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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

moving house sucks

see title.

September Round Up

This month has been a real busy month for me, moving house and trying to restart uni. I played 12k hands on party and the above are the stats + graph. I would have liked to hit 25k hands at NL200 this month, but I just havent had the time. I feel real comfortable at NL200, hope to clock 40,000 hands at NL200 next month and then move to NL400 in november.

I've played another 3-4k hands at LHE1/2 on crypto this month.


+3291 main account
-$60 on non rb account
+$105 summer sizzler promo


+$110 LHE
+£50 bonus
+$100 bonus
+£39 from ben for doing the willhill bonus for him

mansion bet:
$555 hedge
$200 keno
$1000 keno bonus
$90 pokersavvy

piad $150 in database purchases
around $30 in transaction fees
$20 to CR
$50 PTstud

about even in donkaments and up around £80 in live cash. w.e.

ok. $5310 this month, but real disappointing in that I barely got any hours in, maybe 30hrs total online which really sucks.

BR: $14680, however -$2000 for living costs

so BR is 12680

I wont get much chance to play till we get the internet on october 2nd, but if I manage to jack wireless from somewhere I'm gonna play on stars and clear the bonuses because I really want aa grey pokerstars hoody.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


My last two poker session have been kinda funny. I played 1300 hands, got stuck around $500, then proceeded to win $850 in about 300 hands,
Yesterday I got stuck $800 in around 1000 hands, then in 200 hands went rostucko again and ended up around $350 again. I think its because I'm not starting each session focussed, and am calling away a lot in really bad situations. Then I just run ridicuolously well and have all my hands hold up. I'm gonna try and sort this out, because its gonna prove very costly LT otherwise.

Right now I'm actually lying on my bed posting this from my laptop. Fuck its hard to use these things and I remember now why i dont like them. Then keyboards are gay, the touchpad even more so, and now I've found that they do a really anoying combo if you accidentlly brush the tuchpad whilst typing, as it just starts you off somewhere else.

Paintingwise we're quite far along. I want a 4th coat on my bedroom wall, and some of the doors need doing, but apart from that we're looking pretty good. I am dreading wednesday when we move everything, because there are A LOT of stairs to handle. My room right now is a complete tip and we've been eating out a lot since we're too tired to sort out food at home, but I'm hoping soon everything will be sorted.

University starts next week, that's gonna be fun times.

oh, i just got aim, add 'tufat23' as I currently have zero buddies.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Again, playing no hands

So my new laptop came yesterday too, fun times. It's actually pretty cool, even tho its refurbished.
stats on it are:

12" monitor
1.2gb processor
512mb ram
30gig HD

I only wanted it for playing poker on campus and so wasnt wanting anything special. I also got a 12" monitor cos i wanted something ubersmall so that it could fit in my backpack with my books. Well, its now pretty redundant since... WE GOT A PLACE ON TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD!!!

Its gonna cost me £127/wk as the landlord is refurbishing the kitchen and bathroom, which both look pretty rubbish right now. We're currently waiting on the carpet to be ripped up, but because some idiot glued it down, the floor is gonna have to be sorted out by a builder or something, and basically gonna be very dirty. I got one huge ass room and a great view.

I think I've logged like 5hrs in the last week. Been busy signing the contract on my new place, which was almost a complete farce. Currently in the middle of painting it all. Yesterday I put a base coat of 'brilliant white' down, even tho I 'm going with 'off-white' anyway. Its gonna be 3 coats total (hopefully), and fuck it I just decided to pay a buddy £80 to sort it all out. BALLA!
The place does need some serious paint tho, since the colours are extremely Fugly

With a free day, I was gonna play some pokah, but damn ninja I'm feeling ubertired. Maybe tomorrow huh?

I g2g now, cos i wanna see what everyone is doing, here are some pics. My flatmates, room and view.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Crap. I need £1100. help?

I went busto and need to rebuild...


