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Monday, July 31, 2006

Treading water

Yesterday I did a £50 casino bonus on Willhill, managing to lose £60.5 flat betting £5. great.
A bit fustrating but -£10.5 for like 1.5hrs betting. hmph!

Today I 4 tabled NL50 on crypto and really played badly. Took a coinflip for $50pot, lost a $50 pot with TPTK vs top 2 (bad mistake) and lost QQ on 7xx board when villain open pushes K8 no draw for $18 into $6. No worries as the turn comes a K and he subsequently builds a $150 stack in about 10 mins. Say WHHAT?? mofo.

That pissed me off so i was down $16.5 for today. meh. I stopped playing since I realised I hadn't eaten for 9 hrs. WTF?? I forgot that I woke up at 8am. Usually I don't eat breakfast till 4pm so I thought I was still on good time. Little did I know.
Decided to go to Soho for a coffee with Damien (my housemate) and a couple of his buddies. OMG is it full of freaks. Now at school the girls I knew were more than willing to pull each other, but they weren't dykes like the ones in Soho. I mean some of these 'women' scared the shit out of me. Also there were a tonne of gay men and they all looked kinda dirty. I was actually a little bit worried about making any gay jokes in case someone overheard. IMO you DON'T wanna get your ass kicked in Soho. It's just not right (plus you don't know what else they'd do)

Anyway BR took a step back to $5876. Also any account I now play properly is gonna need something like $600 for me to be able to play it properly. I'm seriously considering having $200 at multiple sites and just playing 1 table at each one. SHould be ok at crypto, so I can have all my bonii come in at the same time...

I think I'm off to Fulltilt. Playing on crypto today made me realise that game selection was gonna be important. It was pretty hard to avoid the regulars. FT, Stars and Party have huge choice at the NL100 level so I'll hit them up, but I don't want to pay the monster rake at party and aI don't like the stars software. OK. I actually mean I hate the stars backgrounds. I don't like playing on any of them.

Oh and instead of trying those links I posted earlier, try this for my STT vid. I recommend it to anyone who's struggling to make money at them, or have simply never seen the power of pushbotting. Hope this works for non fox members: link

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Account Update

Bit earlier than a week. Tomorrow I'm crypto whoring.

Empire bonanza bonus: $150 but dropped $35 in the process.

party overall $259 about 800 hands at NL50 and around 800 at NL100. played the monster tables and they took around $10 off me. I don;t like this.

Thursday tourney night. busto in 2 180-man $4.40 SnGs on stars. main prob was the interface. couldn't find a background i wanted to play on.
$11 entry to $3000 guaranteed, came 5th. Paid $201. I SO want to play them more.
$6 monster freeroll qualifier. $5 back plus entry into monster freeroll. LHE STT which I entered by accident.
dropped $7.50 at NL10 trying to make a vid. lol

hadn't managed any casinowhoring. still waiting for to hit my debit card. Said it all went fine, but still hasn't hit the debit card so I'm waiting a bit.

My PT stats are all messed up so can't really show anything. I managed to delete every piece of data I have on stats at party apart from NL100. I meant to do it for just 1 database but managed to do it for all databases. GG me.

BR $5912.12 MAN almost $6k. My game is on fire, I'm running hot and I hit a good tourney cash. As long as my casinowhoring money gets in, I'm good.

$546.70 week but I reckon If I work hard sat/sunday on the crypto whoring I'm looking at around $200-$300 in bonii and maybe $100-200 poker if thats how I clear it.
update will come sun night/mon morning.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Video

This video is me at stars playing two $5.50 SnGs. Got this at the first attempt and thought it was pretty interesting. One table I build a big stack early, the other I just show what standard pushbotting can do.

Upload is to rapidshare, you need all 3 parts dloaded to view. To use rapidshare, click each link and then choose 'free access'. You have to wait 60 secs then type in a 3 letter verification thing. This must be done almost immediately because if you time out you have to wait another minute. Once one part is dloaded you have to wait like 1.5hrs to dload the second. this really sucks for non premium account holders, so if anyone knows how else I can host the vids, pls post. In future I'll try and keep files small, this one I wasn't really thinking about properly.

