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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sundays. ugh.

First I missclick enter the $535 assuie millions sat on ftp, so I have to sell 1/2 my action, have a massive chip stack the split AA AI pre vs QQ and then lose 44 vs AT AI pre 30bbs deep. lol gg. out 4th, for $750, top two get $18k packages


Then cake poker decides not to let me log in, i find its cos this dude wanted me to xfer him monies, when really i didnt need cake money anyway. gg $33 for the 10k gtd which i couldnt play.

Sometime later I FT the 11k GTD on UB, but run 88 into AA 7 handed.

Next up, I bust 12th in the boss media 100k euro gtd, which sucked rediculously bad. I ran so bad near the end, never got any hands. sigh

Can't really complain about the 13.5k gtd that I got to the last 2 tabels on, just generally cold, thats ok, but sigh at blubbling the FTP 1mill gtd.

Started playing on this new site, which is so much fun. people are terrible, but now my eyes hurt cos its such an ugly interface and the stupid animation thing gets really old. I also feel like my poker thought process has jsut gone back 20 months. I'm gonna get some sleep now and hopefully take the whole of monday off. I need around 27k hands by the end of the month, I'm gonna try and do 4k on each day tues-friday which should mean I'm good to go.

I am really really rusty at NL 6-max right now, and need to get back into things.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

So here we are

Busted the GUKPT in pretty spectacular fashion, running a pretty bad bluff in a spot where at the time it made sense to me that villain would fold. oh well.

Today I'm gonna grind, maybe 3k hands. I haven't put in a session of NL 6-max in a while, but today the games look good and I wouldn't mind grinding out some low(ish) varaince $233/hr.

I'm hoping for around 15k more till the end of the month, and for the most part I'll grind the NL cash games, both 6-max and HU. I haven't managed to be in bed before 7am in a long time now, and I'd really like to be able to get back to a normal schedule. I almost thought I had with the GUKPT, but stuff happened and somehow I'm back on a bad schedule.

I've also realised that I've played just around 200k hands this year. This is pretty pathetic tbh. I know people who knock that out in 1-2 months. I mean wtf. At least total profit for the year is now clearly over $100k but I was really hoping for the 200k region. I still have just over 2 months left, so the target would be $15k more this month, and then two 30k months for nov and dec. I'd actually aim for more, but I'm gonna go to thailand for 3 weeks and then from around dec 20th I'll fly out to NYC and then LV for some debauchery. Hanging out with poker players is not only +EV, but also rediculous fun. It can be a bit costly, since they're all very good young internet players that have a lot of cash to burn, but it also means we can randomly go to good restaurants or do stuff like go to amsterdam on a whim that I don't usually get to do since my friends are all busto.

Speaking of friends, my housemate damien is getting into poker. He's currently grind NL25 after doing pretty badly at NL10. I'm not too fussed if he loses money, cos he's a really smart kid and long run he's just gonna rape these games. My incentive to make him good is so that he can pay for my PA.

I was looking at the iphone and ipod touch yesterday, and was really tempted by the ipod but I think i'll wait for the iphone. It's only 20more days or so till it comes out, and I cant be bothered to carry both an ipod touch and phone. My only thouight was that I've already got a contract with my current phone for something like 10 months, but I can jsut give the phone to my brother or something. I think I'll buy a dyson soon, they're suprisingly dear at £150-£250 on amazon. Not sure which one is gonna be best, I assume the lightweight one will be best overall for ease of use reasons.

Anyway I'm sure I'll be blogging again immediately after this when I go on some rediculous 20 BI downswing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mid month update

Well I've barely played any poker, as per usual. I'm also stuck 4k in flipping, which is lots of fun (not).

I'm up about 4k in 2k hands of cash and 20k in all donkament stuff. Pretty solid for not doing that much I guess :D

Pretty disappointing sunday as I played ipoker for the first time. Came 18th in the 200k gtd when i lost AK vs KJ AI pre for the chip lead with 25ish left. That was SOOOOOOO annoying and sent me on lifetilt. I tilted in teh 10k gtd on cake and came 3rd when i had like 60% of the chips at one stage. I was just so tilted.

I've played around maybe 80 tourneys total this month, and FT'd 6 which is pretty hot.

Congrats also to my homeboy rupert, who's horse did extremely well in the sun mill.

Cash gamewise I've not played much 6-max. Mostly it's been mtts. Tomorrow is day 1a of the GUKPT ME leg 9 in the vic. I'll go play that if I can, gonna see if i can jsut turn up and register. I expect I can. I've learned so much about tournaments recently, this is really really gonna be sick. It's a £1k buyin which I'm probably just rolled for usually and I could easily get backing but I think it's a huge waste since my edge here is probably like a 300%+ ROI. Saying that I do still have to win crucial flips, as with any donkament

Friday, October 12, 2007


Looks like I'm going to thailand next month. Gonna book tickets soon, apparently i dont need a visa for less than 28 days.

Recently I've played a a few small donakments and done pretty well. I need to close one out for a 10k+ score soon, but I've been racking up the wins in teh small ones. I feel like I'm now playing the mid-late stages pretty well and close out all of them with a decent amount of clinicism.

I've also helped coach lior to a 10k score and orange to a 5k score. I just posted what i thin was a sick bit of thinking about poker, we'll see how it gets received. link

It's just something that I've been thinking about a lot recently because MTTs play so much shorter than its a lot better to be playing the unexploitable line as opposed to necessarily the optimal line, especially since they're so close so often.

I'm gonna play GUKPT if I can get to bed before 10am sometime soon. I've been waking up at like 8pm+ last week or so and I think it's terrible. Have to get back on track soon.

recent cashes: 2nd a 25k guaranteed for 8k and 1st in a 5k gtd for 1.4k. I've barely played like 100 donkaments this month, will have to play much more soon.