So we're gonna be looking for a new place tomorrow, and since we've decided to be pretty decisive (since time is an issue) we're gonna be pretty certain of exactly where we are. So in light of that, I wanna buy a new TV. Yep, thats why I need £1100. I want a new tv. I've found a Samsung 50" HDTV. There are only 2 left on amazon, so I think I'll get one. However, I don't wanna take any money out of my roll since I've just bought a laptop and camera this month, as well as an ipod and exercise bike (still never used!) last month. I also found my PSP, which i bought in May and still ahven't opened. I guess I waste money on stuff quite a bit? Oh yeah, I bought another HD but that was kinda necessary because of my excessive TV watching. I guess we'll be getting sky and teebo (its called skyplus right?).

So I've never really set myself tasks. I have goals like play 30,000 hands in a month and run at 4-7PTBB/100 (not happening this month) but no set goals. We'll the 'tv challenge' is gonna be done via 'non grind' methods. I'm still gonna log as many hands a day at NL200 as long as I feel 100%, but if not I can bonuswhore and play NL100 and/or play LHE/STTs. I aim to make $2000 within 3weeks via this method. I'm gonna cheat a bit and take my chances at some donkaments, but I will mostly be bonuswhoring and casinowhoring. If I score a donkament this will seriously cut down my time spent getting my tv.

Right now I'm gonna do:

interpoker at LHE1/2 (gnoming so have $200 this month, plus previous month's bonsues)
starluck casino +EV around $92
planetluck casino + EV around $92
cherry casino +EV around $100
pokerstars reload ( i have two stacked) I think I'll clear this at Horse 1/2, or razz 1/2
sunpoker monthly I got this backlogged too so I guess I'll play NL100 there or LHE1/2 or 2/4

That should keep me busy this week, but I would also like any others that anyone knows of that are good. I think it sucks that I still play 1/2 FL games, I shuld just play 2/4. If I run well over my next 5000 hands at LHE1/2 I'll move up (jeez I'm such a BR nit, I can easily play 5/10 or 10/20 but I just don't feel my game is good enough and want to make sure I'm properly skilled)
I might hit up absolute and wpex.

I have already done CON,, willhill, and most poker bonuses. I haven't yet done many pokersites that dont use PT. I'll checkout the bonuswhores website to figure stuff out. I feel like a kid again, going back to bonus whoring.

If this goes well I think I'll continue to bonuswhore 'for fun' and play other games as a diversion from NL200 after I'm too tired to play. I also wanna play FL 5/10 games as a diversion and work on my STT and MTT games, because right now I think I've been really neglecting everything BUT NL 6-max cash.

My list of things I want and the budget. I havent looked into exacty pricing apart from TV, but heres what I'm estimating:

TV: £1100
Surround sound to go with tv: £200-£300
New desktop tower: £1400
Two new monitors: £600
Ps3 : £800 (incuding games?)
random crap that I'm sure I'll want: £1000

So i wanna make around $8000 by march in 'toy money' because thats when the PS3 comes out and I wanna have bought all the other crap by then. Sounds reasonable, its about $1.5k per month. Apparently casino bonuses dry up at around $10,000. It doesn't matter I'm going to poker bonuse it too, and poker winnings will count too.

This will be in addition to making $4k-$10k per month and never will I neglect my main game for the side stuff (I hope). Also 'usual' bonuses like party reloads don't count, only stuff that I explicitly do like the crypto reloads. I haven't done fulltilt yet, so when I start there, the $600 sign up bonus will count to usual earnings, not 'toy money'. Rakeback also counts as usual earnings, as will say stuff similar to the mansion bet. At the moment there's no separate roll or anything for it, just a +/- figure. Maybe I'll keep a 'separate' roll for it even tually, but for now it's unnecessary.

stuff i have in mind post march:

$2000 in wsop qualifer money
$2000 watch
$2000 in suits.
$30,000 in a car
$400,000 in a house...

(these last two are unlikely from casinowhoring alone :P)

... and yes. I just made a whole blog post basically about my desire for a 50" TV within 2 weeks :D BALLA!

Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm taking life beats from every direction

Damn ninja.This month I have played a total of 8000 hands. THATS IT. I'm gonna try and clock maybe 2k-4k hands this weekend, but we'll see.

