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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some time off again

I've played zero hands in nov so far. Last month was solid, about 28k, still no big scores. Played 30k hands which were really forced, last two days I logged 12k hands just to spite complete a prop bet. Then the guy kept asking to see screenshots to prove I'd made it. wtf like I'd actually fake it, obv I completed legitimately. 12 tabling NL200 I pretty much broke even, such a waste of time.
Missed last sunday and pretty much done nothing all month. When I say nothing, I really mean nothing. I got scammed for 1k last month on the cake/party xfers which sucked, and also I had a mysteriously broken laptop.

So the plan this month is to play one sunday and around 10k hands before going to thailand with snowbank and a few others. I'm very very tempted to hit up macau for a 2.5k buyin donkament, and will probably stop in briefly in malaysia to say whats up to my dad.

I've got loads to sort out actually, the internets been really hit and miss last few days, and I'm gonna go get teh iphone once its out. As well as that theres obv the never ending battle to actually tidy my room. There's so much random stuff everywhere that its gotta be done.

I've got a busy schedule coming up, none of which i've booked any tickets for (hopefully tonight tho!)

15th nov - thailand. Sometime in between macau and malaysia.
4th dec: get back

20th dec: NY
22 (or 23rd?): NYC
NYE: vegas
jan 4th?: PCA

Doubt I'll bother playing the PCA, especially since I havent even bothered to play any satellites yet. Almost went to austrailia as mentioned in teh previous post, but to some extent I'm a little glad I didnt qualify. 20+hr flights are death.

I still plan on going to japan sometime, and I also wanna hit up paris and amsterdam again. I can't really think of many other places I really want to go at the moment, monte carlo, rome, and venice. Since I'm taking two years off school I should be able to see all these places. It's so ridiculous how many opportunities and options I have at 22yrs old with no degree (having tried going through the system too).
In the spring I'm gonna hit up disneyland orlando, cos I've really wanted to go after watching pirates of the carribean. No idea why, but I think it's gonna happen since me and my flatmates have been planning a daytona beach spring break trip (woohoo!).

Then obv vegas again for the summer, carrotsnake and I have discussed going earlier than last time, since we'll want to play a load of teh earlier small events. I'll probably be tehre 2 months, and then am about 90% that I'll be living in a poker house somewhere.

Final thoughts: total rome war is the most disgusting game ever. I've probably logged about 50 hrs into the game so far, and I hate myself for it. Once it's complete, I'm breaking the disc. It's an awesome concept but the game is just so repetative and lacks serious gameplay, so it get's boring fast. Unfortuanately I'm one of those people that has to complete everything, so I've gotta finish. I think I have maybe 15-20hrs of play left before I'm done.
This is why I don't really play video games, and hate myself every time I do play one.