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Monday, December 29, 2008


fustrating weekend.

Felt like I played pretty good overall, but ran bad in ugly spots. Saturday started off indifferently, but got better when I finially binked a pca seat in a 100r. However no other joy, liek rejamming QJo in pkr major, when I thought villain would always fold because it was 5 from the money bubble, however the sb gets to have QQ which I think is ok because i doubt he ever calls AQ so his range is baiscally AK/QQ+ and I'd probably want to discount the number of times he calls AK to some region of 20-80% of the time leaning on something most liekly being like 30-45%. otehr guy typed in chat later that he had 77, so I defintiely feel it was fine.

Today started off awesome, missed the first 15mins of the warmuop and party major, not a problem. first hand back at 50/100 I 3-bet a Co open, bet/3-bet/call a Jxx lose to JT river T. MAybe a sigh of things to come. Run bad in pretty much everything, but I'm pretty sure that the large majority of the chips I lsot were all getting it in good, or some super cooler.

My best shots of the day ended up being the sunday million and mulligan, but it was never gonna be. with a rediculous image I 3-bet KK 50bbs deep, get cold 4-bet shoved on and lose to AA obv with around 100 let in the mulligan.
In the million i ran like god early to be 2/400 or so, but just couldnt get going and at one stage held my stack for about 2.5hrs before shoving atc into ak for 12bbs to bust 120-50ish. about b/e for the week and ive almost defintiely closed tlb top 100.

Today is tuesday, and as I write this I have a total of one left, party 18k gtd. Felt like I played another good day, closest stuff was busting the ftp 50k gtd with 40 left JJ < KK for like 75bb+ pot. Then in crypto £9k gtd, I lose JJ vs 88 ai pre for CL going into FT, but alas I FT bubble cos thats how good I am.

not sure what I'm gonna do tomorrow, but plan to play live cash on 1st and then fly to bahamas 2nd Jan.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

its the weekend!

and its gonna mean a tonne of mtts. Sunday is the last sunday of the year, and theres a few specials on.
goals are:

1, up 20k+
2, pca seat on top
3, top 100 for tlb

more would be nice, but i'm gonna preemtive call the above and probably quit the year unless tlb isnt a lock (and/or going for 1st)

today's best tourneys are the 10 seat pca sat, and pkr xmas special. Can't be bothered to register before 8pm gmt, and probably will only register for a very short period, maybe 2-3 hrs.

ive been mixing around with the sunday scehdules and I've decided it can just sometimes be high variance, but this is the planned schedule:

party major

stars 100

pca sat $33r 3xturbo

ipoker 320
boss media 150euro
stars 100r?

pacific major
ongame 100 +1r??
ftp 163?
crypto £110
cake 100fo?

PCA 109r sat

party apt maillia sat

sun mill

$320 cake

ub 215 ?

ftp 750k
PCA 650

pca sat $33r 3xturbo

sunday 2nd chance

stars 109fo

ftp muilligan

no idea what i'm gonna win, but i'd better jsut for my own sanity. right now would be really clutch to bink a sunday major.

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas

I've been playing decent volume this month. No big scores since the last post, in fact i finally had a losing sunday, something I'vve not been used to. I'm probably about even in 180 man sngs now since I have a total of 1 win in a 20/180. 300 tlbs is more than I thought it would be, and I plan to either play some tomorrow/saturday or 29th-31st along with normal schedule..

I'm not sure why I've stayed away from the ftp 6pm 40k gtd turbo, I've always thought I sucked at them but I final tabled them two mondays running. last monday I came 3rd, then 2nd yesterday after getting kinda unlucky. Made one iffy shove 3 handed because I thought villain would fold wider based on stack sizes/icm etc, but he called anyway to pick me off then win aj my AQ pre for some unknown reason.

I've played a bunch over xmas eve and day, and have 6 fts with zero wins. One PCA 33r 3x turbo satellite I had a legit shot to win, but I suck really bad and got JTs into JJ via a bad shove. Up like 8kish over the 2 days, but it should have really been more (add the losing sunday and I'm not totally happy).
3 of my ft's were on ongame, nice to do well on that network for a change. A couple of ft's were on party (note no ft's ons tars even though i'm chasing tlb, good job me). The party tournament structure is possibly the most fustrating thing in the world. Endgame is always the most redic crapshoot ever, plus I run crazy bad.

