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Monday, April 21, 2008

updates yo

Been a long time. lets do this.

San Remo:

Hugely fustrating. I get a flight taht lands 2hrs after shaundeeb whom I was rooming with, but manage to arrive at the hotel like 2hrs before him because I took a 150 euro cab ride and he owned my soul with a 18 euro train ride from Nice to San Remo. Whatever.
I busted this shit within 40mins. First hand of the day, limps to button with sb sitting out. He limps and bb checks. Q86cc board or so, bb is about to bet but ehn sees button reach for chips so he checks, and bb bets 1k into 125 pot, bb folds. lol

next orbit I open CO with Q2s with bb sitting out, and same guy in sb 3-bets to 400. I call with 10k effective. flop KQ2. He bets 500, I cib to 1k and he instashoves. I tank and call, and lose to KK. gg me

Online was a little fustrating, did FT a small one whilst in San Remo, then we went to amsterdam. Booking from Nice to Amsterdam 6hrs before the flight cost us £1k for two tickets return. lol.


We get there and go to a hotel that we booked, which highn had recommended. Wow when we got there, the room we got sucked balls. We got into a huge arguement with the guy on the desk etc. That night we grinded at highns, which was redic. I was rolling good in a load of stuff, then the internet connection fucks me and I win zero pots in 40mins on like 8 tables due to internet probs and computer probs and running cold. f me.
Next night we get some kind of apartment which was a lot better. I get super deep in the party major and then get fucked losing a 1.4mill pot near the end for huge CL AKs vs AA AI pre. Sigh.
Rest of the trip I dont really remember too much, but whatever, bananananannanas.

Monte Carlo:

Back to the live poker. We stayed at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. That place was ballin out of control. The lift was so balla there was a tv and a couch in there. We ordered like 200euros of room service every night too.
I played day 1b and ran aweful at the start. Couldnt get anything going. At the end of level 1 i have jsut over 13k chips from 15k starting. Not a prob I guess. Near the end of level 2 I had less than 8k chips. I called a 3x raise from sb with A2s and bb called. Flop was T54r and i c/c a 500 bet with backdoor FD. turn 3. ding nigga. I c/r AI and he calls with 54o. i hold. ship it son.
level 3/4 I started running that shit.
First 2 levels I got my ass 3-bet about 7 times cos, well i dunno. Dude kept showing me AQ and KK. I was wtfing all over. Then I crush souls.
I open ATs from MP, villain who'd 3-bet me a lot calls right behind me and its Hu to the flop. I cbet a K94cc board, he calls. Turn 3, check check. river 2 I check, he bets and I snap him off like a gangsta.
2 hands later I open ATo from EP, to 500 at 75/150 but chuck out one chip. Button throws out 150, because he doesnt realise I raised. So now he calls for 500 and bb calls cos hes retarded. Flop A85. I bet, button calls. turn A. I check call, river blanks I c/c again. and he has complete air. Wtf at his betting, way to rep a boat lol.

Anyway I crush the table for about 45mins then the table breaks and I cry a little. Nothing really eventful happens. I cant cooler anyone and just run crazy card dead. So much so that most of my opens were getting mad mad respect.
At my 3rd table of the day, someone limps at 150/300 and I make it 1200 with J4s. folds round he calls. Flop came like 853. check I bet 1775, call. turn I hit a backdoor FD on a low card and bet again and he folds. ty bro.

Get moved again with like 20mins left. I raise UTG with AQs and get called by a big stack from the button. cbet a Q9x board. turn Q check check. river blank bet/call and i end the day on 38k or so. never got AA at all the whole day and KK once and no QQ. JJ twice. So super happy that I had decent chips and was saving my run good for later imo.

Nope. Day 2 I crush souls and get to 55k early. Then lose KK vs QQ AI pre for a 60k pot vs a fucking retard. He might have been a UK pro or something but fuck, run better. He bsuted a few hrs later jsut cos hes terrible but doesnt realise it. Sigh.
ended the day on 33k having to ninja shortstack my way there. at one point with 30bbs I raise/fold TT from EP vs a huge nit (same guy with QQ) which sucked fucking balls.
One intereting hand, i think he was 600/1200/100 and bvb. sb opens 6x. I have 22. No idea wtf to do I start tanking but realise theres probably no way I can continue, so I laugh out loud and show a 2 faking that I fake tanked. he shows JTo. lol good times.

Day 3 i rejam pretty well, but end up making a bad shove UTG+1 7 handed with 13bbs and ATo and bust like 96th with 80 paying. Sigh. The bubble apparently took 2.5hrs. eek!

Busted and was lifetilting. Decided not to play any of the postlims. Played with Moneymaker at foosball. He's pretty damn good. I played the game a load during the last 2 years of highschool, and as anyone would tell u I dominated. Moneymake is definitely better than me by a decent margin, and would probably be moreso if the table had been any good. Was fun, thankfully I didnt play HU for rolls as was initially discussed.

Back in the Uk a couple of days. Saturday went ok, I did ok iirc I think I ftd something. Then yesterday I came 3rd int he 14k gtd 6max which I should have done a lot better in, got shafted in the UB major with 25 left, shafted in the 215 HU but cashed. Bubbled the ftp mill losing AK vs AT AI pre bvb with like 25-30bbs when my image was redic bad. Sigh. lost AK vs 88 with 10bbs effective in teh early 100r to cash for 1.5k.
... but ship the 40k gtd. ob v asunday so the prizepool was jsut under 100k and I shiped 23.8k.

busted 7/8 people at the FT, jsut running amazing. AA > KK, QQ > JJ, A2o > JJ, AJ>KJ, QJs >TT, AJ >A6, QQ >AJ. all of them AI pre