Stuff has been pretty hectic.

OK. So it's decided that we're NOT staying at Elephant & Castle because the landlord is moving the rent up and my housemates can't afford it. No worries for me since I'm now making semi-balla money I would actually prefer to get a better place. RIght now we pay £95/week and they want £110/wk. The place is so NOT worth £110/wk so I'm now looking for places up to around £140/wk. I guess it's quite a lot of money and in the past I would have seriously cringed at that kind of money... but screw that, ninja. I'm semi-balling. I'm up $2.4k in cash over my 8k hands and about 1.6k total from the mansion stuff. I've heard CCU are also definitely paying so WOOT DOG!

At same time as all this shit, we've got fucking fleas! My ex- housemates had a cat and a dog, against the tenancy agreement, and the sons of bitches have now moved out but left the fucking fleas behind. We've got environmental control coming in, but in the meantime I'm spending a fortune in fucking flea spray. I usually don't like to use profanity in my blog anymore, but this situation warrants it. It's a fucking nightmare. I've been getting bitten, and its not fun.

THEN last night I did my laundry, hung that shit up and then it rained and i had to rewash. ffs

Oh, and there's the small matter of me losing my key on wednesday, and having to crash on a friends floor for a night, before spending ages (and £20) persuading my housemate to let me back in (i had a spare key on my desk. clever)

I was also in the well this week in SSNL. At least I've found out that I am registered for uni, as long as I confirm online so that I can get my session card that way.

Some dude from 2p2 has asked me for some help, and I've agreed to look through a HH for him, however I'm not sure. It takes fucking ages to look through other peoples, HH and to be honest I don't even bother looking through my own. I think I'll check one out for him tonight, but thats it, unless he pays. However he doesnt use PT and only has a $250 BR (from $500) so w.e.
I would like to start coaching etc, but I don't think I'm that good a coach really so I guess thats something for the future. Also how much can I charge? I'd want at least $25/hr for it to be worth my while but I'm not sure NL25/NL50 players can really afford it and/or would think it's worthwhile. An alternate way would me to take a % of their action, which is an interesting concept as I then only get paid if they do well, but I have to be sure that they won't F me over.

I am thinking about writing an article soon titled: "how to get better, really [censored] fast." It would be a step by step guide of how to beat NL25/NL50 and by logging a huge number of hands at the same time

Monday, September 11, 2006


Since it's a new month and I have a fresh 'bounce' I thought I'd give my blog a fresh look.
I was never happy with the previous Fugly blue, and the text did not stand out one bit. Oh and I'm now justifying my text to give it more of a profession feel.

I haven't updated my poker situation recently so here we go:

I played just 1 hr today, and ran hot again, even after stacking off with AQ on a JT9 board. Semi-bluffing was WRONG.
This month so far I'm down $100 in donkament entries, but up $130 in summer sizzler promo, finally. I'm up $250 from mansion keno, and also $1000 from the bonus from wagering $20,000 at the game. Hedged the mansion bet so $455 in +EV from hedging, $50 from SIA and $90 from pokersavvy. I'm also getting $200 from CCU, apparently. I'm not holding my breath since we're all very unsure, but I hope they do honour it as they have a lot of good casino promos that I would like to take advantage of.
I also did the willhill £50 monthly this month, and then did it for Ben and took 1/2 the action. It wasnt really worth my time but w.e. I'll do it for him ONE TIME.
Pokerwise I'm up $1.9k in 5.5k hands but we'll see how that goes. I'm running too hot right now and am expecting a downswing sometime. For now I'm just riding it out.

Hoping to clock around 20,000 hand by the end of the month, which is only a 1000 average a day. I think I'm gonna log 50,000 hands at NL200 before I consider going to NL400, unless I just continue running like a machine. If I average out at 4.5PTBB/100 I'm gonna be happy at NL200.

In order to withdraw my mansion money, I need to send in a pic of my drivers license. In order to send in this pick, I just spent £145 on a digital camera. Is this 'balla' or is this 'spew'??