I'm happy with my overall game right now, just don't think my head is always in the right frame when playing. I think bananas may have cost me a little but probably not too much.

I was planning to take tomorrow off before the weekend, and I may still do; but the mansion 1k 6-max is on and I seem to just crush souls in 6-max events. It's also on saturday but I think all the qualifiers play tomorrow so friday is way way better than saturday.

I've been experimenting with scehdules and am actually a fan of short registering periods. tomorrow I'll probably register 1pm-3pm and then add stuff later as I start to bust things (stuff like turbos and/or 180 sngs).

saturday is gonna be a decent day, I'll probably rock 3pm-5pm with pca sat and pkr major going on.

sunday I plan to do the whole day as per usual before finally taking a day off on monday or tuesday.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Sunday

After my last post I continued to fail in every 180 SnG I could register for. To cap off a bad couple of days, I busted a stars 50k gtd 10th when someone decided to rejam 82s in my face for either 2nd/3rd entering FT.

Today I started off running like fire, and I'm beginning to consider not firing up every tournament under the sun. Lowest buyins today were two $100 freezeout tournaments and obviously the obligitory $33 rebuy 3x turbo satellites to PCA. I think I fired one $$55 tournament up and immediately regretted it. Played a couple of satellites on party, but no dice in either, as I bust the Irish Poker Open sat in 10th with 5 seats, when I lose AK < AQ AI pre for CL and easy coast in.

I ended up bricking everything and/or playing bad, but did eventually cash the 1mill euro guaranteed on boss media for 3.5k. I also came 2nd in the FTP $50k gtd for 21.k Bit disappointing to not bink the 34k, but as I was super card dead the whole final table and was 2-1 down going into HU. A little sad that 30mins earlier he'd won A8 vs my AQ which would have given me a clear lead with maybe 5-6 left. Man this is starting to sound like a bitch post with all these bad beats. Whatever, I'm happy they weren't me playing bad (those times, I also made some terrible decisions today).

Hopefully I'm just saving my 'one time' for live tournaments. I did enjoy the boss media tournament, and I'm assuming there'll be a bunch more promotional tournaments on all the sites, with it being the holiday season.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

November Recap

Since the GUKPT Thanet win I played a few live tournaments. All of them went really bad. Busted Amsterdam Masters early after feeling pretty strong on the table, and then again in PKR Live when I never really got started and just lost a flip directly before dinner break.
After that I played the GUKPT main event, and busted just after the break in a complete disaster zone. Lost a pretty big pot immediately after break when i defend vs minraise and lose 2pair vs 2pair, then squeeze spot in what I felt was a pretty good spot where I felt praz bansi has to fold most of his opening range but obv lose to aces, pffff had an A blocker too.
Just about a week ago I played the champions of champions event and didn't get anywhere. Bust in another great squeeze spot where the preflop raiser was always folding but I don't win flips live.

Online I've been running the complete opposite, doing well in a variety of tournaments. Since the end of November I've run like fire and am currently trying to do well for monthly tlb. Stars have a new passport promotion, where the top 100 freeroll to try and win seats into 10ks. I won the 3r and a sunday stars 100fo, plus a 2nd in the 100r. I now have just under 4k stars tlb points this month, however I can not win a 12-36/180 to save my life. I must be like 3 for 30 in actually cashing, let alone actually winning. I'm assuming just one more big field tournament is necesary. In fact if the boomswitch is kept on I might have a good shot at weekly tlb this week too.

I've probably been palying either my A- game or C- game for a while now. Thankfully its been the A- game more often than not, but its hard to tell since I've obviously run redic hot. Last two days I've run super bad, losing every flip, getting super coolered etc etc, which probably isn't that suprising since I have to regress to the mean eventually. At any given period I guess I can run terrible/amzing and there's just no awy of controlling it. It does annoy me a little when I question a shove/call/whatever when villain just happened to have exactly the nuts, whilst 90%+ of the time they would have folded.

2009 stars with PCA, which I still need to win a seat to. I've been donating like crazy but hoping to change that. Last Sunday I won a satellite to APT Manila in late January, and theres a new GUKPT season. I'm planning to play a lot online, as well as a lot live. Not just the EPTs but but more UK tournaments.

below is a promo for the stars blogger tournament coming up. a few seats into live events are up for grabs, and I'm always such a sucker for them.

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