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Monday, January 19, 2009

playing bad/running/bad probably both

I've been back from PCA a few days now. It was a lot of fun. I went out on the 3rd so that I could play Sundays. First one I was 1/7 in the ipoker major, but flamed out in 7th for a very disappointing 7.5k after QQ < AQ then A2 < QT and A7 < 77. super super fustrating. I expertly lose a small cc roulette then walking to rubens room i lose a 1k flip with kingdan who was stuck from the pit. Then lose a rando $200 on the end via rubber dice.
Never mind I thought, still up for the day and the main event is the next day! Get one of the toughest starting tables possible, helped not by the fact that all the action players were behind me and all the sng players to my right. Oh yeah and no one busted till 200/400/50 which is just rediculous since we just kept getting shorter and shorter (not to mention any new player brought in had to be worse than what was already sitting). I end up donking out in a spot I should probably always avoid, especially in live donkaments.
So i brick that, plus all the psotlims. 2k I managed to get AQ in pre vs aa and kk for 40bbs, then in the 5k lost a huge flip, in a pretty standard spot. Kinda annoying just because I was feeling good to play that day, but you just have to win the flips.
Then I have one of the worst sundays ever, not sure what i cashed in, if anything at all. Totally terrible. 7 days later I just had an even worse one. -7k for today cashing in a total of one tournament for $250. ghuiopshng sklhiopiopiopiophn.

Friday was gukpt brighton, and of course I busted before the first break. Pretty ****ing expert. I really don't think I've been playing very well recently, might have to take a break or something. I do think the lack of bananas has hurt me recently, since I like to use them early in sessions to basically make sure I fold.
(my other leak is i should just assume people always have it in live donkaments).

I plan to play a little on pkr, or play a few donkament sessions where I record my play just to check that I'm not thinking about things incorrectly. For the most part its been ok but I've felt like I've shoved in some perhaps bad spots, although there's been quite a few recently where I just keep getting shown AQ+ which is obv just running super bad, including seeing AA a lot :(
Somehow I reckon I'm only -£500ish since friday and actually up since being back from pca, because although I've played bad I can sometimes also play pretty good. However I ran kinda bad in the 90k gtd when I squeeze TT 35bbs deep and have someone flat what either has to be nuts or super retardedly wide and then lose the other 20bbs vs cl AA with AJ after he'd just raise/called 72s vs ~13bbs and rocking like 49/45. I did though win a 10k gtd ongame 109fo that day, as well as party 3pm day or so before. In both I was just in cruise control, so probably meant I ran pretty good.

Lastly congrats Richard 'zidane18' Lewindon who came 7th in Brighton. Sick unknown because he learns games rediculously fast. If he plays more of these, he's gonna have a bunches of chances to win and definitely one to watch when he gets chips.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 huh? Last year pretty much flew by. I'd post an end of year graph if I had one, or do some kind of estimate of +/- but I honestly have no idea. This is probably one of my worst traits. I think I play the game well for the most part, but I'm just terrible at getting round to menial tasks. I used to keep track of my wins/losses pretty accurately on here for a while, but I just lost interest.

For December, I'm up ~$90k give or take 5-10k. I probably should know this stuff. My aim for the next year is to be better at tracking stuff.

Tomorrow I fly to PCA, strategically planning to arrive on the 3rd, and leaving on the 12th (so that I get the joy of palying Sundays on my laptop). Would like to say I'm looking forward to it, but I feel indifferent either way. My goal is to just try and do what I can in the tournaments, and not lose credit card roulette when the big bills come.

In the last post, I was obviously complaining about running bad. Well I managed to close out the party 18k gtd in the end, basically luckboxing the crapshoot period that is the close of virtually every party donkament. I was convinced to play yesterdays nightlies by a lewi because of the huge overlays. I won a small 9k gtd on ongame (my 1/day cash), which lewi also ft'd but then my play went to complete shit. Rocked my D- game pretty damn hard, and deserved not to cash anything. Actually that's not true I did get a little unlucky in some spots, but I just didn't think I was in touch with any table flow. It's been a while since I've been so annoyed at my own play. It's gonna happen every now and then just out of pure variance, but playing bad really annoys me because it means I've left money on the table.

anyway gl for 2009, see you after pca