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Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, im done for the month. im estimating -4k, maybe a little more/less, and def more than that further in makeup :(

Cashed around 1.5k today, but obv im still down. Plauyed real bad to start the day in teh brawl, but I played pretty well the rest of the day and didnt really get breaks i guess.
Went almost deep in the ipoker, just got a bit short late, nvm. Cant remember the mansion it sucked tho. Did table manage pretty well, and only 7 tabled a little, mostly 6 tabling but that was to some extent xpert busting (although in good spots). I sighed really hard in the sunday lotto, the only one under $150 that i entered today. busted 101st for less than $200. lol That was fustrating only because the field was obv super weak. Oh well, I gotta now book a ticket to san remo. Probably flying tomorrow. My only goal before then, is to get a haircut. Looking forward to the trip, I grinded really really hard this month, probably in the region of 150hrs+.

Hopefully I saved all my run good for northern italy.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 FTs today

and 1 total cash. wasnt even in either. -10k since the last post. pretty fucking fustrating

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

yeah ok

Saturday started bad when I woke up late and missed the first 3 donkaments I was meant to play. Sunday was even worse. Went to Jack's house (doctor_fun) and he managed to get us locked out of his flat before I even turn up. I'd decided to go to his house to grind Sundays as I'd never been and we always go to mine, and as he comes down to let me in, manages to lock himself out of his flat. He doesn't even have shoes on. In the end we go back to mine and I get to miss a lot of majors, and also get to be tilted for the whole day.

Ran crazy bad on Sunday, -1.4k cash monday and but up maybe 800 to 1k at donkmanets and then - maybe 800 today cos I don't win the big equity flips and also because I bubble the Nightly Hundred Grand like a pro. Then -$700 at 10/20 cap but equity adjustedwise I was 1.8k below.

I'm 3.8k down in showdown equities over 5k hands this month, which is really annoying.
I'm feeling really good about the way I'm playing right now, jsut really disappointed in the results. Gonna play more donkmanets tomorrow I guess, I'm obviously continuing to play them because I'm too stubborn to quit till I've won. I think one 10k cash and I'm back to cash or if I go through till Sunday and still win nothing, I'm gonna play cash for the rest of the month and only play donkaments at the weekend.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hoping to Post Before Sunday

It would mean I had a good day on Saturday THATS WHY. Grinded the donkaments again yesterday, and registered for 6.5hrs. Ran kinda funny, with the first two that I busted being set over sets. The some inexplicable shizzle happens and some dude costs me a $109 sat with 30 left and 10 getting seats cos hes a jedi and can predict 4 outers in those old 3-way bet/call/shove/call... overcall situations.
I ended up converting one of the $109 sats for $1k in FTP t$ and then 6th in the 3r. That was probably the most fustrating, 1 tabling for about 2hrs to win $900. :(
Was extremely disappointing not to win anything again, but I'm really starting to think that I'm playing well. Doing a lot better at not punting stacks and basically just grinding that 10-20bbs stack to go deep.
This was just brief, random post, hopefully I have some brags to come soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crazy Bored

Woke up early today, around 10.30am- ish. Not really sure why I woke up so early. I've had a day off from poker and right now am feeling a huge itch to pay. When I say play I mean RIGHT NOW. However I am crazy hungry and also have several other things to sort out so can't. I also have this unexplainable 'feeling' that I'm gonna drop 1-2k right off the bat.

Monday I put in a very short registration period, a whole 30mins. Played the Nightly Hundred Grand, a $216 WSOP sat and the 50-50s on both sites. The 50/50s went real bad, but thats ok. Have to run bad somewhere. The $216 sat I busted iirc on a flip in a good spot, so i was happy. The 100k sucked though. I came 26th for $688 or so, but c'mon ONE TIME. With a 25bbs stack I lost a flip when UTG opens, UTG+1 flats, I shove UTG+2 and folds to UTG+1 who calls TT. Sigh.

Today I have to do some coaching, then I plan to play from 15.00pm Pokerstars time (or EST I guess to real world people - holla!). I'll probably register all the way to 22.00pm if I feel awake enough, otherwise stopping short isn't disasterous, but isnt ideal.

For some reason I have hesitations about playing cash again. I'm not sure why. It might be because I'm not the best dealing with new things. Not that cash is new, but it's been a while since I've grinded out 2-3k hands every day and theres some trepidation about how the games are, will I have to readapt etc.