Tomorrow is Party Poker NL100 Monster tables. Let's see how much the rake hurts me...
Vid is in rar form and needs winrar to extract.


for pokerfox members try

search 'tufat$5.50STT.rar' and unzip

6am. I had an epiphany

Incidentally this coincides with my 100th post.

Before posting this I went back and read the first few posts in my blog. LoL they were bad. I'm not surprised no one read them. I know a few people read it now and I'm very grateful for the comments posted. It's a real wierd feeling to know people read what I write, even though its mostly BBV (beats, brags, variace).
Virtually everyone who reads this blog plays the same limits as me, or 1 up/1down. Something like that. Since my blog has been pretty much just BBV I'd like to give back to people for actually spending time reading. However I'm not much of a writer since I was uberlazy back in school (was pretty good at math tho!) so instead I'm gonna do as much as I can in video format.
I've read a lot of articles and forum posts about stuff like BR management, tilt management etc and am in agreement with a lot of them. However there is also stuff that i agree 95% with, but find 5% a bit iffy or left out. It's this 5% that I think I'll be psoting about on here occasionally.
Anyways, video wise I do enjoy making them. It's real funny to watch them back and see what I was actually thinking at the time. I am now gonna post at least 1 per week. At the moment my bread and butter game is 6 tabling the 6-max NL50 game. I have played NL100 over a small sample but a combination of tilt/downswing/burnout meant that i didnt stay long (even though I was properly rolled).

Most vids will be 2 tables so that I don't get too distracted. I'm not sure what to actually make right now, so if anyone has any requests pls post in the comments. You can request any limits upto NL100, LHE1/2 and $22 SnGs. So if you wanna see LHE0.25/0.5 or $5.50 SnGs go right ahead, but forget MTTs I'm a complete donk at them. The vids have a clause that I'm not a poker authority in anyway, so I'm sure sometimes I'm make clear mistakes and bonehead plays, especially at NL100 where any vid I make I'd love critiqued.
If they end up looking crap... well you get what you paid for - nothing! lol. I won't ever edit any of them (mainly because I'm WAY too lazy to figure out how) but I guess I may scrap a few if say I crash out first in an STT there's not really much point anyone watching it. It's unlikely I'd scrap any cash, no matter how boring. Who know's you might get to see one of my tilt ones (hope not tho!)

Anyway on to the epihpany. I've realised that poker is messing me up in ways I had never considered. Since I've started playing poker I've put on a stone from 10.5-11.5, Thats a [censored] lot! I've decided I'm getting my ass back in the gym and gonna burn that crap away. As well as an unhealthy body, I've got a real unhealthy mind. Not that its filthy (ok it is), but that I'm now nowhere near as sociable as I used to be. There's been SO many parties, drinks, dinners, movies that I passed on in the past 6 months or so, ever since it turns out I make a pwnage amount of $$ playing poker. I've actually passed on a date once, and in 3 clear cases indirectly passed on sex when there's been girls who've wanted me to ask them out but I was took busy thinking about fold equity to switch my head back around to normal life. This is seriously NOT +EV. Thinking back now I'm like 'WTF YOU LOSER!!'. The worst part is, its totally true, wtf was I doing.
This is NOT what I wanted from the 'freedom' of poker. When I first started I never considered myself to have anywhere near the skills to pay any bills. I expected to bust first time. Now I'm stuck with it. I crashed and burned in my 3rd year of uni. I now have to repeat half of it. WTF!?? When I was in school I pwned exams like there was nothing to it. I never ever revised properly except for GCSE History. Apart from that I cruised. I wasnt THE best, but I was pretty good, I scored AAB at A2 level (Maths, Economics, History).
Now I failed my last year at uni... something has got to change and its my mentality to everything. My mentality is 'leave it till tomorrow'. Right now I have laundry lying on my bed that I've had 8hrs to put away. Again, wtf?