This post was really poor, but it's 10.30am and I'm really tired.
I'll do a proper BR update in a couple of days.

Gl at the tables

Saturday, September 09, 2006

What I'm Doing

So I first played poker because I wanted to make money. Some people play it because they enjoy the challenge. Some play it because they really enjoy it. Some people play because they think its cool. Some people play it because they love to gamble, and some people play it because they really have nothing better to do. Most play due to a combo of the above reasons, as well as for many other reasons that I can't be bothered to come up with.

The lessons I have learned

Anyway I've been semi-successful and have been thinking about how I've changed as a person.
When I first started playing I just messed around. As I grew more successful I started spending a lot more time playing. I'm one of those peoiple who really is very happy in his own company. Some people need people all around them all the time, not me. Don't get me wrong I'm not some wierd, loner guy who has no friends and sits in his room all day reading (or playing poker). I love hanging out with friends but I don't feel the need or desire to do it all the time. When I was first 'successful' I started sucking a LOT at meeting up with people. Within about 3weeks or so people were getting annoyed, and about 2 weeks later it was just taken for granted that I would either be late or not be there at all. This was REALLY bad. I started going to class late/missing class and really just never, ever made anything on time.
This went on for like another 3 months or so, and didnt get any better as I improved as a player. Also my mood would be affected by my previous session (this is something I haven't totally lost). All I ended up talking about was poker and how I was doing for the day/week/month. This went on up till only around 1.5 months ago, mainly perhaps since I have less people to actually talk to in the summer holidays? Either way I generally don't currently like to talk abou it (unless i just pwn). In fact when I go to the gutshot I don't really like to even talk about handhistories. Most people talk about bad beats etc but NEVER mention the most important parts of the HH. i.e. table image, history with villain, stack sizes, perception of villain (apart from... FISH). Sometimes people don't even consider the size of the pot. Right now I actually am trying NOT to talk about poker unless someone brings it up first. Even then I'm trying to brush over it. I do other stuff (ok this is kinda a lie. I WILL be doing other stuff... soon)

What did I learn? Poker is not really that interesting to most people, in the same way I don't give a shit about amateur marathon racing.

I used to play all the time and organise my day/ plans around tournament schedules. Thank God I am now a cash game player. There is no need to all this donkament crap. Just play when I feel good, and the fish will be waiting.

What did I learn? Don't let poker dictate your life. Do what you want to do when you want to do it.

I also used to tilt like CRAZY. One day I jumped from NL25 to NL200 just to win back my money. I martingaled that mofo and busto'd. I managed to rebuild and then have a BR of around $1500 (i think). I then started playing party and paradise BJ, so much so that I'm actually a VIP member on paradise off the back of my BJ play. I ended up going busto at party for around $400 then taking $300 to paradise BJ and going robusto and back to even. Seriously HOLY SHIT. I was martingaling like mofo crazy and really shitting it. BJ at $300 a hand is sick. Even when I started casinowhoing I martingaled when hitting a normal slump. I was such a jackass. These days I pwn BR management. Daily swings don't affect me like they used to and I take everything in stride. I jsut looked at keno and i just went 1/10. Didn't bat an eyelid. This might have bothered me in the past but I know it's just statistical variance.
Interestingly a lot of my peers are going into IB and in trading. Trading has a high turnover of employees. I seriously am not surprised. These kids have NO experience at dealing with statistical variance and enduring it's day to day reality. They think 'oh, I got a job trading govt-bonds at GS. I'm da man! I'm gonna be rich.' True some will be, but it's also true that some won't be able to handle the fact that sometimes you can make the +EV decision but still get fucked. It happens. Some will martingale, some will suck, and some will just be unlucky. I have no idea what 'the long run' is for a trader, but most will not judge it correctly thinking that a couple of months success means they're good, when really it could easily be more like 2years before they know whether or not they are. Standing the test of time is exactly like standing the test of time being a pro gambler. I see this thinking in many small stakes and beginning players. 2000 hands may have taken 20hrs so obviously if they're making a good return over that time they're doing something right? Well, actually no. 2000 hands is nothing, just a drop in the ocean. I talked to a guy yesterday who said that he clocked 13,000 hands a day. Go figure.

