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Monday, February 25, 2008

Busted LAPC

I'm just a little annoyed at myself really. I'm starting to think big laydowns are crucial in tournaments, and I really have to start doing them. IN cash games, to some extent i don't have to make them due to a lack of need to consider ICM, but in donkaments its different.

at 400/800/100 i got to 120k, and was out 2nd hand of 600/1200/200. pffffffffffffff

wtf now:

300/600/50 some random woman opens MP to 2.5k with 35k stack, CO shoves for 7.5k i have JJ in sb with about 50-60k stack. now what?


85k stack at 500/1000/100

AA in MP raise to 3k, HJ (young internet kid who'd been active) calls, CO calls (oung azn dude who plays strange, kinda really like a live pro), bb calls.


HJ: 75k, CO, 50, bb, 130k

flop K93dd. check, bet 6k, raise 15k, fol, fold, i ship but should have called and lose to 33 obv.

o rly:


allen cunningham opens 23k/24k stack to 2400 from CO, i defend sb with 87dd. bb calls
flop 852r. i lead 4.2k, fold, cunningham ships for just over 16k more. i sigh, count pot etc, and call. he asks me 'do u have an 8?' i freeze cos my mind is running 'wtf?!' and he shows 86. skill game obv.

I'm gonna sweat everyone still in i guess. that i can remember off the top of my head (and yes im too lazy to look it up f u): thayer, ray, watts, JP, john, jennifer tilly and brystmar (who i sat with all day and he knew who i was but i didnt know who he was and wtf was he doing 3-betting me 3 times in one level????)

I've started the golf swing style rebuild of my 'game'. i actually hate using that term, as well as 'poker career' cos, well, its lame. Anyway basically I dislike my approach to certain situations which come up, as well as the image that I set up and use. The current way I set up my image is not as good live as it is online. especially in donkaments cos I HATE chipping down. I really have to control myself. I can get a big stack early easily, but once I get it I'm not using it properly and in certain spots I'm sucking so bad just sitting back and chilling for like an hour or so. Every level that I go into trying to tell myself to chill and play tight, I do something pretty retarded imo. Recently it's just not been letting go of hands, or at least taking suboptimal lines with overpairs when I've elected instead to go for the hero play and try and get it in and pray to baby jesus raptor that im good.kdjbfjsndl

i'm feeling really good about poker even tho busting sucked, and i have some pretty exciting ideas about running some 'advanced' math to my thought process (note: its only advanced because I hadn't thought of it till now. it's probably std and everyones spent some time on it). either way i'm gonna sit with pokerstove, wordpad and a lot of some tv series and get it done.

Feb is kinda a wash. goals for march:

50k cash game hands.
play every sunday
maybe play 1 or 2 small live donkaments somewhere like gukpt.
win a seat to monte carlo or maybe bellagio wpt since i would really like to go to that too.
three 5 fig cashes in donkament,
be up monies in all donkmanets.
play less tables with respect to donkaments.
win 50k

I really may end up playing like 80k hands and a bazillion donkamnets. i guess in the region of 200 donkmanets online should be right, mainly because I'm gonna cut down on number of tables. f it who am i kidding, i can really log 400 kinda easily. I feel good about poker as i said and really am just gonna grnd for a whole month and make money and stuff. I still want well into 6 figs for 2008 and really do expect it. I think however I've been lazy with my technical development recently and i've also been terriblly unmotivated. I've also never worked hard with pokerstove and SnG power tools.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


well heres whats been going on.

3 days ago i dropped like 4k at 10/20 at the commerce. ran bad bluffs, some terrible and just got no hands. In back to back hands, duck played this:

UTG straddles, folds to button who makes it 140, duck makes it 420 from bb with AA.

