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Thursday, June 26, 2008

0 for everything, obv

disclaimer: there are no edits, screw that. i cant be bothered to structure sentences or paragraphs properly. u read it or u dont, whatever.

After like 8 events or whatever im 0 for everything. today was the 1k rebuy, and obv i don't get anywhere close after having over 30k at 150/300/25. so redic. lost a lot of chips with KK on QQx vs a young kid who I guess is basically a run hot merchant. He isn't terrible or anything, but basically getting KK in 4way then KK in 3 way and then playing a hand real real bad vs me = like 20k+ and no need to addon i guess. bleh

ended up busting with 19k at 300/600/25 vs mark seif who had a load of chips. basically he calls my preflop open, floats a J8xcc board with 55 and has me c/r AI the turn when its a 5 ball cos, like he's that good at poker.

in terms of the other events, i've had stacks ina few spots early but not run good in the later stages of the day 1 so no cashes. one of which i lost a 45k pot at 300/600/75 (in the 3k) when i get it in on 443 vs Q3 and lose, cos I got outskilled. At least it was pretty funny tbh.

On the day the 2.5k 6-max was on, i was out after like 40mins, and then went to the bellagio for the 1k. I ended up coming 6th for virtually no money. super annoying tho earlier.
both stacks over 30k, 300/600/50 I open button with KQo to 1.6k. sb calls, bb folds.

AKxccc, i have Qc. check check. turn blank, check i bet 2.5k. river Q. bet of like 2.45k i announce call flip my hand over and wait for the pot. fucking dealer is retarded and mucks my hand, i obv wasnt paying attention assuming the ther guy folded, but she pushes him the pot and mucks his hand without showing. i go nuts, the floor comes over, heated arguement and 2 people vouch for me yet the pot endeds up still being his. i do admit i should just call and see his hand first, protect my hand blah blah but fuck me how good must it be to be called by better then not show ure hand and get the pot. fucking bellagio is one of the gayest places to play. like a dealer calls me on not betting over the line etc. he tells me there was a very clear announcement etc at the start of the tournement. then the guy who tried to call says 'yah but he turned up over an hour late', so thus how could i hear it.

note: another retaded thing about the bellagio in the 2/5 i remember, they make up turn your hand over if u get AI before teh river. fucking stupid.

i'll post more when i can think of anything. at the palms right now and prob gonna stay here till the end, then head over to turning stone with shaun. i also fell asleep in the bathroom of our room in the bellagio 2 days ago for like 4 hrs. too many bananas imo