I've realised poker made me lazy. I didn't bother sorting things out, studying even hanging out with people (and this can bee seen from my lack of any meaningful conversation with my houstmates. in defence they're moving out in 1 month). Life is not jsut about $$, its about being healthy having fun and having something that really means something to you. Poker means shitall to me. I only play for the money, and that's something I want to address. I don't contribute anything to society at all, apart from possibly creating degenrate gamblers. Yeah sure I don't play high enough that anyone isn't eating off it, but I'm sure there's players out there who've lost pots to me then moved higher to win it back and eventually lost a lot more than they thought they could (martingale theory= suxors. fwiw you're a total idiot to keep doubling your bets everytime you lose when gambling. This applies to every game, including most promiantly roulette and BJ. To beat BJ, card count. To beat roulette, 'doctor' the wheel). This actually makes me feel bad and is really hard to justify. Am I providing 'entertainment' for these people? Do they like losing?

So a career path eh? Recently I've decided real estate is a career path of interest. I'm gonna look into it (even though I'm not totally sure how and where). It sounds interesting to me because a lot of what you actually earn is merit based. Sell a house, get commision. Don't sell anything, get fired. I do however know little about the job/ market apart from what I learnt in economics (ok a decent amount) and what I've seen on location, location, location. My mum says that at least I'd learn how to buy a house myself although poker players can't get mortgages...

Anyway thats possibly a little bit more about my life than you guys may have been expecting this time round, and really I'm surprised I did share so much. Maybe it's because no one I talk to in real life has any idea of what I'm going through during prolonged downswings and they jsut think I'm boasting when i say stuff like 'yeah made £100 in 30mins this morning, then decided to take the day off'. It's my own fault I should be more considerate since many of my friends work £5/hr jobs.

cliff notes: I'm gonna become a better all round person, and if you want to see a poker vid with commentary at any particular game/limit shout asap. I'll prob make one on the first request and keep them coming if you can, otherwise I'll just make vids on random stuff..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

more empire bonanza

Finished another bonanza for 16th place and $150

managed to lose $34 over around 8hrs.

heres my graph of the time, minus 3k hands after i realised i prob want to use a different databse. just add 3k hands and imagine me losing $35 in the time.

my conclusion is 12 tabling is not suitable for me right now, but certainly 8 tabling is gonna look easy now. I did take a shitload of beats, and had around a 40 min tilt session where i dropped around 2.5 buyins. I had some crazy stuff and a thread to get my account banned cos i 'violated the terms of agreement on party' lmao

Monday, July 24, 2006

Empire Bonanza almost killed me

Ok a little bit of an exaggeration but I did wake up with a bit of a cold.

Basically 1st-10th get $300, 11th-30th get $150 and 31-60 get $100. Prizes down to top 300. Basically its done on whoever has the most raked hands. Its from 8pm GMT to 5am GMT. I did it for 8hrs with around 20miins break total and came 13th for $150. I played a total of... 5881 hands. PT says i played 8.38hrs. WOW

I'm gonna go for it later again today, since there's only 1 more day. For 11th-30th its £10/hr basically for some breakeven poker.

First hr i was up 6 buyins, then subsequently dropped 4 buyins over the the next 7 hrs. great.
above is the graph of my time.

For the week this is what happened:

Party and Empire:

NL50: 1467 hands $345.43 (PT says 325 but my party account has $20 more...)
NL25: 6338 hands ($1.81) (I donked 2 buyins earlier in the week so... meh)
PLO25 : 52 hands $45.40 ( just donking around. I pwn them all)

empire dropped $15 for 150 raked hands on me.
empire bonanza 13th place for $150. was around 1000 hands behind 10th, but those are the 9hrs straight NL50 robots. Tonight I'm shooting for 20-odd for $150. Hopefully 7hrs play will pwn.


LHE1/2 507 hands ($10.75) (my monthly dose of crypto LHE. willhill monthly)
NL$50 56 hands ($6.30) (SHIP IT... or not)
NL£25 181 hands $45.09 (NL£25 = NL$50 imo so i played a mix of these)


£25 Willhill 5hr monthly. I'm gonna do the rest of the cryptos this week


this place sucks. I was up $55 on the week plus the 12000 PSO points which I can cashout for $100 and a £14 amazon GC. - casinowhoring

Like I said I'll do one a week. LLuckboxed it and pwned this bonus to be ahead $150. Plus $200 bonus this was worth $354 total for me ($4 comp points WOOT!)