What did I learn? Emotional control. Sometimes life deals you absolute shit one day and the stone cold nuts the next day. The trick is to be able to ride both and hopefully come out ahead in between. Also, know what the long run actually is, and be happy with decisions based on whether you did the right thing or not, rather than results. This is relates to life. Just because you got home alright after drinking and then driving doesnt mean you made an +EV decision. That's clearly being results orientated.

Money is important. But then again it isn't. Right now I play enough so that I'm comfortable buying wtf I want. This month I will work hard so that soon I can get to a limit where I can work 10hrs a week and make stupid money per annum. Do I need a job? Not really. If I just played poker I'll easily make graduate money. However I would hate the fact that all I do is take money off people for a living, without adding to society. I envy the medical students, the plumbing apprentices, the trainee accountants of this world. I would not want to do ANY of those jobs, but they have direction and they do provide something that helps society as a whole.
Me? I add nothing, apart from maybe hurting people. If I take $200 off someone at NL200 or $100 off them at NL100, this may spark someone to martingale to get their money back. It's even harder as the stakes move up and after successfully martingaling maybe 5-10 times, the dude goes busto. So he takes money from the bank and redeposits. He eventually goes busto again, and it's a vicious cycle. The dude may end up going broke or close to it, have his home repossesed and get divorced from his wife, and all because I started it off by taking money off him. My current reasoning is that he's gonna lose his money anyway, so someone has to be there to take it, might as well be me... but is that the guy I wanna be? A leacher off other people's misfortune and/or weakness? One time I was at the gutshot a dude in a suit chucked £1.25 at me in chips because he liked my style. I took the money off him because he didn't need it (who passes free money anyway?), but what about the dude sitting to my right who I busted twice who was unshaven and really looked like he hadnt slept in 2 days? He wore a dirty red hoody and looked pained at every hand he lost (and that was quite a few since he sucked ass).

What did I learn? I have no idea what I want to do in life, but know poker is not the answer. I see it only as a short term thing before I 'find myself' (although as a side note I'm hugely grateful for poker as it's really allowed me to be so 'meh' about money)

What do I still need to learn?

  • Money is still money. I used to be the tightest mofo in Christendom when it came to money. Actually I still am, but back in the day I would never ever spend money if I could save it. These days I don't seem to be very prudent anymore. This I guess is a byproduct of the fact that at anyone time I can easily win/lose a week's rent in one click of the mouse, and in 4 clicks can lose a month's rent. I hope to not lose the value of money, ever.
  • Stop talking about winning/losing. I do still suck at this. No one wants to hear about it.Everyone else I know is a broke ass student, so 'bragging' is NOT cool. I was up just over £1000 yesterday. Telling a poker player is cool, they understand the good comes with the bad, but the average joe?
  • Stay disciplined. I haven't crazy tilted in ages. I've had mini-session which haven't cost me too much so I should learn from those lessions NOW. Also I suck at playing long hours. I so hope to clock 1.5k hands a day on average from now on (although not tomorrow).
  • Have fun. I'm not really having all that much fun at poker right now. I've turned it into a job and don't enjoy it as much as I used to.
  • Balance things. Do other things, exercise, read books, learn a foreign language, travel. SOMETHING

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I suck at logging hrs

I'm unsure. Felt really tired today.

Yesterday I clocked 1860 hands and today 900. I've been running 'ok' but interestingly AA and QQ are net losers over the past couple of days. I think tilt control and my ability to win max/ lose min is really coming good.
here are some hands. In both cases I don't think there is any other line given no super reads/ extensive hero-villain history .
I think I played them pretty much perfectly, have a gander.


