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Monday, October 20, 2008


So I shipped GUKPT Thanet. HU with jamie brown (jambon), I was down approx 1.8mill to 400k. I'd thayer super systemed it up (this means, get to 2nd, then win tournament), all final table and was happy to win the title. Although i was 4.5-1 I felt ok because I was still 20bbs deep, not super short or anything.

I'd been restricted to being that short simply because of table dynamics, position and some serious card deadness. I went through the whole tournament getting AA once, and at the FT best actual hands before HU i had were AK which chopped with AK, JJ once which ran into AA (and i won obv) and 99 which i folded when there was a utg open and a 3-bet in front of me, and I was like 99% sure the 3-bettor had JJ+, which was sad.

Day 1

I'd started day 1b and was just chillin for a bit. Then I won a pretty decent pot just before the first break, when I overlimped btn with QTo in like a 7-way pot or whatever. Board came QT4, and an older lady (utg limper) bet close to pot, folded to me I made it 1.5k she calls, after everyone else had folded. Turn Q, check, I bet, she shoves and hold vs AQ obv.
That got me to 20k, then I dropped all the way down to 10k again getting 'run over', or just running super bad. meh. That particular table was tougher than most, with karl mahrenholz and praz bansi on the table, and my table position not being too great. Not to mention some dude behind me, who'd decided he wouldn't fold vs me whilst I simultaneously decided to not flop a pair for 2hrs.
Somewhere amongst this, I lost KTs to K9o after opening utg and the big blind decides that shoving 11bbs had enough FE against me, sigh. I chip up a little bit playing really straight forward, before some superstar decides to stop and go me from bb with a 4.4k stack prehand at 300/600, with 78o. He wins vs AJ on 665 when I obviously snap call. Sigh.
I eventually got moved to a new table and go to work immediately. I go from 16k to 50k with only 2 showdowns, both times vs 10bbs stacks. One was AQ >AJ when i called an open ship in a marginal spot, then another was raise/calling 87s to bb shove and winning vs TT, because why wouldnt I.
Then praz comes to my table again and gets the jesus position again, since everyone behind him was free chips and all the good and/or aggro players were to his right. I had will martin whos pretty solid directly behind and james browning who was gunning for me a little bit before I 4-bet shipped on him, and he folded what he claimed was a good pair.
With like 30mins to go I get moved to a new table with 45k, and immediately people react by saying 'finally theres some chips on the table'. This generally feels like a level to me, in that they're trying to induce me to play a little wild, but tbh given stack sizes and position I was definitely up for some of that. I'd just come from a table where 3 of us had a bunch and there were a few shorties so i was chillin.
First hand I sit some dude open ships 14bets before declaring 'this could be it for the bookie', which I took to mean he was 'the bookie', of whom I'd heard so much about. Praz had been describing a guy who'd randomly decided folding KK for 28k effective at start of the hand vs him was a good idea, before being shown QQ. Ship the free info. Very next hand I open 2.7k at 500/1k/500 with A4s and he calls in the big blind. Flop J23r one spade. I decide to cehck behind. Turn is an Ao, he bets 4k, and I call. River is a blank 6o and he shoves 8.5k. I call relatively fast and he tables T8o because this seemed like a better spot than getting kings all in preflop??? I get to 60k but mess up by raising 2 of last 3 hands, and getting it shipped in my face twice by 23k stack and then liv boevee with about an 18k stack and I sigh. I'm sure the first one was semi light, and then I tufat theorem it and liv wakes up with a reasonably strong hand. End on 55k, which I was ok with but was later a little sad because to end day 1b I'm 2nd to someone with 56k. Could have been first which would be chillin. Jack ends on like 40k cos hes a fish and just giving chips away for free when he could easily have ended over 50k.


I start pretty tidily when the small blind shoves 10bets into my big blind and I snap call in his face with KJo, and win vs J8o. I then basically start running shit and raise a lot. Then jack comes over and tells me hes busted in a retarded way, way to stack punt bro. I later hear he had T5o and went to town vs a set. oops
I soon raise/call a 24bb shove from the bb, having raised ATo from button and get there vs JJ. Might have been a bad call in hindsight, but meh. Apparently I'm so good at winning showdowns, that it doesnt really matter what I do, jsut get it in. It was redic how many hands I was opening, and I'm so wide there that he should be shipping in my face a lot wider than JJ. oops. I get to 120k without showdown.
Not long after, I 3-bet will martin to my right with an active 3-bet image to 15k which was bad sizing at that point, but not by much, james browning cold 4-bet ships 37k and I really consider folding 88 getting like 2.8-1 or so. Against most people, I just say whatever infinity to 1 lets roll, but maybe I should have folded. He obv wins with AA. Then like 3 hands later 2 limpers, he 4x, short ships like 12bets, I fold 99 in the bb and the 2nd limper overships for like 45k. browning has AA again obviously. So he goes from 37k to 150k in 5 hands, because why wouldnt he.
He then opens the very next hand, and I lol really hard cos I'm never letting him through, and 3-bet 5k to 15k although I mess up slight because I'm oop and he's gonna feel priced in/has big stack so obv will call, even though he really shouldn't. Flop is like 875 or something. check check and I bet sn Ace turn and win with KQ. Then almost immediately martin opens again to 5k, I 3-bet to 13.5k, just to keep it small in case someone 4-bet ships (:D) and I'm obviously doing this for value with TT and expecting him to never call. Obviously he does call, with 18k behind and we check to river on AJxxK. He shoves I fold and he shows JJ. heh ty for saving me some money?
I get moved again and first hand I ship in the face of the guy who came 4th with 22 for like 30bets cos i'm a little tilted. He folds 99 face up, I make a bad show I guess, and nick persuad says that he was tipping me to win at the start of the day, but was now changing his mind. no faith imo.
That table broke fast which was good, since it was tough and my position wasn't optimal. I immediately join a table with praz (again), jamie brown whos jambon, james browning and karl. Immediately the most monstrous pot for a long time goes down where jambon opens utg, karl flats, praz flats bb. Q33. i wasnt sure exact sizing as I was in daisy land at that point, but action went lead by praz, jamie calls, karl folds. Turn 5 praz bets, jamie calls. River prazi moves like 95% of remaining stack or more or something and jamie snap shoves river A, and 55 >A3 to knock praz out. I like praz, but mainly because hes a good player I was pretty happy to see him knocked out and now I have decent seating draw with all the above named to my right, and dead money to my left. I space out a bit and will martin eventually comes to my direct left. Jambon has like 350k or soemthing huge and I have 80k at dinner break. I also have 10% of james keys at this point who has 140k and is in 2nd. I forget what blinds are exactly, but it was a huge stack getting close to money.
Immediately after break, I see keys win a pot, then hes out. Apparently he got TT <88 and got v unlucky in some other spots.
jambon gets kk>AA of jamie browning, again why wouldnt he again and I'm still SS ninja skilling it. I shove UTG with no sb directly after this hand. I think its actually a bad shove with 77 and lose to QQ but luckily he's the one guy on the table who doesn't currently cover me.
I'm short and shove ATo on Jambons utg open, but hes so wide and Id got just back to 90k ish at 4/8k, after he opened to 20k so i felt i had pretty solid FE, since he was so wide. He folded KJo. ship ship. I then shove K9o in CO for like 13 bets and win vs martin's JJ. Immediately I give it back when I open 22k utg and he shoves like 115k total. obv i have to call, and lose to his AK. sigh. Thankfully I then win KQo vs the big blind's 55, and manage to end day 2 with 178k at 4k/8k/400 to FT coming in 6/9.