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Friday, April 20, 2007


First one is soon, and i've done next to no revision. Not much else to post right now.

I have c&c 3 which is ok, i hate the hotkeys. I havent played any poker recently and am actually really looking forward to a massive may. right off to tescos, then gonna start studying like crazy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

random update

the forum i used to read about 4 yrs ago to do with yuri's revenge is hilarious

Saturday, April 07, 2007

poker is fun

for everyone, apart from me cos i havent play much.

2k hands or so, $1.5k monies this month. I really dont think i'll play much more this month, I'm gonna knuckle down and revise. Currently jsut enjoying the sun and stuff. I think i'm about to do some internet shopping for clothes, then tidy my room and start moving stuff onto the new hard drive i bought.

thats about it, nothing new to post about. I realise its actually been a long while since i posted about poker, or any HHs, but thats really because a lot of it is merging together in my head and i'm not really thinking about individual hands especially hard anymore. My thinking is more along the lines of image, and general flow, and history.
This is how I've been playing poker, which is a completely different way to how i was thinking about it ages ago. Obv I'm also thinking about the actual hand in progress, and the actual hand strength i have, but my reaction to my opponents actions are now dictated more by the things i mentioned to some extent, because how to actually play a hand for its immediate strength is something that has started to come automatically to me now.

I actually have a pretty strong deisre to play, but I am not allowing myself to, as I have exams to pass.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Round Up

Kinda disappointing. I started really well, took 14 days off then couldn't get started. I now regret my break in between, as I've lost motivation to play. I'm playing ok at NL600 and above, just not running very well.

Yesterday was -$9 or so at donkaments. I'm up around $450 in bonuses thanks to party, and $1k in rb. Add $500 W$ and I'm up around $13k this month. BR wise i'm at whatever, I'm planning to withdraw all i have online down to $30k and consider that my BR. I'm just gonna bounce around 1/2 to 5/10 depending, but mostly play 2/4 and 3/6, whilst also dropping to 1/2 when i'm not feeling great or when there just arent enough games running, like in the mornings.
My last 14k hands or so have been kinda whatever, probably running a B/C game for the most part in all honesty with the occasional terrible hand. Meh, we all have them.

Anyway we've holla'd at one house for the SSNL mansion, check it out Las Vegas Home - Villa.
We'll be going late june for 1 month. We've booked it, but if something better appears in the next couple of days we can still change our mind.

Internetwise this thread is awesome.

In real life, I've played less AOE3 thankfully, but I've managed to do a rubik's cube in 1min 50. I'm gonna learn some dope algorithms so that I can break 60secs. My exam schedule is in, and I'm up on the 26th, 2nd a 4th. Should be fun. Aim is play around 20k hands for April so taht I can revise mad good, then plug away for 100k hands in May. I'll probably start doing 6-8k hands a day, which is obv pretty awesome.

In response to the comments that i can remmeber.
paul, i'll cahnge the blog link whenever i can be assed.
some otehr dude asked for a link on the side. i dont mind, but i'm not linking blondepoker cos i never read it. i dont even link 2p2 and i spend a crapload of time on that.
some dude asked for a pic of my setup, erm read the archives i have a pic somewhere, january probably. the software for graphing is poker grapher. cant remember the rest. post more questions and comments, they may get answered before christmas :D

I'm out for now. Holla