Week +$1144.92 ship it.

BR: $5365.42. again, ship it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

PokerRoom review

i was gonna title this 'PokerRoom = suxors' but thought that sounded like me just taking a few beats and getting pissed off.
Nothing of the sort. The site just sucks overall

About 3 years ago I actually tried PR since it was web based, I was a punk and just wanted to try out play money. The poker bug didn't catch me and I played like 4 times. Also not having a computer meant I wasn't gonna play anyway.
Just less than 2 months ago I decided to shoot for the 12000 points offer from pokersourceonline, a link to which can be found on the right. 12000 is really equivalent to $120 and I will be able to cash that out via party GCs or GCs.
I finished at 6.20am this morning the 400 points required. ship it. However I'd deposited $500 and have until 2/8/06 to compete 2000 PokerRoom (PR) points for a $200 bonus. I thought that this was plausible when I started, and it was had I not taken a 3 week break...
I could easily still do it if I get my ass in gear, but it wont happen. I'll pass simply because its not profitable to play there.

Why? No its not cos i got pwned. Its cos the software SUCKS. Up till 3 days ago I couldn't get PT and PAHUD to work with it. Fine thats not the sites fault, there's no obligation for it to work and PAT at PT has been working his ass off.
BUT what about the memory leaks!?? The software is really poor. Whilst its on, my memory usage spikes because of it - and then remains high. I also found it impossible to run more than 3 tables at once without uberslowdown. at4 tables I constantly find my screen freezing and then getting instbooted from tables. This kinda crap really got to me.
I don't run a top of the line system but its pretty nifty at 2gb processor, 1.5gb ram, and a radeon 9800 pro graphics card, so I didn't think it was me, especially since I run every other poker site perfectly fine.

My advice is really not to bother with the whole ongame network until this crap is sorted out. For now I'm joining the standard 2+2 boycott of PR.

I probably ended down about $15 at LHE0.5/1 up about $5 at LHE1/2 and just made the rest up at NL25. no accurate numbers since PT wasn't working. all i have is the below figure:
Deposited $500. cashed out $598.50.
I took the PSO bonus for 12000 points and am not going back, apart from maybe to spend my PR points on some freerolls or something.

p.s. usually I never edit posts but I have done this one simply trying to figure out the font. I'm gonna go 'bold' from now on because it helps make the text stand out more

Friday, July 21, 2006

F@"% me its hot

As I post this I'm sitting here sweating my balls off. This week is another of zero hands but 'ok' diniro. plus about $200ish and 3/4 of the way through both the bonuswhoring and PSO pokerroom bonuses. Thats worth another $300ish in bonus, although I'm running pretty hot at so fingers crossed I'll be good for a little more.

I'm going back to crypto tonight too, to clear 300 raked hands fast. Usually its not really a problem there so this should be fine.

there's a double shootout promo going on that i didn't know about until the very last time from pokerplayermagazine. Its in about 1/2hr.
on monday 24th theres a pokerplayermag freeroll at betfair which is good value. i made the land based final last time. There's also a freeroll on 30th at mansionoker with 1st prize going to vegas for some $1m tourney and 2nd-5th get to go to a tottenham game. worth a shot i suppose since i reckon i'm definitely WAY better than the field.

anyway thats the brief update, full review on sunday/monday. gl at the tables

Monday, July 17, 2006

Decent restart. need more hrs

The above is over a mere 6.5hrs of play!

first day i made $166.38 which was in the stats posted on the 13th.

since then:

cash: $159
bonus $100

its really annoying but PT isn't working properly for PR, which also means I'm not able to play there. This is messing me up pretty badly as i can't complete a PSO bonus at my current rate and I may just have to play LHE0.5/1 without PT. Also 3 tables is the max on PR and really only 2 is good since there's uberlag at 4 tables.

so $284

BR is now $4220.50
Finally broken the $4000 so thats nice

Played more LHE0.5/1 than I wanted to and a lot less NL50. I thought I'd book around 2000 hands but i didn't get a chance to play all weekend so thats why i have next to nothing logged.
I ran ok at LHE1/2 but I was playing the beginner tables. I can no longer play there so my results at that level will definitely be reigned in. I only wish that they had had more than just 2 LHE1/2 tables because most of the time i was the only multitabler there, so obviously pwning.

currently have 2600hands at my new party account. once that gets to 10k if i have a winrate of say 6-7BB/100 that should be more than fine to go back to NL100.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I can't log any hours

I've played maybe 11hrs since teusday. That's pretty awful since i don't actually do anything else.