I've been thinking a lot about what makes a good blog. For example of all the blogs I read this is clearly the best. The writing style is freeflowing and easy to read. The poker content is interesting but not necessarily the overdominating aspect.
Many blogs, including my own, suck at this. Poker is the general theme, but there is little to no thought about poker in general, or poker from various directions. It's all "I'm running good" or "I'm running bad." For example I started this post off talking about having AA/QQ as losers... but did I make mistakes? Shouldn't I really concentrate on the other 99% of hands that I have to play? Although variance has been high, I'm actually running at 8.5BB/100 this week will AA a net loser. Bad blogs will concentrate on these hands, post them, and be worried about where the money will ever come from. Good blogs won't mention them, or maybe just brush over the quickly like a side remark. This is a by product of the fact that good players play MANY MANY more hands than the bad players. Not just cos most are unemployed poker 'pros' or 'semi-pros' but because we (and yeah I'm going with 'we') play a shedload more tables at any one time.
I may only clock 2-3hrs a day maximum, but most small stakes players struggle to get close to clocking in a month what I do in a week.
Thus when they take a beat it's more of a big deal. I will see a lot more beats in the same amount of time, and really unless its a string of beats/cold decks it doesn't really register, and I check how I ran by my BB/100.
Another thing that makes a good blog is providing something for the reader. Many blogs have people asking for HH help and really don't give much insight into the game (for example this dude. His analysis is 'ok-ish' but i do like the effort in general). This is totally fine as many small stakes players aren't good enough to really be giving advice, and really DO need to receive advice. However HH posts should be put in forums like or You get a much wider audience and many very good players responding, especially in SSNL on 2p2. 2p2 has a bit of a bad rep since some people are very sarcatic and it's 'clicky'. However most posters are very good and as long as you post using hand converters and don't do anything stupid you will gain good feedback. Take criticsm for what it is. They may actually be correct.
In SSNL they run things called digests, which is a compilation of the most interesting threads of the week. There are also 'wells' where well-known posters/players are 'in the well' and for one day answer ANY question you throw at them. Recently players like aba020 have been in, and its great (recently famous for clocking $700,000 in august, then deciding $1mill for sept would be fine)
If someone can't provide 'poker insight' on a blog provide something else. Be funny. Try to think laterally. Post links to your favourite other blogs, or the best threads you've read today. Tell me something interesting like you got arrested for a faulty tailight by a really hot policewoman who you then got a phone number off, went on a date with but then accidentally KO'd her due to a miscalculation with a swinging door (no. no one has actually ever posted something like this... yet)

Alternatively you could just post something random about how some blogs rock but some blogs suck. The worst thing a blogger can do is not post.

p.s. my post titles constantly suck. I will have to do something about this.
p.p.s. F U cardrunners for running the tourney at 8pm EST, although its my own fault i logged in 1hr late...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LOL at today

So I played my HU SSNL donkament match and just killed my opponent. Not once did he have a chip lead on me and really I just ended up leaning on him all the way. I love building up a weak-tight image on people, then just annihalating them with some good LAG moves. It's actually exactly how I play cash games.
Most of the time I'm TAG from the start and people treat me as so. Sometimes I really jsut run bad and people outflop me (or at least tell me so), so I just give up. If this happens several times in a session I don't tilt, I wet my chops. This is because next time when I'll show early aggression, but rather than back off when I get check-raised ot raised postflop, a strong hand I'll use passive aggressive techniques. Sometimes I'll throw in bluffs when really I cant have anything else but a big hand (note this is villain specific, most NL100 players i would never bother to bluff).

Then I did the willhill £50 bonus at LHE1/2. I jsut 8-tabled. Lost $2 on teh session but OMG at me timing out on QQ preflop :(

Now I'm in kinda a bad mood cos I just played NL25 and PLO25 with $20 that I have in Empire from a bonus that was cashout restricted. I tried to run it up using some killer short stack stratergy but unfortuanately I was not meant to win a pot.
I lose:

AJ vs A2 AI preflop
QQ vs A7 AI on turn on 3463x board when he hit river 4-flush board after the money went 40% in by the flop and 100% in on the turn. (i had Q to the flush)
AQ vs JT AI preflop

There's also an omaha hand were I saw a cheap turn, turned the nutstraight, stuck it in and he paired the board with FH.

