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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

cardrunners guest pro

what it do. I'm now a cardrunners guest pro, and I'll be doing some MSNL vids soon.

Monday, May 28, 2007

woot woot

I've been enjoying poker a little more. It's just because I've really been thinking a little bit more about my decisions, rather than autopiloting it. Played some 10/20 without much happening, and some 5/10 actually. However it's gonna have to be better game selection, and maybe only playing 4 tables cos I feel that the tables are a little harder (ldo).

Last night I was up till really early in the morning, sweating skeg_vegas in a few, including FTing and then taking a bad in the sunday mullingan. Simultaneously I sweated carrotsnake in teh $650 WSOP qualifier on stars. He managed to get a seat, so our SSNL balla mansion now has WSOP ME event representation!

I'll take today off, with the intention of hopefully going to bed early. I might do some small donkaments, maybe a small rebuy or two. Not sure. I have been putting in relatively ok volume recently, 3-4k hands per day. I hope to get in about 8k more hands this month, and hit 50k total (i'm on 44k right now).

NL200 has been hilarious. I'm currently nursing a 14 buyin downswing at it, which is definitely my biggest downswing ever. This week i've taken a 10 stack downswing at NL200, then 2 days later 10 stack downswing at NL400. Not the most fun.

I've got a lot of stuff to sort out before going to america, in fact I have to book tickets. I think I'll fly out the 10th or 11th. May even go business class, since I'm such a balla. I think it's only £500 more. I got a lot of crap to sort out before I go, buying a laptop, sorting out my debit card (which expires 1/2 way through me being in vegas) blah blah blah.

Anyway, my next update will be an end of month I round up I guess. The month hasn't gone the greatest, having had a really poor start. Also 50k hands is about half of what i was wanting, so whatever.

Monday, May 14, 2007

ship it, don't wreck it

That's my month so far, i've finally got on a small run, we'll see how that goes. This month's been a bit sick in terms of the swings. I'm brushing it off with suprising ease actually, but I would like to run a little hot. I'm mostly playing NL400- NL1000. I've done some at NL200, but only when I've been feeling a tired.

Tomorrow I'm going to True's house from 2p2. I guess we'll just hit some golfballs and stuff, and play some poker. He's a very good MSNL/HSNL player, whom I play a completely different style to but is defintiely someone I learn things from.

I'm gonna be in vegas this summer, as most of you know. I'm not sure exactly the situation with my passport however. It's not machine readable, so i'm not sure what I should do with regards to visas/getting the passport updated.

I've got two vids up here. That's the thread on 2p2, where I've posted the links. Any questions post there, or ask here I guess. Some interesting spots came up, and I think they'd be useful for SSNL/ micro players. Also you get to see what kind of 3-betting range I'd consider normal. It's intended to put pressure on people opening light, but it's not crazy wide. It's tough to play against, and definitely something an SSNL/uNL guy should be thinking about.

I think that I'm also gonna sit down and write my first proper poker article soon. I've never really written one, but I think I will now, so that I can start submitting stuff to people to help me get paid or get 'featured'.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I seem to have left my luckbox somewhere. This was yesterday, and i've taken today off just cos i wasnt feeling right. My W$SD is pretty poor, and AA,KK, JJ have combined for -$1k so far this month, which is fun. I'm not too unhappy, cos that looks like pretty solid short term variance and i feel like i've been playing relatively well.

This came today:


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I've finished all my exams, which I really don't want to contemplate. My goal now is to hit 80k+ hands, hopefully break 100k for the month of may. Gonna be a challenge since I did 4k hands in the first week (last exam was on the 4th). The above is my graph for the month so far. I thought it was funny.

I'm considering structuring a general daily timetable for myself. Something along the lines of:

  • wake up before 12pm
  • lunch. go to gym at 2pm
  • back 3pm
  • start playing 4pm
  • break 6pm
  • eat.
  • play 8pm-10pm
  • 15-30mins break
  • play till 12-1am, depending on tiredness
assuming i get in the region of700 hands/hr (i'm not toally sure, cant be bothered to check PT) i should be able to log in the region of 4k hands/day. with 23 days left in the month, thats fine. As the end of the month draws closer, I will either step up the hours, or 12-table NL200.

My goal is to hit a minimum of $20k before rb + bonii. I would like $25k, and ideally break $30k, but we'll see how feasible that is.

I haven't really scheduled much time for 'poker study', but I surf 2p2 strat threads often, and I'm often critiquing my own play and thinking about hands afterwards anyways.

I think I'll put out a video sometime, when I get a chance, maybe of NL200