that there's a lot less variance than 2/4. I will however be playing more 2/4, but i think something liek 10k hands at 2/4 this month is most likely. Next week, I'm hoping for a 20k hand week. This will be hard, but it's reading week so HOLLA.

If he wants it, I'll be taking on 'yorkshirepudding' (check the blogs on left) as a student, and all he has to do is play 5k hands/week and pay me the rakeback that he makes. I've read his blog for a while and he seems pretty determined to win mad monies. I also sympathise with his situation, where poker income would actually have a decent impact on his lifestyle.
However, I've noticed his play is a bit 'meh', so I'll be trying to coach him, and make him beat at least NL100.
I'm actually charging people $50/hr for coaching right now, which I feel is a pretty reasonable rate, and my 'students' (lol i have students) have actually been giving goot feedback.

My floors are looking good right now, I'll have a pic of my room soon. My flatmates' rooms are getting fisnisehd tomorrow and saturday, after which our flat will be finished. I can't wait.

Anyway I got class tomorrow at 9am. Fun times.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Febuary, HOw you loath me

Bring on march pls.

So not the greatest start to the month, didn't play great, but didn't play totally crazy.

Gonna be back to the grind tomorrow. I'll take a lesson with clayton again. Last month I had one with bobbofritos. Was interesring enough that i'll have more for the time being.

Last month:

about $400 from rb and bonuses i think.

lost $1260 going busto on FTP, and add $500 from other computer. note i lost monies at some ££ tables too.

i'm -$300 online on someone else's laptop, but +300 euros at live poker.

+$5800ish for the month, but a little disappointing as I wanted to be around $8k, and obv i shouldnt have been at 10/20.

So i got to around $24.8k . I think I'll be down to a $20k roll again, after withdrawals. I guess I'm actually at around $18.3k right now, since I just dropped a bit today.

I went to dublin, here's the trip report

In real life, my floors are getting varnished on monday. This is annoying as I have to do a test on monday, homework for monday, and also have lots of money on the line in prop bets where I have to hit 40k hands for the month or else i'll be out like $6k.

Ok, class is at 9am tomorrow, I'm out