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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the new timx?

im breakeven now, +$4.5k last 3 days and i havent even played. I've just backed people and been hot doing it.

These posts are so bitty, but I'll eventually write a full post once i get back to the UK. Today is my last full day in america, so I guess I'm gonna get drunk

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welcome to Atlanta where the players play...

so vegas was fun. I played a session at NL1k at the mgm where i ran crazy hot and was +$4k in about 4hrs. holla?

Back in atlanta now, just chillin'. Some funny stuff happened on teh way back, such as carrotsnake getting pulled over for going 87 in a 65 zone. I'll write a full report later, all i wanted to post right now was that i just played NL2k on stars with daniel negreanu. funny ass shizzle, as the people in IRC were going nuts. I was up a whole $67 cos i steal the blinds like a pro, ldo. Unfortuanately I had to sell 50% cos i really shouldnt play NL2k. :(

Oh noes! they be splitting my profits. who cares im up a decent amount backing today, even if my horse in the stars mill and mansion 100k didnt do well. nvm, always next time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Hot Outside

I've been reliably informed that this summer has been the hottest in a while in vegas, and this place is the deasert YO!

So much stuff has happened, there's no way I can even recollect it all.

We'll go straight to the moneyh situation tho.

For the trip:

$1k flights
$1k rent
$1k general spending
$2k flipping
$1k backing in WSOP ME
$1k WSOP non-qualifying
$1k online
$1k laptop (doesnt really count i guess)

so yah thats about it. I've won some live, but thats been going straight back into strippers purses.

I'm stuck $8k for the trip, but I've now decided that I'm gonna start grinding, hard. I hate the mental spot, trying to catch up monies tho. Whatever I'm gonna aim to get most of this back grinding online from now till I leave america, and then definitely going for over 100k hands online in august. I'd like to book a couple of $20k+ months to make me feel a bit happier about things.