Flop K53. check check
turn 2. duck bets 600, button makes it 1.7k, duck shoves for 4.5k. dude tanks, flips over a K, tanks a lot lot longer, and finally calls. duck holds.

next hand, lior opens to 70, same villain, now CO calls. duck makes it like 340. lior folds, CO makes it 840. duck calls

flop Q86dd, duck checks, villain bets about 1200 iirc with about 4.5-5k beind. duck calls.
turn blank, duck checks, villain announces AI, duck had already given me a sweat so i knew she had QQ ldo.

river A. villain has AA. gg /life etc etc.

I played all night that night just to win back some cash. I prob played bad a lot too. Next day missed everything and then the day after was 1.5k event for lapc. I felt good but ended up missplaying one hand and having to fold to river shove. still had 30bbs. then i limp shove QT like 18bbs deep vs ducks iso and get tehre vs AQ.

I shortstack ninja a while, then get 77 in vs AK and win. WOOT.
at 100/200/25 i have10k and AKs UTG. i open 600 at a new table where i'd been tight for 2 orbits but had opened the button the folded to a 3-bet 2 orbits before. UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 3-bets to 2.5k with 5k behind. folds to me, i shove and UTG+1 calls fastish. I think that UTG+2 has already called too, and flip my hand. He hasn't and decides to call with J now knowing for sure i dont have AA. JJ wins obv and i hate life.
busted this one with 6.5k at 200/400/50 when i open the button to 1100 with QQ, david pham makes it 2k more from sb with A8o and calls my shove cos the turn is always an A ball.

Night after we went out to dinner at the cheesecake factory, which im a big fan of and then found a spot to play some pool and jsut hang out etc.

Tonight was weird. I won 300 then lost 800 online, eskabor and tj are at commerce and come back. I decide to flip 800 with esko, and lose obv. I lose 4-3 in a 7 flip series at 800 a throw, then lose the 1.6k martingale. so im stuck 3.2k and whatever food time. Go to sushi then a ghetto ass liquor store, before coming back to play 10/point chinese cos. It degenerates into a $40 6-way flips, i ended up losing 4k more to esko cos wow. At this point it was me esko, thayer, paul b, and tj. Then duck comes back and we keep flipping a little more.

Somehow TJ and esko start flipping. Esko cant get action, so he was giving JT 5k to 4.5k on straight badugi flips. I'm too lazy to explain badugi, wikipedia it yourself if you don't know the game. For flips, we obv had no draws. We also wouldnt shuffle normally, just mess all the cards up, ahve them in a pile and have each flipper pick and sweat one card at a time.

Anyway TJ and esko quit, but with esko down so he goes and loses to duck on a flip for 5.5k iirc. it might have been two seperate flips actually. I end up taing a 4.5k to 5k flip, then run super hot and at 3.5k-3k i get up to esko oweing 27.6k. We do an 8k to 7k flip and i lose cos, well such is life and ended up being only up 12.1k on the session and 5k on the whole thing when i could easily have been up 50k if i had just ran a little hotter (even tho thats hard obv).

anwyas sleepy time cos I cant stay awake anymore.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've been out here for 4 days now. Unfortuanately I just woke up at like 5.30pm today which is bad. Haven't really done much here, the room is nice and they actually have aeron chairs in each one.

Sat was teh ladies event. Apparently guys can play, amybe i should have. Anyway I flew in and when I landed called duck, she said she barely had any chips left. took over an hour to get through customs, and called her again from the cab and she was CL! Anyway, easy game and she wins, getting monies, a trophy, a chipset and a copper horse.

Sunday was uneventful. Played sundays and std results. Watched the superbowl tho.

Yesterday I busted the $1k in meh fashion. Played pretty well imo, but just never saw any cards, then when i did see them they were monsters and i got zero action. Just fustrating, doubled then built up then build down then lost a flip for 1/2 my stack, blah blah blah.

PLayed cash. Ran one bluff which was pretty lol. Ended up -800 at 10/20 which is ok considering the bluff, and then was down 300 in the 5/10 with 400 cap buyin cos i dont run good preflop. I even had to fold TT pre for a 30bbs in a cash game. I almost cried.