Prob not gonna play today since i have to go out... about 1hr ago.
I have been running at about $38 per hour over those 11hrs tho (spread over two PT databases, can't be bothered to check properly). Started off with my return to NL50 making over 3 buyins in 50mins. kinda like 'woah'! I've been breaking even for like 5k and suddenly this? decided to take the day off after that :D

I have a $200 bonus for another 1800 pokerroom points. there's no way i'm gonna be able to clear that because i only have about 10 days left. I'd better clear the 400 points tho for the PSO bonus. thats worth $120. I can't really play there right now because I'm having PT problems, oh and the software lags like a bitch. how about lagging and then losing connection as i play a raised pot with JJ on TT3 flop and simultaneously when it's folded to me in MP with AKo? *sigh*

I'm murdering the LHE1/2 game on the party beginner's table. It's REALLY bad there, although i managed to book a $10 los on the 0.5/1 tables last night. hmm. just trying to clear the $100 bonus on there. gonna do a casino soon, possibly the willhill one since its a monthly.

i got NLHTAP the other day and have been skimming through. I also have a tonne of poker vids to watch. oh and I need to go eat something...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back Once Again Like the Renegade Master

I'm back biatch.

Been a wierd 2-3 weeks or so. Moved into my new place, went home for a about 24hrs and in general have just been moping about, impatiently waiting for the internet.

These days i now ACTUALLY think about turning lights off etc when i'm not in the room. Funny. Living at halls has given me really bad habits. Grocery shopping is an interesting experience, in fact after posting this I'm gonna shower and then head out to Lidl and pick up some stuff. Having never done it before without a car you really dont realise just how heavy it can get!
My flat mates are cool. One is one of my best friends and the other two are a couple from his course. There's another girl but she's at home cos she's working in a pub or someother crappy job. I'd been hanging with the couple a lot but its a bit wierd. My mate had gone home for a week or so and then went with his family to the world cup final. I KNOW! £2000 a ticket for 5, that kid's parents have some serious deniero.

Anyway I've now had the internet since teusday and totaled 2hrs of playing time. Trying to ease back into it. I had a really good session at NL50 earlier then a pretty poor NL25 one. For some reason my NL25 experience hasn't been pretty and i put it down to it being 10-max. Its hard to adjust since i think 21% is tight but really i want it to be 18%-20% VPIP. At 6-max I think i was at 23% which was a bit tight but still getting paid. Meh.

I hope to get around 4hrs of cash games in today, and then a few hrs tourney play. Hit up some STTs. I'm gonna play 100 at $11 and see how I do. I wanna do them quickly. If i get a ROI of over 25% I can jump to the 22s. I'm more than rolled and feel I got the game for it (i.e. just pushbotting) but not necessarily too comfortable since I dont play it much.A ROI of 20% i'll prob move up. Prob do it all at party and/or crypto.
I'll be playing a few $4.40 180 man SnGs at Stars and may try and satellite into a WSOP qualifier. I really don't want to spend any money on it.

Adding to what I played just beofre I went on my break I'm gonna play up to 10k hands at NL50, do some bonus whoring and then get back to NL100 the week after next. I have about 8k hands to go. I hope to have $5k by then.

The following is just to bring my up to date. I'm gonna find somewhere else to track my $$ since i dont want to publish it so nakedly in the future but for now its here cos i'll prob forget otherwise.

Party: $123.18 +45.3 bonus.
Pokerroom: ($13.95)
Crypto: $9.58

affiliate rb: $19.39
also got some party rb coming if i can ever cashout, i think its to the tune of $150 but we'll stay posted.
cardrunners subscription ($20)

anyway BR total now: $3936.50