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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Running Kinda cold

That was yesterday. Man that hurt cos I was srsly releveling everyone. fav 2 hands of the day:

pretty much how i ran, did a quick 500 hands this morning and was +$2 (lol?) after losing every flip. At the end of the session i was up $2k, but then got badly coolered. oh well, i guess +$800 being a bad day is ok by me.

day before i was +$3k in 1k hands, playing a huge fish. he shoved $1.5k deep into a 653cc board, i snap call JJ ldo, what can he had? 59o and board comes 6 9. river was 9c i was actually pretty scared he had a FD cos thats how he'd been playing.

bah, im close on 40k for the month, like $38k. annoying i didnt do better in the GSOP ME, cos i could have broken 50k for the month. the one big hand that i played and talked to gaucho about when i 4-bet and got shoved on, i really think i had to call. sigh. i hactually 4-bet intending to call teh shove, but when i count ed my chips i had slight more than i thought. i tanked like crazy and at one point jamie whispers 'i hope u have KK' which almost made me laugh, cos i was very very serious with my... AJs. I folded and hear villain had 75s, which makes total sense and was definitely my main thought ( i guess it has to be if u tank AJs for 60bbs+ in a donkmanet).

tbh it was great experience, and i was glad to get it in before i did any real donkaments. It was a £550 event, and I honestly think I was in a completely different level to almost everyone. There were only a couple who I thought were any good. First table i had on day one, some dude (cant remember his name) sat behind me. People seemed to recognise him and they talked about him playing 'on the circuit'. Obv I just played every hand and he tried to outplay me every hand. He ended up getting buttraped. The whole table did. Because i was opening light, their expert stratergy was to call me oop preflop and try to outplay me psotflop. lol. One dude i recognise as a gutahot regular, jaz i think, got really pissed at me for 3-betting him with A7s. heh. I just leveled the whole table, i was in seat 1, and the people in direct eye line with me were all visably tilting the whole day.

How do you handle a multicoloured haired azn kid, who barely looks 18 but seems to be able to buy into £500 events and play extremely reckelss? call ldo, and hit a flop. props to teh guy that busted me, the only person I played who had any clue how to handle me, although theres no way he can do anything vs me if our seats are reversed.

i wont do $50k now, although i might do a donkament day online and play a shitlaod of $50-$109 MTTs and hope for a score, although i think maybe not since it just kills my hrly and doesnt really do anything apart from give me short term variance. Hell even teh GSOP was a waste of time in the long term, i guess i was just playing for 'fun', although I havent considered the live poker experience that I gained from it. I'd never played a live donkament over £60 so it was defintiely a good learning experience for me. Not sure I'll ever be a big donkament player, since you have to keep a schedule and cant leave midway through etc. Plus I'm getting sick good at NL 6-max, like really good. I definitely think I can be a big winner at NL2k within 6months to a year. i figure 3PTBB = $120/100, but 6 tabling (i assume id play less cos theres less games, although i can mix more from nl1k ldo) at just over 400 hands/hr = 480/hr? thats pretty sick and i think my figs are conservative although the games can defiitely change in the next few months. we'll see

my latest cardrunners video is out. third one so far now, i think they've got better as i've gone along productionwise. i play some intersting pots, although i also play some really bad imo.

also shoutout dude update more. I randomly staked this guy, and hes already doubled from $500 to $1k playing a good volume of hands and working hard.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

back to the blogging

My bad. I'd like to say I've been busy, but not really. Same as usual I guess. I've not really played much, just over 10k hands this month, which is extremely low volume for me. Running at over $1/hand is hot tho, and obv lol_donkaments.

Since i've been back, my hair has turned blue. I haven't done any exercise and I'm contemplating how to withdraw my monies online (as well as where to put it).

I also feel like I'm a much better poker player now than i was even a couple of weeks ago. After watching a lot of carrotsnake, doing a lot of thinking etc I'm now thinking about hands a lot differently. Mixing it up and playing a 4-6 tables for some of my session helps too. Really helps focus on ranges. In the past i thought it wasnt a good idea, but at this stage of my development skillwise I think its important. Thats not saying that 8-tabling was a waste. I really think for the low limits so little thought has to be given in almost all hands, that one should really learn to play abc really well just by logging lots of volume. It's really important to learn to multitable well.

I had really bad news with my degree, not passing and obv no more resits so i dont have anything to show... but then also had my hottest week ever winning 21k in a donkament then having a 6k day yesterday.

Current goal is to be +$10k in the next 12 days or so. Not sure exactly how its gonna go down, but im very determined. Tomorrow is the FTOPS ME so I'll play that, and the mansion guaranteed, as well as a few otehr small donkaments. Thurs is the GSOP ME, although i might pop down for one of the earlier ones and check out whats going on. I figure if i play 20k hands and run good - hot, I'll be good for my goals.

Monday, August 13, 2007

uh oh

ship it dont wreck it, ldo

Friday, August 03, 2007

Been back a week now...

... and done virtually nothing.

Tonights the first night that i havent been out since getting back, and decided to get play medded up.

ballin. took ages tho, cos i was playing 2-6 tables

played pretty well, made one bad call, in a ratehr marginal spot, and then folded in a hand where i really didnt want to, then ldo someone calls a $200 bet into a $600 pot and wins with a worse hand. wp me.

for some reason nothing ran right at NL600, like a couple of days ago, yet ran good elsewhere. NL1k seemed rather soft, and I felt like I just took advantage of soft games. Never really got any set up spots, but blah, happens