At least if I'm gonna run bad it's best it's at NL25 whilst I'm short stacking. I was doing the NL25----> NL1000 on a 4-buyin BR but I guess that's gonna have to be on hold right now :(

My housemate Anieka just moved in. She's Emily's (my other housemate) firend. I'd never met her before (I know my other housemates) She seems pretty cool, I'm not sure what she makes of me. I had 3hrs sleep when she moved in so rather than being my usual self I wasn't really switched on. I'm not totally sure how we'll get on, since I don't think we have anything in common. I haven't really had a chance to chat to her much since I sleep most of the day, and today she just shut herself in her room, I guess unpacking (plus I had my HU donkament match so I was busy anyway). She's then going away to her bf's for a week or somthing so I won't have to get to know her just yet anyway. I felt really bad taht her and Emily cleaned the living room and kitchen, cos well, a lot of the mess was mine and I suck at cleaning. I'll take them out to dinner or something (cos money aint a thang)

The girl that had my room before is here for like 4-5days or something. Technically she's still the tennant but w.e. I dont care that she's here but I actually really like having the house to myself, so that sucks.
Not totally sure why I decided to suddenly start giving you guys a breakdown about my house dynamics right now, but its really affecting my play time. I've clocked only 2000 hands online this month but I have clocked 13hrs live. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to have no distractions and get some hours in. I have won my biggest pot ever this month, with a 211bb deep stack I double up through a total donk. $422 pot was nice. Below are my two favourite hands of the month so far, since my reads were spot on and I went with my gut instinct.

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ BB (6 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: Plain Text)

Button ($12.69)
Hero ($211.07)
BB ($100)
UTG ($295.33)
MP ($163.26)
CO ($91)

Preflop: Hero is SB with Ks, Ad. Hero posts a blind of $0.50.
UTG raises to $2, MP calls $2, 2 folds, Hero (poster) raises to $10.5, 1 fold, UTG raises to $20, MP folds, Hero calls $9.

Flop: ($43) Tc, Kh, Td (2 players)
Hero checks, UTG bets $9.71, Hero raises to $19.42, UTG calls $9.71.

Turn: ($81.84) 7h (2 players)
Hero bets $45, UTG calls $45.

River: ($171.84) 5h (2 players)
Hero bets $50, UTG raises to $142.25, Hero calls $76.65 (All-In).

Final Pot: $440.74

Results below:
Hero has Ks Ad (two pair, kings and tens).
UTG has Ac 8d (one pair, tens).
Outcome: Hero wins $425.14. UTG wins $15.60.

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ Hero (3 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: Plain Text)

Button ($287.46)
SB ($89.40)
Hero ($122.43)

Preflop: Hero is BB with 8s, 3s. SB posts a blind of $0.50.
Button calls $1, SB (poster) completes, Hero checks.

Flop: ($3) 5c, 8d, 7s (3 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, Button bets $10, SB folds, Hero raises to $35, Button calls $25.

Turn: ($73) 5h (2 players)
Hero calls $86.43 (All-In), Button calls $86.43.

River: ($245.86) 8c (2 players, 1 all-in)

Final Pot: $245.86

Results below:
Hero has 8s 3s (full house, eights full of fives).
Button has Tc Kd (two pair, eights and fives).
Outcome: Hero wins $245.86.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Here was the month in total

Yesterday I made $60 from casinowhoring, $15 from LHE1/2 and £25 from willhill monthly bonus. paid $59.5 in tourney fees, but managed to cash in the $4.40 180 man and made $85 for 3rd.

my rakeback was $490

BR at $10888

i'd broken $11k, thanks to this week. online has been rocking, live has been up and down this week. i was up £194 one night and then down £150 another... oops.

However I'm minusing £800 right here and at 1.9 ex rate, I'm rolling at $9368 + this week.

There's a mansion $1100 free bet taht I'm gonna holla at. I'll almost definitely hedge it. Not much to say cos I'm extra tired. spent $70 in tourney entries today, i'll account for that later. My housemate moved in at 12pm so I've had like 3.5hrs sleep today. ffs.

here's my NL100 and NL200 graph on my main party account. fun times.