I know I've been like this in all my life. I tend to like to do stuff that I already am familiar at. This is because once I'm familiar, I get very good at them fast. An example is when I was a kid and just started high school. It was a private school in a town 12miles away. I had to wear a blazer/tie etc etc and it was pretty scary, since I came from a low class primary school and didn't know anybody at the new school. Anyway in the common rooms (yah they were so balla that each year had its own common room) there was a pool table, table football table and two table tennis tables.
Although I really wanted to play table tennis, I'd played a lot of pool as a kid having had a table at home. I didnt wanna embarass myself so ended up just sitting around watching for a long time, whilst trucking fools at pool.
Eventually, maybe about a month into the new school I had missed the bus home and had to wait an hour for the next one. There we're only a few people in the common room at the time, so I went over and played table tennis. The way it works is a 1 point, 1 time and your off. Win and you stay on the table, lose and you go back to the end of the queue. Well I sucked, and I sucked hard. obv. I'm pretty sure I got aced and/or didn't return the ball for the first 3-4 times i tried. For the next week or so I stayed late after school every day and started getting better actually hitting the ball. lol. Well eventually I started playing at break times and lunch times when the crowds were a lot bigger and people were a lot better.
People played this game, as they do poker (and I assume every other game). Poorly. I ended up getting really good and started winning several points in a row. Soon enough I was good enough that I was training with the school team, which was a surpsingly good one since the coach took it really seriously. That year I won the U13 County Championship and the U13 school team reached the National Schools Final for top 3 in the country (although the other 2 teams both beat us 8-0!)

Poker has kinda been like that, for a long time I played freerolls and £1.20 SnGs on crypto untill I thought F this and started playing NL£25; before finding 2p2, then running crazy hot. Hopefully once I overcome my current mental block, I'll be hitting those big months on the regular.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I played well and ran better. So I went for another Sunday where I'd only play the bigger stuff. I enjoyed it and think my Sundya ROI will be a lot higher this way. Only smaller one I played was the sunday lotto aka the Sunday Hundred Grand for $11 buyin.

Played quite a few, but managed to somehow not register for the FTP 750k and the Second Chance. Not really sure how I missed them, probably distracted by the other donkaments. I won a $215 satellite on FTP for a $10k package but then almost immediately busted the 40k gtd with 16 left, which was fustrating. Not actually sure if my shove was any good in a re- iso spot. nvm, such is life.
I cashed for around 2k yesterday, plus the seat on top.

There are a lot of satellites running right now for a variety of different things. There's EPT San Remo (although no stars sats anymore), Monte Carlo, WSOP ME, Irish Open, PPM and some Genting Stanley something or other.

I've been getting pretty damn close with the WSOP sats, just a little annoying not to convert any. I've decided not to put that much cash in this week, will probably just do more tournaments and see if I can convert some of the new found running good.

For the month I've played a whoping 1k hands. Up $3k in it tho, and although 1k hands is usually a quick 1.5hr session, This has taken around 5.5hrs because I've been 1-3 tabling after my donkament sessions. Later this week I might put in a few hrs just grinding 9 tables or something but I'm enjoying donkaments and am able to play decently long sessions when doing them, something which I've never been good at doing with cash.

Probably gonna take today off since I had a busy Saturday and Sunday, and I'm hoping for 10k hands before Saturday again.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Almost did it

Almost went zero for sunday. Played ok actually, I tried to play a few less tables and it worked out pretty well. I think in the future, on sundays I'll only play $200+ and not bother playing any of the other random stuff.
Blew a huge stack in the 10r, mainly cos I suck at freerolling AKs vs AKo and then losing KT vs QT on KJ8 for a huge pot. Could have easily had like 150k at like 300/600 but nvm.
In the WSOP $500 sat, busted 30ish with 10 getting spots QQ vs AJ for like 8 or 9bbs. Didn't run good there, but just played well overall.
Thought i wasn't cashing in anything, but I ended up actually cashing in the sun mill for what i'm ALMOST certain is my first time ever. ls;fsklnf for cking who came 7th in this but congrats ray at the same time for shipping the 100r.
Got bored sweating, so just played 40 WSOP step 1 sats to check them out. Made 6 step 2s, and a couple of set 1s, but I think i ran really bad busting 4th and 5/th in a load of them.
I'm not sure exactly how many i bought into tho, since i used up a load of step 1 ticekts that i won. I don't know if they're standard for $7 SnGs, but omg they were crazy soft.

The above was written on sunday. Today I played a few random donkaments. Bored of posting about running bad but I really did run crazy bad today to bubble 3 satellites to random things. Also just busted a $55 on stars ITM having had a huge stack for a while because I got a setup. oh well.
I might play some live poker tomorrow, or maybe just take the whole day off. I plan to get to the Vic at some point though to register for the GUKPT. Feeling confident as per usual.

Also congrats to exitonly for 100r.